Friday, February 16, 2007

Post for posting

I saw a request for a new article for posting, so as your faithful blog assistant, here it is. :) I wish I could think of an interesting topic to start some more discussion, but my brain does not work very well at 8:37am so I'm leaving it up to you. I wish you all a happy Friday and a good weekend!


bonkers for bristow said...

Now that we have a blank canvas, anyone around?

To whomever it was that talked about JG going away from her action roles and heading towards the girly roles - I agree!

Although I did find 13 going on 30 cute, I really only saw it because of her. I would much prefer her in a MI or even the upcoming kingdom. Yes, she could be type cast as the tough chic but she could do much worse, don't you think? There's enough actresses out there to play the romantic lead in a chic flick, she's much more suited to the action hero. (Excluding Electra which I think she even agrees was a mistake:)

Mike said...

Anyone know what happened to Alias Anonymous? I loved that blog.

Page48 said...

Anyone know what happened to Alias? I loved that show.

ilovealias4ever said...

Oh PAGE 48, you crack me up! I miss ALIAS so much.

It's really hard for me - is that strange?

But since mike did ask, what did happen to ALIAS ANONYMOUS?

That was a FANTASTIC blog


dlove said...

Thanks girlscout.

page48: LOL.

Re JG: she also has a small role in Juno. Which is a dark comedy directed by the guy who did Thank You for Smoking.

The romantic comedy (Devil in the Junior League, I believe that is the title) that was mentioned recently is not a go that she will even star in that movie. Right now it looks like Christmas in Conn is the only one and who knows when that will be filmed.

I would like her to do something other than romantic comedies. But at the same time, I would prefer her not to be typecast as the action hero. As for Elektra she was under contract to do that when she signed on to do Daredevil.

I am just adamant about not seeing her do Sydney Bristow any time soon.

uncle111 said...

Why so adamant?

Page48 said...

dlove, I don't think you need to worry about Sydney Bristow returning any time soon, although I would never say "no thanks" to more Sydney.

JG was on Regis talking about how much she has to love a project to allow it to interfere with her spending every single minute with her daughter. We have no idea what kind of roles she is saying "no" to, but we have a pretty good idea what she "loves", and she seems to have a lust for fluff. Even without wearing out her "action hero" bit, I would like to see her serious it up.

I think there is a void that JG can fill. She can do the loveable Julia Roberts schtick but I would rather see her play to her acting strength and separate herself from the Hollyweird girly pack. She can play that typical Harrison Ford adventure/thriller/mess-with-my- family-and-you-mess-with-me role, let's see Julia do that. She can do the Mission Impossible thing with one hand tied behind her back, let's see Sandra Bullock to that.

Bottled up inside of JG is the power and intensity that would allow her to stretch further than she seems to want to go right now. Maybe it's all that friggin' domestic bliss sapping her strength. A painful divorce is called for at this time. Anybody got grainy video of Ben with a $20 hooker?

dlove said...

I just don't want the show we love to become a cliche. It had 5 years which was a good run for that show. Let's just leave it at that.

Being an X-files fan, I hated how C. Carter ran it beyond its welcome. We didn't need one movie and we certainly don't need a second one.

uncle: I know you have your script waiting in the wings, and I'm dying to read it, but I want the show to become an exception to the rule. I wasn't happy with the ending, but it was time. Because there was a danger of the writers losing it and ruining the show.

Now, I could go for a decent novel or let the adventure continue on in book form sometime in the future.

Oh, how I would love JG to be cast along Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones. Some one please call George Lucas or Steven.

Fluff. Phooey.

uncle111 said...

I agree, that if the writers don't keep up with the fans and true to the story you have disaster. That's why I've written as I have. I wish you could see what I've written because it really does bring it all back, in ways most people would not anticipate, but ways that are true to the best of Alias.
It can be done and that's why a good movie can bring it all back to us.

A bad, nonfan movie would indeed make things worse.

Page48 said...

Oh, God. Channel-surfing on a Sunday night and what do I stumble across? Sloane-Clone guesting on "Brothers and Sisters". Now they have Sloane, Sloane-Clone, Grace, Dr. Barnett. Oh, the humanity! Who's next...Will and Francie?

Page48 said...

AND, I forgot to mention that "Brothers & Sisters" also does the Alias flyover of the building with number 12 on the roof, (US Bank Tower, I believe), albeit from a different angle.

BTW, you can do your own flyover of that tower using Google Earth. Do a search for "Alias TV". Yeah, I know, I'm clutching at Alias straws.

dlove said...

Did you stay long enough to get a feel for the show? How is it?

Page48 said...

dlove, I watched B&S until the Christmas break but it's really just a show about angst, there isn't a blessed thing going on for the jilted Alias fan. Plenty of familiar faces but nothing else. It's no longer on my playlist.

uncle111 said...

Oh, the humanity! Who's next...Will and Francie?


Page48 said...

While Sydney Bristow languishes on the beach, watching the waves role in and reminiscing about the days when adrenaline was her constant companion, NBC is quietly planning to fill the heroine void with an all new "Bionic Woman".

