Monday, October 29, 2007

Song of the Day

I thought I would post something- anything. The blog has been quiet lately and that is because basketball season is here! Anyway- here is the Alias Song of the Day...

"I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow, appeared in season 2, episode 7 "Counteragent." Vaughn had been diagnosed with the weird finger bleeding disease and Sydney goes on the mission to save him- giving up Sloane to Sark. In the end, Vaughn is saved, Sloane and Sark go into business together and at the end of the day, Vaughn has one more thing to say... but Syndey gets away.

I love love love this season and the song. It's perfect.


Page48 said...

Ah yes, the bloody fingers eppie. I've only seen it twice. Haven't watched a full eppie of "Alias" for almost one year. I'd like to forget enough about it that I can go back and watch it with fresh eyes. Good luck with that!

I must observe that Halloween week is brutal for TV viewers. If your favourite show is on at all, it probably has a Halloween theme. I watched promos all week which had Bones dressed in a "Wonder Woman" costume. Give me a break.

Tonight, I was channel surfing and came across "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Now I NEVER watch slasher flicks because they're just so stupid, but this one had something I never get tired of...Jessica Biel. JB is many shades of hot, and is built like a brick $^#*house and she alone enticed me to watch 20 minutes of TCSM, after which even her hotness wasn't enough to keep me tuned in.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to download a couple eppies of "Burn Notice" at work today, so that this evening would not be a write-off. I'm now 5 eppies into BN and I've concluded that it is a better show than any of the Big Four Networks' new offerings this fall. The stand-alone eppies still bug me, but at least the show scratches an itch for those of us who are deprived these days of a satisfying spy show. I must say, I don't like the 4:3 aspect ratio of the downloads but I like the show.

srg-alias said...

Happy Halloween everyone! :)
Good song of the day GS, that is a great episode. I think it's one of the first where we really see how much Syd cares for Vaughn and what she'll do to save him. Not to mention her Geisha alias, which is one of my favs. Since I started watching Alias in S3 I knew that Syd and Vaughn eventually get together when I rented seasons 1 and 2 to catch up, but I can imagine seeing the end of that eppy for the first time and being like "noooo!!!" because you really think Vaughn is going to tell Syd how he really feels, love the anticipation!

Robetron said...

I don't know what the concensus is regarding "The Unit," but I really must say that it has become one of my top five shows. It is an improvement on 24, and the complexity of the multiple story lines. It has all the action, all the intregue, and a rolling surge of testosterone in every episode. It is much more realistic than ALIAS ever was, in the action as well as in the romantic relationships. The episodes can satisfy the networks idiotic demand for self-contained stories (and thereby satisfy those for whom the idiots demand them), but during the "A & B -stories" that wrap up by the end of 43 minutes, often there happens several things that are not forgotten and effect future episodes. It's just like life: one one thing in our life is passed, it affects everything else in our future.

Anyway, its a great show, unless all you are looking for in a TV show is a female to stimulate either a fleshly lust, or some sort of "girls-too" fantacy. There are some pretty women who are also formidable on the show too, but they are simply not the main characters.

Some think they can't get passed the idea of President Palmer from 24 being in combat, but just give it a chance and listen to him barking out military orders to his subordinates, and watch him thrash a bad guy in hand to hand combat, and I believe his superlative acting skills will convince you.

The Unit... much better than it's getting credit for being... and there IS spy-like Counter-Terrorist activity in frequent episodes. Its worth your attention, my TV watching friends.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I have to agree on the Unit. I started watching it last year because of President Palmer (think he'll ever shake that loose?) but really got hooked. I admit I have to watch it with captions because they talk so fast and use military jargon. I think they hit a real high-point in last season's cliff-hanger ending and the first two episodes this season were amazing. Some are more intense than others But the story lines that tie the show together are the ones involving their home-life. The relationships are real and complicated and messy. And don't think it's just a guy show because of the testosterone - I'm a girl and I also recommend this show.

And Page, I'm glad you're liking Burn Notice. I wish I had thought to tape them 'cause next summer is a long wait for new episodes. It's a real hit, isn't it?

Page48 said...

Robetron, I have watched "The Unit" many times, although I've never been persuaded to become a regular viewer, I think for no reason other than the stand-alone eppies don't require my faithful attention each week, which is a shame. I have no trouble accepting President Palmer in this role. What I find a little weird is Pres. Palmer flogging Allstate Insurance..."are you in good hands?"

To be honest, I have more trouble accepting Agent Doggett ("X-Files")in his role in TU, but it's really not a big issue either. I think I have more difficulty accepting "Alias" alumni in other roles than I do with cast members from other shows.

I have become a regular viewer of BSG, though. I feel kind of lucky that I'm only in Season 1, so I have a long run yet ahead of me. I think I probably avoided BSG all these years because of the horrible memories of the original BSG fiasco with Lorne Greene.

On the subject of "24", I caught the sneak peak of the upcoming season during the World Series. I'm worried about "24", last season was weak and this season, we're bringing back Tony Almeida, who we watched die last season. Is "24" about to jump the shark or has it already happened? If it does continue to slip, where will this leave the "24" movie?

Bonkers, I don't have the luxury of taping "Burn Notice" or watching live because it's not on the dish in my neck of the woods, so downloading is currently my one and only option. I recently found out that I will be able to check out "Damages" beginning in January, so that's good news.

And one final note, filming has wrapped up on "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", and that, too, is good news, IMO.

uncle111 said...

I've seen a few episodes of The Unit and really liked them. I just always forget it's on. (I even keep missing Heros, either because of being busy, or I just don't have time). Saw part of The Unit last week and my new TV's sound system made it sound like I was really on a battle field.
Never got into 24. Tried, but it seemed like the whole show was just Jack in a monotone yell for an hour. And, I HATE the hand held cameras!

Love Burn and can't wait for it to be back, though it still isn't (nothing is) a substitute for Alias.

Still haven't seen BSG. I'll have to find the DVD's.