Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Cardinal by Blogger Lhaaheim

Thanks to Lhaaheim for this wonderful article on our new bad guy (or good guy). Enjoy!

The beautiful, brightly painted red bird visits us each winter as the snow softly falls, to remind us of the spring that is to come. It brings with it a lovely song, that if were lucky, will stay near us until spring. This bright and cheerful bird not only sings us a pretty song but unlike other birds, it even has a little heart for romance as it ceremoniously feeds its mate. Birds, including the cardinal are generally given positive traits of symbolism; however as we all know things related to Alias can often be twisted.

Red is the most predominant feature the cardinal offers. Throughout the world red can symbolize many different aspects of life. In some countries it is the color of mourning, or a symbol of pride if placed on a countries flag. It also warns of danger, tells us to stop, and for some it can be a great sign of comfort to see a big red cross on it’s way to help you. It conveys warmth, and reminds us of achievements we’ve made. Red has even become a sacred color and is often associated with the Christian religion. However red does have its split personality, it is often angry, gruesome, and deceitful, conveys monetary loss, and at the very least is distracting.

Cardinals are most often associated as the bringer of news, because their vibrant color and song demand our attention. It is said to awaken us with its important message and that if respected it has the power to lead us home. Cardinals are more commonly associated as the omen of renewed vitality or an indicant of a life changing or altering event. In either case it is important to note that the symbol of a Cardinal is always trying to teach us something or it bears something we can learn from.

Believe it or not, but cardinals are associated to one of our favorite Alias numbers. The number 12! Here is why: Cardinal eggs hatch in about 12 days, it’s a year round resident and presides in roughly the same area for a year (or 12 months!!) and symbolically the message or event the cardinal has arrived to tell you of should occur in 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months or at the 12th hour of the day.

Obviously, all this symbolism is not grounded in fact or hard evidence but much that happens on Alias has the same folly. And as we remember from a previous post by Girlscout, the writers of Alias have often used bird symbolism when naming people. Sydney has been a phoenix and a bluebird, Renee a raven, Katya a sparrow and Rachel a mocking bird. Who fits the description of a cardinal? Whose life has been renewed or transformed? If we look at it from an evil stand point Anna Espinoza would be a strong choice, but how would that fit with Grace? It really doesn’t, yet if Elena had herself doubled or was doubled as someone else, as some have theorized, could it be her? Conversely what if the Cardinal is someone good, Vaughn perhaps? His liveliness has certainly been renewed. And what about Vaughn’s father, many of us hope and believe he may still be alive and he certainly has a strong connection to P5. Is Bill Vaughn the Cardinal?

So, who do you think the Cardinal is? Is it someone mentioned above? Do you think it’s someone new or could it actually be a real Catholic Cardinal and the bird metaphor is simply to throw us off. If P5 has infiltrated the world’s most powerful governments certainly they could infiltrate the worlds most organized religion. Is it possible that someone has given themselves the name of Cardinal because they believe they fit the traits above when in fact they don’t? It’s important to note that many terrorists in general and the Rambaldi fanatics on Alias truly believe they are doing the right thing. So who do you think it is? Personally, I feel that Bill Vaughn is the Cardinal. Am I right or wrong?


sklaft said...

Well done, Liz!

The transition from examining the literal to the metaphorical was very smooth. I like it.

Anyway, I tend to agree that it is Bill Vaughn. Either that, or someone involved with P5 that we have not met. I thought it would be cool if it was McKinas Cole, but I do not find that theory to be very realistic. Unfortunately, I'm not finding much evidence for any solid choice yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

-Robetron, a.k.a.: "Robby,"
a.k.a.: S. Klaft

srg-alias said...

Yes, good article! I like the idea of the Cardinal being a "good" person (possibly Bill Vaughn). I think the natural assumption from the circumstances is that the Cardinal is another enemy, especially since some theorize Grace as a mole, but it would be a cool twist for it to actually be a good guy.

hellosark said...

I agree with both of you. Wonderful article with some great insight. I love the idea of the Cardinal being good. I love that this may be a person that can help, instead of hurt. I really hope that Grace isn't the mole, but we know he has a secret and that Jack knows what it is.

Starbucks Mom said...

Good article.
Soo...I just rewatched the episode and I few things stood out at me. I didn't really come up with any new theories, just more questions. But, you guys might be able to shed some light on them.
1. When Kelly Peyton goes to get Ana, she says "I'm offering you the chance to destroy Sydney Bristow." Do they think that by cloning SydAna and letting her do bad things that Sydney will be killed. What did she mean by that?
2. When Sloane is in the room with P5 they say "It is not our intention to kill Miss Bristow." What do they mean by that? Or are they just saying that.
3. How did P5 know that Will Tippin was important to Sydney? Have they been watching her for years? Did someone tell them? And was Grace's message to the Cardinal telling him where Will Tippin was, or do they just want us to think that?
4. When they are giving Rachel the Rambaldi Rehash, Sloane says "You're right. Without you page 47 is useless." Is that comment cancelled out by the fact that they have turned Ana into Sydney. I guess it could have been foreshadow, now that I think about it.
5. I thought it was funny that they had Syd dressed in white and Ana in black when they were fighting on the train.
6. And finally, when Syd says to Ana "You'll never beat me." Ana replies "Then you still don't understand the game." Veeerrrry interesting.

