Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who Cut This?

Seriously- who cut this scene!? What a great way to introduce Dixon. What a great way to show us Sydney's approach to the CIA. And its a great set up for Sydney and Dixon's playful relationship!

I know, I know, I am totally YouTube Alias scene crazy right now. But man, they have some good stuff over there. Go check it out!

PS. This scene was meant to appear in season 5, Reprisal, in which Sydney has several flashbacks. It looks vintage Alias to me, so nice work on the crew's part for making it look old school Boo on Film Editors Julius Ramsay and Heidi Scharfe who cut the scene in the end. HAHAHA!


Robetron said...

You are so totally right! This was a great scene! I am finishing up a run through the series right now, and the last season leaves me a little imbittered. This was a wonderfully refreshing step back to its golden time. Thanks for posting it.

Girlscout said...

You're welcome. I saw the color of her shirt and I couldn't recall an episode in which Sydney wore a teal green-ish shirt like that. So I clicked, and sure enough- something new and different. Very refreshing.

I plan to spend an evening this weekend- probably Sunday, watching all the deleted scenes YouTube has to offer. And I have been looking for JG's deleted scene in Knocked Up, apparently its one of the funniest moments, but it didn't make the cut.

Lisa said...

JG was in Knocked Up? how did I miss that?

Girlscout said...

Her scene was cut Lisa- I am sure it will be on the DVD deleted scenes. JG happened to be knocked up at the time of the filing, so they asked her to do a cameo as herself on the red carpet. The scene didn't make it to film.

Girlscout said...

Sorry Lisa, you meant you hadn't heard JG was suppose to be in it. Duh? I thought you meant you didn't see her in the movie, and I was like- DUDE, it got cut. Sorry!

Page48 said...

So, Jack sold Dixon the lie, and now Dixon, still believing that lie, attempts to sell it to Jack's daughter. What goes around, comes around???

BTW, if you use Firefox, there is an add-on called VideoDownloader that allows you to download Youtube vids and keep them on your hard drive, so you don't have to be constantly searching for your faves. Get it here if you're keen:


Lisa said...

that's ok, GS! you're right about both things- I did not hear about her in it, and I did not see the movie! (if JG was in it, I would have! I think that's what I meant) lol

Lisa said...

hey guys- looks like our gal JG will be coming to a webisode near you on tuesday- when she helps hubby and some others (including Matt Damon) with some short films urging congress and America to go greener. you can see the article here:


its not Alias revived, but I always enjoy seeing JG doing something new!

Page48 said...

I love Jen, but I've got me a sneakin' suspicion that filthy richness, such as might be found in Hollywood, goes hand in hand with wreckless disregard for the "Celebs for a Greener America Handbook".

Do you think Jen and Ben put bricks in their toilet to consume less water? S'pose public transit is Ben's idea of pimping his ride? You think if they feel like Paris for the weekend that they stay home and watch "Globe Trekker" (with the energy-saver lights dimmed) on their 17" TV?

There's just something about the obscenely wealthy preaching about how a schmuck like me should pull up my socks and reduce my carbon footprint that makes me reach for the MUTE button and press it hard.

But I still love Jen.

srg-alias said...

That scene was great!! I wonder why they didn't include it on the season 5 DVDs?? Syd looks so young and innocent there, but I love how even at that point she wasn't willing to take any crap from anyone. :)

Girlscout said...

I think it was a perfect scene to show us how skeptical she was about the CIA at first. She believes so strongly in it when we formally meet her, it would have been nice to see the progression.

uncle111 said...

I agree. And going greener has many unintended consequences with no certain results. The recent rise in the price of certain food products is directly related to taking corn out of the food market and putting it into alternative fuels, which we have just barely begun to do. Once it goes into high gear there will shortages of many food items and the higher prices will hit the poor here and in other countries very hard.

kelhat said...

Wow, I haven't checked in for a few weeks and I missed a LOT! Love all the new posting! What a great scene. Must head to YouTube right now.

Oh, and I LOVE the Vaughn getting a drawer scene, too. :)