Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Guess who is watching season 2 in bed right now? GIRLSCOUT IS!!!

Seriously, Vaughn and Syd in their prime, its breathtakingly fabulous!! Kendall!!?? Goodness me, I love him!! Vaughn and those furrowed brows, Sydney and those dimples, Irina behind bars, Will and his habit, Jack is sooo seedy and nervous and grand!! Sloane, smarmy as ever!!!

Oh, gawd, I am not the part where Vaughn comes face to face with Irina. Lena Olin has fabulous skin. And Vaughn is wearing blue- hottt in blue. "You look just like him." WOW what a moment. This brings me to wonder, what in the sam hell happened to Bill Vaughn???

Okay, so I promise, I am going to dig back in, I am going to watch season 2 this week and Let's Talk will be alive again. I need a little Sydney Bristow ass-kicking in my life right now. So break out your season 2 and get at it!!!

Girlscout out!

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