Cast in the lead role is the lovely Michelle Ryan. Michelle's claim to fame is the 5 years she spent playing Zoe Slater on the British soap Eastenders, a show which I confess to being a very long-term watcher of.

Oddly enough, MR has always reminded me of a younger (12 years younger) JG. Those broad shoulders, the long straight hair with those Sydney Bristow bangs, the cute smile and the generally quite fit appearance. Nothing MR did in Eastenders would indicate the kind of athletic prowess JG is known for.

The new "Bionic Woman" is apparently a project of one of the producers of Robetron's new favourite show, "Battlestar Galactica". If it's a straight remake, I don't think it will have a chance, but I understand it is supposedly going to offer a new take on the original BW.

I never liked the original BW, but I hope this works out for Michelle Ryan and I hope it gets the kind of creative writing that makes it a good show for those of us who are "heroine addicted".

For those who aren't sure who the new BW is, copy and paste the following link in your browser (this URL will have to be pasted in 2 sections since I don't know how to display the URL here without it being truncated by Blogger). We can put a man on the moon, but...

uncle111 said...

Yes! She could play a younger SB for sure. Maybe in a backstory in a movie.

BristowVA said...

It's great that you guys keep the dialogue going. Thanks. I check this blog everyday for signs of life and it's nice to see it continue.


Page48 said...

We're here for ya, BristowVA!

Sydfan said...

Oh man -- I just finished Season 5 !! What do I watch now while I workout??? I'm tempted to start from the beginning and watch them all again......any idea for DVDs that are good to watch while working out? Alias was great for that!

Page48 said...


I recommend Season 2 of "Maude"

dlove said...

Try Ugly Betty. The only thing I'm capable of watching at the moment. Although Battlestar is on the horizon.

Michelle Ryan - I don't know about her.

Anyone watching the Closer?

Page48 said...


"Battlestar" is one of those shows where I feel like I needed to be there on Day One to have any clue what's going on, although robetron gave it 2 thumbs up a few days back. I tried to check in often enough to catch the Carl Lumbly eppy but I failed in my attempt. One thing that drives me insane watching "Battlestar" is that they say "frackin'" and "what the frack" all the time. And, I still half expect Lorne Greene to show up.

Michelle Ryan is British eye candy. She is 22, spent 5 years on "Eastenders", a British soap which I stumbled upon in 1991 and still watch to this day on PBS. I don't approve of the way her character developed on that show but, after all, it is a soap. She has had a few post-EE roles in Brit movies that you and I will never see, but has been chosen to do a "Bionic Woman" pilot for NBC, apparently knocking off some well known Hollyweird girls in the process.

Eastenders produces four 1/2 hour shows per week so she won't have any problem handling the workload, but she has never been asked to carry a series before, and certainly not half a world from home. I wonder if they will ask her to lose the accent. If not, you may here the Bionic Woman say stuff like "I ain't 'avin it".

You can check her out on Youtube. I like her, (of course, it doesn't hurt that she's smokin' and, as I mentioned earlier, often reminds me of JG in her physical appearance), but I don't know if she is ready to lead an hour-long drama on US network TV. On the other hand, I never once heard tell of Jennifer Garner until I saw her head being held under water in "Truth be Told". I'll be rooting for Michelle.

The only 3 shows I watch regularly now are "Heroes", "Lost" and "24", and frankly, I think "Lost" and "24" are both having less than stellar seasons. "Lost" and "Heroes" require a great deal of patience from someone used to the torrid pace of "Alias", but there is enough going on to keep me coming back each week. Other than those 3 shows, as Springsteen said on one of his solo albums years ago, "57 Channels and Nothing On".

Page48 said...

Well, I haven't run out of cold beer yet, so why not fire off my 10th post here. I just got done mentioning JG having her head held under water in the "Alias" pilot. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I watched the movie "Havana", which stars Robert Redford AND a youthful (35ish) Lena Olin. In this movie, Olin's character is taken prisoner in Cuba and has her head held under water by her captors in a scene extremely reminiscent of Sydney's fate in "Truth be Told". Like Mama, like daughter!

I miss "Alias" in a very big way.

srg-alias said...

well that's quite a coincidence w/ that movie page48!

As for DVDs to work out to, I love working out to Alias seasons 1 and 2. They were more action than drama based and there's nothing like lifting weights while Syd's kicking butt.

uncle111 said...

Just another one of JJ's borrowing from a movie?

And, so you don't think I did the same with you, (assuming anyone ever sees any of this)just before logging on here today I finished a scene in my screenplay where Irina appears to Syd in a dream and says, "Like mother, like daughter, Sydney?"

Freakish coincidence.

ilovealias4ever said...

UNCLE111 - your writing a script for an ALIAS movie!?

That is amazing! I would love to have a look! :)

I can't seem to find any other shows to get hooked on. Nothing has grasped me like ALIAS has. I JUST LOVE IT!

The only other show that I just LOVE is 'The Office' - US Version. IT IS HILARIOUS!

I miss ALIAS!