Friday, September 14, 2007

Alias Song of the Day

Today's Alias song of the day is from one of my favorite episodes- "Remnants" featuring the return of Will Tippin.

Take It Off by the Donna's pumps through the system while Syd and Will go in search of the Rambaldi secret serum- both dressed as British rockers. Will sports a great early Stone's accent and it's so nice to see him and Syd together again! Love it!

"I'm ere, she's ere, we made it."


Page48 said...

Pity they aren't ere anymore.

srg-alias said...

you're a cheeky 'lil bastard ain't ya?

a clever name said...

I just watched this episode yesterday. It was on TNT. I love Will as a spy-I think he would have made a good one!

BristowVA said...

I'm not sure Will had it in him to pursue the spy life. I think the opportunity to get even with Evil Francie is what motivated him to go on this "mission" with Syd.

Page48 said...

Will has a lot more swagger in this appearance than he had in the beginning of the series. He's a guy who has wised up a lot to what's really going on behind the scenes while the rest of us are asleep in the suburbs. His severe haircut reflects the change in his demeanour.

This is a harder edged Will than the guy who used to hang around at Syd's place in Season 1. He's a civilian who's had the crap beat out of him, he's led the double life, he's been forced out of his career, he's been drugged and tortured, he's been a quasi-insider at the CIA, he's been shipped out under the Witness Protection Program, and perhaps worst of all, he's watched Sydney fall in love with 2 other guys right under his nose.

By Season 5, Will is piecing together a new life for himself in Wisonsin, growing accustomed to his forced isolation from Sydney, and has grown some of his hair back in, but still the carefree disheveled look of early days is gone. Will is a changed man. Of all of the surviving members of Sydney's inner circle, Will is the guy who has undergone the most radical change as a result of his association with her, and still he is unshakable in his loyalty to her.

It's too bad Will's character was sacrificed so early on. I would have liked to see him stay on for the full series. His journey provided some classic "Alias" moments, not the least of which was he and Francie watching Sydney on TV as she drove her car off the and of the pier.

Here's a tippin' of the hat to Will.

dlove said...

Access Hollywood interviewed Jen and Bradley on the set of the 100th ep and it is so hilarious the banter between those two.

What about Will finally discovering in the next to last ep from s1 that Syd was a spy. That scene alone is priceless.

srg-alias said...

dlove - that's one of my favorite eppies, "Rendevous." The first time I saw it I laughed so hard after he screamed upon seeing Syd kick some ass. The outtake in the bloopers of that is hilarious!

page - I agree w/ everything you said about Will, he was an awesome character, one I think most people could identify w/. I was sad to see him go so early as well.

Page48 said...

TV ads coming at me hot and heavy for "The Kingdom".

Advertisments are boasting : "Best movie of the year" and "the last 30 minutes are so intense you won't be able to move".

I'm sure that's purely objective on their part but I sure hope they're right, 'cuz I'm in the mood to see little Jenny Garner get all pissed off and open up a can of whoop-ass on a whole mess of radical terrorist barfbags.

And, if she's got anything left over after all that, I'd like to see her come on home and drop the hammer on O.J. HD of course.