Monday, March 26, 2007

How good...

... is the season 3 opener? F-ing a-maz-ing! I wondered downstairs to my sister's room last night and she was watching 3.1 "The Two." Man, I love that episode. My heart was pounding just remembering the end of season 2, the fight with Evil Francie, the planned trip to Santa Barbara with Vaughn! I nearly cried seeing dear old dad hand-cuffed behind glass. Such a good episode to such a good season!

My sister is planning a special viewing of the pilot tonight, in order to get her friend Erica hooked. I am hoping to get my room mate Amanda in on it, but she has no desire to watch the show. How could she not? I mean really!

In other news- Merrin Dungey (aka Francie) is rumored to be joining the cast of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off starring Addison Montgomery. YAHOO!!

Mia Maestro (aka Nadia Santos)will be joining LL Cool J on the set of the new CBS show "The Man."


Page48 said...

ANY viewing of the Pilot is a "special viewing", GS.

I was cueing up some of my favourite moments just last week. I can't ever get tired of Jack and Sydney in the cemetery, with that perfect song and the beautiful setting, the fuzzy panoramic shot of the trench-coated Jack walking back to his car, palm trees swaying in the heavy breeze, the same heavy breeze that's blowing Sydney's hair all over the place, the phone going off and Sydney opening the door on a new phase in her life with one simple word..."hello". I luv it.

Viewers should take note of how young everyone looks. Dixon and Jack look much younger, and Sydney, well she looks like Syd the Kid.

Amanda sounds problematic, GS. You may want to offer her some coffee flavoured ice cream, but be on your toes if the girl goes for it.

Gotta run, Jack Bauer is calling for me.

bonkers for bristow said...

I'm also watching 24 again this season. It's always an awesome show but this year seems a little tired. I think they need to kill off Jack and bring in a new agent. Maybe a female agent. Maybe one located in Los Angeles. Perhaps someone with terrorist experience and has defused a nuclear bomb before. No, where would they find someone like that...? Hmmmmm :)

srg-alias said...

yeah I'm watching 24 too, it's as close to Alias as I can get. I agree this season is a bit tired, and the plot a little cliche, but it still is one of the best shows on TV.

I've been debating about starting over my Alias DVDs again, for some reason I've been resisting the urge. Maybe I'll just watch seasons 1-4 and stop halfway through 5, watching the last episodes just depresses/irritates me.

Kiki said...

I agree Shan, too depressing to watch season 5. Argh.

I caught the last half of the pilot showing last night in my sister's room. I knew every word. I love Alias.

Lisa said...

I can't believe its almost been a year since we said goodbye to our favorite show. and I still don't have anything to watch! (24 gives me anxiety!)

check out this pic of JG and VB and tell me it doesn't bring a tear to your eye.

(you know the drill about links, just cut and paste all the lines together...)

Page48 said...

This season of "24" hasn't brought me anywhere near the edge of my seat like some previous seasons. For one thing, I don't like the new kinder, gentler Chloe (she hasn't even killed anyone this year).

And frankly, I think CTU should fire that sorry-ass Morris and replace him with one Marshall Flinkman. Morris gave it up when he was tortured with a power tool. Marshall, on the other hand, was prepared to take one for the team. Start with the hangnail, if you don't mind.

I did enjoy the crazy fun Jack had with his weasel brother, though. I woulda done the same thing only I would have started while he was still on "ER".

srg-alias said...

aw Lisa, that's such a cute pic! I know you can't really tell anything from photos, but they just look like such nice people, don't they? :)

I hear ya page48. My biggest 24 complaint from this season is they went w/ Muslim terrorists...again. Yeah I know they're basically being used by that Russian guy, but seriously, it's getting a bit stale and stereotyped. And is it me or does the annoying Vice Prez talk really strange?? I don't know, there's something very weird going on w/ his teeth, I can't quite put my finger on it...

uncle111 said...

Well, my screenplay is finished. I send it off Monday to be registered. One more week it is off to Scriptapalooza.

Robetron said...

Over the winter, I caused my mother to become addicted to 24. She has been trying to catch up with the current episodes, and recently she observed, "Maybe it’s me, but I'm just not as 'into it' as I have been in other seasons."

Mom is no TV-aficionado, but even she thinks this season is "off somehow." Most people, when the show first came on the air, wondered 'how many times can stuff happen to a guy in 24 hours?' Truthfully, I think that logic is catching up with the writers of 24. They have used up the possibilities of cataclysmic tragedies that could happen and it is becoming a little hackneyed.

Previously she was a non-TV watcher, staying mostly with NBA basketball and PGA golf. Now, I think she is primed for her first viewing of ALIAS. I am undecided about whether I should wait for next winter when she will be less outdoorsy and more likely to need something to do at home when her husband goes hunting in the U.P. (That is the "Upper Peninsula of Michigan" for those of you in Rio Linda.) On the other hand, she will need me to oversee her through the pilot episode, and I think I may be ready to start watching ALIAS again myself. I don’t know if I am willing to wait until November.

Anyone have some in-put?

Page48 said...

I've tried watching Seasons 1-3 of "24" but I can't force myself to pay attention. I started watching in earnest in Season 4, when Habib Marwan (aka Arnold Vosloo, who also appeared in "Alias" as a Covenant bad-ass) was terrorist-in-chief.

I thought that Seasons 4 and 5 were excellent but I must say the current season is a letdown. Another assassination (attempt) on another President Palmer. Another nuke scare by another Muslim outfit. And what's with the ongoing slaughter of regular characters? Same story told once (twice)too often?

Alias/24 Trivia: "24" has, over the years, provided recurring roles for at least 2 other actors who appeared in "Alias" (Gina Torres and Glenn Morshower). Torres we all know. Morshower played Marlon Bell, the guy who showed up for Sloane's execution and couldn't wait to see the SOB die (imagine his disappointment).

uncle111 said...

I put together a few excerpts from my screenplay and posted them at the following site. This is kind of like a long trailer for a movie, in script form.

The topic is- Alias - Revelation Preview.

uncle111 said...

Oops! Forgot the address:

dlove said...

Thanks uncle. Interesting Revelation trailer. Are we going to get more?

uncle111 said...

Since I'm trying to sell it I don't know when I can post more, or how much. I don't know if letting it all out would devalue it. I'm checking on that.

dlove said...

Then maybe I should wait until you present it to TPTB and hopefully an offer made. Well at least we have the trailer.

Good luck.