Anyways...sorry to distract from LHaaheim's post. I didn't know where else to put this.

srg-alias said...

hello hellosark! :)

mom - I don't know what she meant exactly by "destroying" Syd, but I was amused that she offerred Anna a "long term under cover op", that's pretty under cover!! P5 didn't intend to kill Syd by luring her in w/ Will, they intended to double her to fulfill the Prophecy. And yes, I think Sloane was foreshadowing the end of the eppy.

srg-alias said...

p.s. robby you inspired me to finally upload a picture haha

jenn256 said...

sm- some great questions!

As far as "destroying her" I think she was speaking metaphorically, destroying her life by doubling her and possibly killing her sister in the prophecy showdown.

I'm not sure how they knew about Will being so important to Sydney either, but I think this is where the mole comes into play, and Grace really wouldn't know anything about Will to access his files without someone telling him about the friendship between Will and SYd.

I think Sloane meant by his Page 47 comment that without "The Chosen One" it was useless since Syd has seen Mt. Subasio, however I'm sure Ana hasn't seen it yer, so I guess that would be considered foreshadowing.

And yeah, about Ana's comment on the game, what was she talking about? The doubling game? But the way she said it, it was almost like she had been in on this from the beginning for "the game". So has she always known she was going to be doubled as Sydney to fulfill the prophecy? Maybe that's why she never killed Syd when she had the chance, just injured her or knocker her out. Can't kill her of you are going to double as her a few years down the line.

Now keep in mind these are all just guesses from an overactive mind.

Kiki said...

SRG- how cute are you??!! Nice to "see" you! Also, um, I accidently logged in as hellosark- it was my screen name before. But thanks for the welcome. Hahaha!

We just have more and more questions the closer we get! WHAT IS GOING ON!!??

srg-alias said...

LOL, thanks GS, that picture is a little deceiving since I actually have curly hair but I thought it would be nice to finally show my face. :)

I know, SOOOO many questions!!

lhaaheim said...

Robby- Well, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

I thought about McKenas Cole too but he really doesn't fit in with the persona of a Cardinal. However he is very arrogant so he himself could believe fits the description when in fact he does not. Though I do agree there isn't enough information to make a solid choice, that's why I wanted to write this article. I was hoping we would at least narrow it down. But like I said I'm betting on Bill Vaughn, but that's based on my instincts more then fact. Plus I think it would be wonderful if he were alive. :-)

Srg-alias- Thank you! Yup that's what I was thinking, we have all this sneaky setup by Grace and then wham the Cardinal is good! Plus some of us feel that Grace is acting too much like a mole, that he would be too obvious, so I'm hoping for a plot twist that reveals his goodness. We have to remember Jack, Vaughn, and Syd for that matter have done a lot of shady things. However we usually had their actions in context so we understood they were doing the right thing. We don't have that when it comes to Grace; all we have is sneaky behavior and lies to Rachel.

Hellosark- Are we sure that Jack knows everything there is to know about Grace's secret? I'm sure he knows something but I don't think he has the big picture yet. Either way I still think Grace is good or the Cardinal is good. I agree it would be nice to have a helper and not a destroyer.

Starbucks mom- I’ve thought about what Peyton said too and I agree it doesn’t make sense yet. I think they may have another plan that ties into all of this. Honestly I think those guys will say anything to get Sloane do to what they need. I certainly wouldn’t trust them. Plus there just the guys in the back pulling the strings and financing the whole thing; Peyton could start running things her own way if she choose to. Oh a bad guy mutiny, that would be fun to watch!
I believe P5 has been involved from the beginning and yes they’ve been watching Sydney Bristow and all others involved. I personally don’t think Grace has anything to do with what happened to Will but I think we will just have to wait to find out. Wait, didn’t Sark know Will was alive? Maybe he is involved. About what Anna said, I don’t think it’s about wining to her, it’s about fulfilling Rambaldi’s end game and unfortunately Syd doesn’t know what that is yet. Furthermore APO just keeps reacting to everything P5 does; they really need to get out ahead of them. If the Cardinal is good, maybe he/she will help them do that. Oh no worries I like distractions! :-)


jenn256 said...

I knew I knew that name from somewhere, that's the name you use on the ABC boards!!! Well it's nice to know you got a nice welcome anyway, and that a new name and face are indeed welcome! Does this mean I need to put up a picture also? Does it count if it's from 10 years and 30 pounds ago? :)

lhaaheim said...

Girlscout- I thought that was you! Or that someone had stolen your other screen name, which would not have been nice. Either way I think we all welcome you to the board everyday and appreciate all you do. We certainly couldn't do this without you!!! :-)


Kiki said...

Oh Jenn, we love pics, old or new. It's always nice to see who we are talking to! Hahaha!I need a new pic- to the camera phone Batman!

lhaaheim said...

Could Katya be the Cardinal? Is she still in custody???

Kiki said...

That was my original theory- Katya as the Cardinal.

srg-alias said...

yeah if I remember correctly, Katya got all the charges against her dropped in exchange for helping them find the real Irena in s4.