Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bradley with a Blade

I am well aware of the consensus on this blog related to foul language and TV- so I am guessing most of you have never watched an episode of the FX hit Nip/Tuck. The show is vulgar, sexist, disturbing and I LOVE IT! It's dirty and it makes me uncomfortable, but I loved it in the beginning and I love it even more now because- ladies and gentleman- our very own Bradley Cooper aka Will Tippin, is now a series regular!!!

He looks fantastic playing a stuck up Hollywood actor on a sleazy medical show. He's outrageously egotistical, obnoxiously self confident and deliciously delicious. Nip/Tuck might not be the show for you- but check out this tiny clip...

Nip/Tuck airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX.


Page48 said...

GS, I watched part of one eppie of "Nip/Tuck" when it first debuted, whatever year that was. If memory serves, some guy was cutting off his dick with a straight razor. Of all the things I look for in a TV show, that isn't one of them.

Nip/Tuck? No/Thanks!

Girlscout said...

Exactly. Its everything other TV isn't and all the things no producer would ever touch. I totally inappropriate and scandalous. It's otherwise known as a guilty pleasure... of the worst kind.

Page48 said...

GS, go to your room! No TV for you tonight.

uncle111 said...

Ouch!!! Don't even like to think about that. Certainly not my kind of entertainment. Wonder what kind of thoughts/pent up frustrations/anger motivates it's viewers to watch? :))

Bonkers for Bristow said...

Are any of you guys "Jed" on the forum? I only ask because there was a topic there asking for tv shows that people missed watching and Jed said Alias! If one of us is not Jed, we've got another Alias fan out there. Nice to know that we're not the only ones who miss the show. :)

Page48 said...

Wasn't there a movie "Return of the Jed"? It could be that guy.

Girlscout said...

I will not go to my room!! Hahaha!

Tammy said...

I have to admit - I don't have cable, so no Nip/Tuck for me. I might get into it because of the naughty factor you've mentioned GS! :)

In other news - Jennifer Garner has gotten good reviews for her Broadway debut! :)

Robetron said...

She surely didn't get very good reviews for The Kingdom, at least, not the ones I have seen. Of course, the critics are usually only happy with a war movie when it decries the evils of the empire-building, oppressive tree-killers in the United States. Maybe the movie is not all it could be, but I wouldn't hang your hat on anything the critics say about movies these days. They hate everything that allows you to escape reality for a while, and only praise things that present reality from a very narrow and often skewed point of view.

That is another reason why I like coming back here to talk about what shows we like or do not like. We all know we have good taste, generally speaking, since ALIAS is what brought us here. All points of view are available, and there is no agenda driving our opinions.

Rely on word of mouth from people who know good TV and movies. Sometimes we disagree, and sometimes we change each others mind (Veronica Mars comes to mind). Its all very honest, and I totally dig it.

Page48 said...

Jen had to shout down the paparazzi on Halloween while she had her daughter out Trick or Treating in NYC.

Beats the hell out of me why there is such a need to photograph celebs 24/7. What's wrong with people that they need to know so much about every detail of Jen's Halloween with her kid? Why is there even a market for the pics? I'm interested in what JG is up to professionally, what she does on her own time is entirely up to her. And I'm not interested in her daughter at all. I hope she's healthy and well adjusted, but other than that, she's just another toddler for crying out loud.

It's all about celebrity these days. I whipped on FOX News twice during the day yesterday and it was wall-to-wall Dog coverage (as in "Dog, The Bounty Hunter")and his racial indiscretion. I hear a thousand racial indiscretions a day at work and it doesn't make FOX News, but because it's Dog, it's a media feeding frenzy.

Is anybody in the free world shocked that Dog is a little rough around the edges? Anybody caught off guard by this? I don't freaking think so. Most of Dog's appeal in the first place comes from his wild appearance and style.

Let's move on immediately. Let's not have 4 weeks of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson picking over the bones of Dog and his freak-show family. Isn't this the same Jesse Jackson that was caught banging someone other than his wife and fathering a bastard child? Why does anyone need Jesse's blessing to feel good about themselves again? And why does every white guy with a sharp tongue need forgiveness from Al Sharpton?

Celebrity worship is wildly out of control and it just gets in the way of everything else that's going on in the world. And the truth of the matter is that none of it matters. Dog doesn't matter, Jen's daughter's Halloween costume DOES NOT MATTER.

uncle111 said...

