Monday, May 14, 2007

A Few Grey Flares

Um, so did you know that George and Izzie are my new Syd and Vaughn? They totally are. Forbidden love, the whole world against them, ahhh, love it.

You may or may not have noticed that my Grey's blog has disappeared. Yeah, it was getting so hard to recap and keep the site updated- but man, with the goings-on as of late, I have been re-inspired. I know, I know, there is only one episode left- the season finale is THIS Thursday- but I just had to get it started.

So, Grey's fans, head here for a recap of the finale episode, which will be posted Friday morning.

For those of you who dug the peek at the Grey's spin-off "Private Practice," (starring the fabulous Merrin Dungey), you can head here for recaps of that show- once it airs. YES! It was picked up the fall season! YAHOO!

Now, if you haven't even seen Grey's (SRG!!!), then get your butt to Blockbuster and pick up the DVD's. It's no kick-butt Alias, but the stories are sooooo good.


Anonymous said...

Gizzie made me stop watching the show. They are down more than 4 million viewers of late... Izzie needs to die.

Girlscout said...

To each his own, but DIE? She has had a lot of death in her life. I think George might be the one to save her from it.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I normally do not post but I could not help myself. You cannot compare George and Izzie to Sydney and Vaughn. It feels completely wrong. Vaughn and Sydney were on a different level. And George and Izzie... YUCK!! Izzie just lost the "love of her life" and now she falls for George. Come on. It seems like Greys is already trying to recycle storylines and conjure up McDreamy moments in elevators with people they shouldn't.