Saturday, January 06, 2007


Alias-alum, Gina Torres, aka Ana Espinoza is expecting her first child with actor/husband Lawrence Fishburne.

Looks like little Izzy Bristow-Vaughn will have a true rival after all!!

Here is what People mag had to say:

Actor Lawrence Fishburne and his actress wife Gina Torres are expecting a child, PEOPLE has learned exclusively. Torres's rep confirms the actress is due this summer. The couple was married in 2002 and this is their first child together; Fishburne, 45, has two children from his previous marriage to Hanja Moss. Torres, 37 (who stars in the FOX drama Standoff), will costar in the upcoming Chris Rock film I Think I Love My Wife. Fishburne can currently be seen in the Emilio Estevez-directed Bobby.


Page48 said...

She can have the blouse.

dlove said...

LOL! Congratulations.

And to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito on their recent marriage.

Kiki said...

OH I know. I am sooo sad Bradley Cooper is officially taken. Sad pandas!

Page48 said...

Here's another thing that doesn't set well with me about the finale (right on topic again, GS). In addition to Irina being brutally written out-of-character, Sydney also exhibited some out-of- character behaviour when she clocked Debbie the waitress in the hotel kitchen in Sydney, Australia.

Syd has always demonstrated a degree of remorse when having to involve innocent civilians during the execution of her duties, but she was particularly unsympathetic when she levelled Debbie in order to snatch her uniform. She apologized in a noticeably insincere fashion to the unconscious server, which is not in keeping with the Sydney Bristow I know so well.

The more I watch the bitter end of Alias, the more I want a re-write, an alternate ending, one that leaves Alias's dignity in tact.

Kiki said...


Page48 said...

I watched the trailer for "The Kingdom". I'm hoping to get a serious Sydney Bristow buzz off of that puppy, because I ain't a-gonna get it from "Catch and Release".

I want plenty of great dramatic adventure roles for JG in the future. I know there's the whole issue of type-casting, but frankly, I want JG in those strong action roles, not the fluff comedy like "Dude" and "13" and "Magoo". These comedy bits do not showcase the best that JG has to offer.

If I must live without Alias, at least allow me to enjoy the best of JG's physical and emotional talents on the big screen and leave the lighter side to Julia Roberts.

Indiana Jen, anyone?

There, I've reached my three-post limit for today.

uncle111 said...

I agree about Debbie. I have the same thoughts everytime I see that scene.

And I agree about Jenn's future roles. She is a phenomenal actress. I didn't know that she was until I saw her in a couple of movies where she played characters that were wildly different from SB. Her acting ability is top notch and I think she is seriously under rated.

dlove said...

I rather her not be typecast, but I think she would be perfect along side Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones. Hey, even a small part will do. Steven and George are you listening?

Page48 said...

How many takes did it take?

Got nothing to do while you're waiting for Jack Bauer to emerge from hibernation next week? Well, me neither, so here's a cheap thrill for you to help pass the time.

Cue up "Phase One", Sydney and Dixon at the oil rig site. Syd takes off her shades and faces off with Dixon. Watch the whole scene and keep an eye on the strands of fly-away hair sticking out from the left side of Syd's head. As the camera goes back and forth from Syd to Dixon, the fly-away hair appears and disappears several times. When she spins around to say "you have to listen to me", the left side of her head is clearly visible and not a single hair out of place.

Hence the question "how many takes did it take?".

Hey, I warned you it was a cheap thrill.

Robetron said...

An equally cheep explanation:

The wind can be gusty. The moment that the camera flashes back toward Dixon, the wind might have quickly rearranged her hair-configuration.