Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When Sydney Fell

The moment we met Agent Vaughn in the pilot, we knew Sydney had a new love interest. JJ Abrams even states in the commentary that he hadn't even considered Vaughn a love interest until he saw that scene in edits. We knew then- that moment- but when did Sydney know? When did Sydney fall for Vaughn?

She supressed her feelings for a long time- holding onto Danny and avenging his death. She remained professional- sharing only small moments with Vaughn about her personal life- even though he wanted more. Was it the moment she called him her guardian angel? Was it that night at the Pier? Or, did it take all of two and half seasons when Vaughn FINALLY confessed in the flirting corner for Sydney to say "oh, hey, he's cute, I think I love him."

When do you think Sydney fell?

I think it was right here... (Vaughn's okay, finger-bleeding disease has been cured!!)

You know why? Because Vaughn knows she knows how she feels. Hence...

This scene is in episode 2.7 "Counteragent." Song playing- Sheryl Crow 'I Shall Believe.'

PS. Speaking of love- anyone know when they first said those 3 little words?


srg-alias said...

I'm pretty sure we never hear Syd or Vaughn say "I love you" to each other until the season 4 finale before the car accident. They hint at it when talking to other people, like in season 2 when Vaughn is under suspicion and Syd asks the investigator "would you betray someone you love?"

We know the first time Syd realized Vaughn had feelings for her was at the ferris wheel, which was revealed in season 5 when she was drugged, maybe that's when she felt it too.

Kiki said...

Ohh, good pick up Shan. I totally forgot about that tidbit of info. Ah, yes, the pier. I love the pier. I am going to go there and take a pic sometime.

Page48 said...

Having been born without the ability to think like a woman (think about a woman, sure...think like a woman, no way), I couldn't guess when Syd actually fell. However, I think that until Vaughn rolled out the map showing how Syd how vast the SD empire really was, that Sydney just thought he was an annoying dork (can you show me what a bag looks like again?). I think Sydney immediately realized that she hadn't given Vaughn enough credit up until that point.

Just before she left the Red Cross trailer, Vaughn stuck a little patch (was it a smiley face?) on her as if she had just donated blood and she gave him that little "thanks" (I love the way Sydney says "thanks") and I believe that that was the first evidence of an actual bonding incident occurring between them. To me, that unlocked the door. Although it didn't appear on camera, I firmly believe that Sydney's departure from the trailer was immediately followed by a vigorous fist pump from Vaughn, probably accompanied my a muffled "YES!" or maybe a "YEAH, BABY!".

Now, Vaughn, on the other hand, would have been conjuring up several different scenarios for disposing of Alice's body the very instant that Sydney walked into his office. Guys just have this spidey-sense that tingles in the presence of greatness. I think it's a spidey-sense.

Kiki said...

I hope it's spidey-sense and not something else. Good point. I think we could see right off that Vaughn had that hots for Syd. It would have been cool to see it from his point of view- meeting Syd and her bozo hair.

I love how Syd says thanks too. That whole scene in the van is up and down. She's pissed, he's pissed, he softens, she softens. I love how she reacts to the size of the Alliance. And yes, she difinitely didn't give Vaughn enough credit right off.

BristowVA said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this scene! For me, it completely sealed the bond between the two of them. And although it would be several more episodes before they finally got "together", the hug, the simple and heartfelt "thank you" from Vaughn, and subsequent relief expressed by Syd that he was ok, was the point of no return for their relationship.

What a perfect song choice to! JJ is a genius. I MISS MY SHOW!!

kelhat said...

This was a fabulous episode. I think Syd was starting to admit it to herself when they were quarantined...I think she knew she loved him when she saw him in that bubble before she went after the antidote. Will there ever be another couple as perfect together as these two? I think not!

lhaaheim said...

Ahh yes the blood mobile that was certainly a good bonding session! However this scene sealed it for me, we finally see them both almost willing to act on their feelings. If only Syd had walked slower.

uncle111 said...

The problem with falling in love- it is falling. You may or may not notice when you are first headed toward being off balance. Then you start to tip. You may try to pull back and regain your balance. You may even look goffy attempting to not fall. Others observing you can see you are in trouble, maybe even going down. Next thing you know you are on the floor. It's all part of a single act of falling.

When did Syd end up on the floor? Not sure. When did she start to lose her balance? By the time of the car wash scene or at least the pier.

Vaughn? Could have begun in the first episode, knowing how we guys are. And, given that fact that Vaughn had already heard about Prophet 5, and Sydney was his first confirmation that Renee was telling the truth, Sydney meant more to him from the start than someone else would have. That could have added to his attachment.