Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nadia vs. Ana

A little history-

Ana takes Nadia prisoner in 4.08 "Echoes." Ana mysteriously appears at an outdoor cafe and whisks Nadia away to an undisclosed location. There Ana gives her a brand- the Rambaldi symbol and explains to Nadia that Sydney is a curse to all of those around her. Ana is fully aware that Nadia is the Passenger and that Nadia plays a large part in Ramabaldi's end-game.

Speed forward- Nadia is returned to APO and she and Sydney go on a reconisance mission to track Ana at a meet. There, Sydney goes after Ana and Nadia after one of Ana's associates. After Nadia stabs the associate- she asks him about what Ana and the group is going to do with a bomb or a weapon. He tells Nadia. Ana gets away from Sydney and Nadia goes in search of Ana. From behind pieces of hanging plastic- in the dark, Sydney and Nadia draw their guns on each other, thinking the other is Ana. Just then- Ana shoots Nadia. Why? Because Nadia knew her agenda, she knew the information the associate had given her. Ana even went to the hospital to finish the job, but the gang was able to foil her plan.

Why would Ana want to kill the Passenger? Surely Ana knew of Nadia's importance.

Now in the light that Ana could very well be the Chosen One Rambaldi was speaking of- Ana and Nadia will be at it again. As I posted in the previous article-

I found this on a post that Uncle 111 placed on the ABC Boards.
Nadia told Syd that while she was under the influence of the green fluid she had a hallucination."I saw something awful. Sounds and fast images, they went by very quickly, but there was one vision that felt so real...We were both together, scared and upset, holding guns aimed at each other. And I remember my hands were shaking...and I pulled the trigger. Blood was pouring down your chest and I wanted to say I was sorry, but you just looked at me as if you'd been expecting it. As if you knew all along, knew I was going to kill you."

It is highly possible and most likely- that the Sydney that Nadia kills is Ana. Ana would expect to be killed by the Passenger- especially if they are in great battle. I can't see that the real Sydney would expect her sister to kill her. Sydney and Nadia both have been very adamant about caring about each other and never doing anything to hurt one another. I think this is just another example of the vague context of the prophecy which can easily be filled by Ana.

I think the writers have done an amazing job of coming full circle. The guns drawn on each other between Sydney and Nadia in the season 4 episode and the anticipation of the guns that could be drawn between Nadia and Sydney Espinza is really, writing genius. Alas, this is all speculation. The writers have the right to render us completely surprised- and I wouldn't put it passed them!!

What are your thoughts? Are there any parts of the Rambaldi propehcy that we haven't talked about? Parts that could be applied to this new developement- Ana as Sydney?


lhaaheim said...

I wonder if Anna knew she would become the chosen one? Did she believe that the prophecy was or should have been about her all along? Did she try to kill Nadia then to not only stop her from sharing her plans but to also prevent Nadia (the passenger) from causing her harm in the future?

Or is it possible that the chosen one prophecy is actually about two people, Sydney and Sydney Espinoza who are identical except for their conscious. Is the prophecy so open ended to allow things to go either way (good or evil) depending on who wins the battle? Who is the utter desolation going to be targeted at? The world or P5 and its connected terrorist groups, is utter desolation an inherently bad thing? Will it be up to Nadia to choose between them?

Does Isabelle play a part in the prophecy? Could she inherit those same physical traits?

What is Sloane going to do about all of this, how much does he already know, how much has he shared with Jack and what is the endgame or goal he has been working for all along? Is he really a changed man or is he still the Rambaldi fanatic who believes he has a great role to play?

Bill Vaughn- A lot of this P5 stuff started with him when Vaughn started investigating his actions to see if he truly did die. What role does he play in this? Is he alive, dead, what truly happened to him? Does Vaughn know something about his father and P5 that he hasn’t told Syd yet?

Grace- Why is he on the show? What’s his connection to everything else Alias? Rachel worked for Gordon Dean and worked with Peyton, there is her connection, she is also a nice foil for Syd but why the heck is Grace here. What happened to his wife, who is the cardinal and how is it connected to P5? Is he connected to Rambaldi somehow?

What exactly has Irina been trying to do for 30 years, is she trying to keep Syd safe and away from this Rambaldi stuff or is she trying to make Rambaldi’s prophecies come to light? Does she believe the same as P5 does? Why does she continue to play both sides of the fence?

Renee- Why is she really working with the CIA? What is she going to get out of this? Does she have a deeper connection to Rambaldi that we don’t know about.

Okay I’ve digressed a lot here but I just have so many questions!!! And I really want to know how it’s all connected. Anna becoming the chosen one or at the very least just doubling Syd doesn’t solve or connect everything. Something else or quite a few something elses is missing. I’m almost certain though Rambaldi is at the center of all of this! Maybe we should just focus on him.

P.S. Side note here: Wow have the trials and troubles of a previous generation just fallen squarely on the current. Jack and Irina, Sloane and Bill Vaughn have done a great job of making their troubles the troubles of their children. If Syd and Vaughn stay in the CIA, does Isabelle await the same fate?

Kiki said...

Liz, I love your last comment. I think I feel a post coming on!! If you have time, I would love for you to write an article on that last comment about generations. I think that is one of the best questions I have seen on the blog and I would love to hear more about it!!!

lhaaheim said...

Wow! Thank you for asking, I would love to write an article! I'll get to work on it right away! :-) Though it will probably take me a little time since I’ll need to research into everyone's past; I certainly want to do the topic justice.

uncle111 said...

It really is incredible writing. I'm starting work on my own Alias story to keep from going through Alias withdrawal in a few weeks. I can tell you it is possible to develop really tight twisty plosts when you plan it out- here's where I am, here's where I want to end up, how to I get from A to B and how many twists do I want along the way?