Thursday, April 19, 2007


As many of you have mentioned as of late, we are creeping up on the Alias Finale anniversary. One year ago, on May 22nd, ABC aired the final Alias episodes, a 2 hour scramble to tie up lose ends and say goodbye to fans. To honor this great (well, not entirely great) end, Let's Talk will... hmmm, will what? I have no idea!

That is where you come in! What are ya thinking? Shall we watch the pilot back-to-back with the finale? Shall we share all of our favorite moments (wait, that could take months!)? What are your thoughts and ideas about commemorating the end of our favorite show??

On a serious note: I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed on Monday at Virginia Tech. My thoughts are with you. NEVER FORGET. 4-16-07


Page48 said...

One way I'm going to celebrate the anniversary is with yet another Alias wallpaper on my laptop. This is my favourite one yet. The red ones always look the best. Just wish it had more main characters in it.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I think the red wig from the pilot is my all time fav. Probably because it became a simbol that was continued through out the series. I saw it as a "hi, guys!" from the cast and crew, to me, the loyal viewer. :)

BTW, how do I add a picture not that I have an account?

dlove said...

Nice wallpaper. I love any of the entire cast promo photos, especially the promo photo from s3.

uncle111 said...

When I wrote my Alias screenplay I had originally intended to write the story as a novel. Someone known as Stromy on the old ABC Alias message board convinced me to write it as a screenplay. She told me what software to buy and which book to buy to learn how to write a screenplay. She also acted as a writing coach and gave me very helpful suggestions along the way.
I sent her a copy of what I thought might be my final draft, but which ended up being my next to last draft (she had some good final suggestions). I sent her a copy of the final version as a thanks for her help. Below is a short review she posted on Zephyr Avenue. (Sorry, she had to write it in such a way as to not give anything away. If anything ever comes of this you will be glad Stormy didn't spoil anything for you.)

Here is her review:

To all Alias (and Uncle) fans. I have to say, I was awarded the great honor of being able to read Uncle's final version of his Alias

All I can say is it's PHENOMENAL! It is written in such a way that
all Alias fans will not only be emotionally satisfied but it will also draw in a new fan base.

He answers questions previously left unanswered, puts a "logical"
twist on things that we would have never seen coming, and in keeping
with Alias tradition has a twist at the end that will make you
scream "Oh hell no!"

Can you say "sequels?"

Anonymous said...

I can't believe its almost been a whole year since this show has been off!!