Friday, April 13, 2007

Is she a super Syd?

Have you heard about this new show? Have you heard about Painkiller Jane?

Alias fans, meet the next generation Sydney Bristow- Jane Vasko, "a DEA agent recruited by a covert government agency that hunts genetically enhanced individuals. She discovers that she can heal rapidly from any injury and begins to investigate the source of her powers."

I am thinking the Sci-Fi channel saw the need for a new kick-ass super agent and filled it. I am willing to give this little ditty a shot- one, because it may re-open the door that Alias busted through with its covert ops and super stealthy she-agent. And because, though I hate to admit it- I can't keep watching the same missions and the same bad guys. I love you Alias, but I have catalogued every moment of your existence and I need some new material!!

Don't worry- this site will not turn into a Painkiller Parade, Alias is my one true love! Trust! But we are smart TV viewers, and we are looking for something to fill the void and so far the familiar faces of Brothers & Sisters isn't cutting it. If its good- meaning it holds my attention and makes me feel the way Alias did- a part of something special- then perhaps by Monday we might have a new blog on our hands.

For more info. on this new show- go here! The show premieres tonight at 10/9C on SCI FI Channel.

So, for more infor. on Jane's comic book background, check this out.
And I couldn't help it, I set up a site already- I have high hopes!!
Painkiller Jane


Page48 said...

I feel your pain, GS, when it comes to needing new material. I watched "Alias" the 2nd time through but after that, I just don't see the point until I've had time to forget. I will confess to occasionally lining up favourite scenes and watching them over and over again until my OCD is satisfied, but I don't watch complete eppies any more.

"Painkiller Jane" is apparently a comic book character (I'm out of the loop when it comes to the comics these days). Apparently it was out in movie form a couple years ago (starring a different Painkiller and with an appearance by Richard Roundtree, familiar to us "Alias" geeks as "Brill"). Again, who knew? And of course, a couple years ago I didn't need no stinkin' Jane to scratch my kick-ass itch.

I'll give "Jane" a try but there's no way I'll let her be my Sydney Bristow.

If "Bionic Woman" ever makes it past pilot stage, I'll give her a chance to audition her brand of whoop-ass for me, too. Can't have too many justice-seeking babes as far as I'm concerned.

Girlscout said...

Oh no, Sydney is forever my fav. But Jane might be fun to root for while JJ and the gang takes a break. I am still crossing my fingers for a come back.

Page48 said...

Dignity Lost:

Channel surfing tonight, I came across Brothers & Sisters (or BS for short), and I was treated to the sight of Arvin Sloane and Thomas Grace, along with their new family, engaged in something they called Game Night, a "friendly" competition with a rival family. Game Night! We're talking about charades and twister, you know the drill.

I'm taking the liberty of calling for an extraction. Wheels up in 2 hours!

uncle111 said...

Here is a clip from Alias you probably have never seen. It is SOOOOOO funny!!!
Click on the clip on top- the first one about ABC Interferes:

srg-alias said...

that's great uncle, I don't know how they kept a straight face!!

that's pretty coincidental you brought up Painkiller Jane GS. They were advertising it on IMDB on Friday, and when I was flipping channels that night I happened acrossed it. I didn't watch the full episode but it was pretty interesting, the chick from Terminator 3 is pretty good at being tough. It's like a cross between Alias and X-Men...

Sera said...

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