The Kingdom- I only know 2 people who saw it and they both loved it. I should ask them what they thought of her performance.
It is sad how political something like critiquing movies has become. Everything now is very polarized and political. I am very politcally conservative, but I understand that not everything is political and that if we don't have some neutral ground then we will all die on one big mine field.

Page48 said...

Film critics are just a form of entertainment themselves. "Two Thumbs Up" is a brand all it's own, like Sony or Disney are brands.

Though they may not endorse every movie they watch, critics are an important part of the marketing machine. Every movie ad seizes on a quote or two from a gushing critic, and those quotes are repeated in the relentless hype leading up to the launch of the movie.

I stop and read every review of "The Kingdom" that I come across (only because Jen is in it), but I'm going to watch it regardless of whether reviews are glowing or not.

I read a comment this week that described "Alias" as (paraphrasing) a rehashed idea that didn't work. When I read comments like that from a critic, it tells me that the show went right over his head, and that being a critic isn't to be confused with having a clue.

And, certainly, with a movie like "The Kingdom", some critics will no doubt have trouble reigning in their political views long enough to opine on whether or not Jennifer Garner makes for a totally bitchin' FBI agent. I will have to decide that for myself and I already know which way I'm leaning. See, I'd make a poor critic, too.

uncle111 said...

Remember all the criticism we gave the writers when they rewrote Alias history by changing events of Syd's childhood in the final few episodes? One of the things we jumped on was the scene they showed of Jack telling Syd that Irina was dead. "But," we said, Syd blamed Jack for Irina's death because he was driving and had the accident because he was being chased by the FBI. Well...I just watched S1/E17 and in that episode Syd tells of how she had always thought Jack and Irina were in the car together when it crashed, but that she had found had out Irina was in the car alone.

Well, I guess we can't be right all the time.

Girlscout said...

I agree! I love coming back to see what ya'll are talking about. I try to dig around and find things Alias to write about, but its getting harder and harder. I promise to dig back into the DVD's once in awhile so we can rehash some of the glory days.

Thanks to all of you for keeping this site alive. 100 hits a day is pretty good for a blog about a show that went off the air a year ago. Bravo!

Page48 said...

Well, as if TV wasn't bad enough this year, the writers' strike is now on.

I read a comment last week suggesting that "Heroes" writers were already on strike. At least we now have Hiro and Sark out of the stone age and into some decent clothes. Sark now looks and sounds positively Sark-like. "Heroes" is still lacking the quality of last year, IMO, but hopefully momentum will build as the season wears on.

What seems like bad news (writers' strike) could end up being really bad news for American viewers, who may be subjected to Canadian filler TV (anybody up for some "Little Mosque on the Prairie" or "Da Kink In My Hair" or maybe some classic "Beachcombers"?). This is the equivalent of replacement players in the event of a Major League Baseball strike. Career minor leaguers getting a shot at the bigs.

Canadian TV is a fate worse than death and it could be coming to a flat-screen near you. As a card-carrying Canadian, I apologize in advance.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I was thrilled when Sark came back from "death". I'm so glad he's in modern times, still has his accent, and staying with the show! Plus, they've set up his character to be evil which is the sark we all know and love. Long live Alias!

Page, are those real tv shows in Canada or are you yanking our chains? "Little Mosque on the Prarie"? Really?

Page48 said...

bonkers, I kid you not.

This is another legacy of September 11, a politically correct piece of crap designed to convince us that radical Islam is our friend. If you watch "24", you'll recognize Morris (Chloe's husband) in this fiasco.

As if watching this revolting poop isn't bad enough, it's produced with MY FREAKING TAX DOLLARS. CBC being the public broadcaster, kinda like PBS in the US.

Page48 said...

Like Srg-Alias, I have been treated almost nightly to promos for Rachel Nichols' new movie "P2". Kind of interesting that it is a movie about a life threatening situation taking place in a parking garage, an experience not unfamiliar to "Alias" fans.

I visited the official website and read the description of the movie. Doesn't sound like slasher fare, more like psychological thriller where Rachel, trapped in said parking garage (P2), has to match wits with a demented wacko. If so, it might be entertaining. Sounds like more of an adrenaline rush that anything I've seen on "Bionic Woman" so far.

Page48 said...

Cut and paste is a Godsend for lazy buggers like me.

I fired off yet another BW rant on in response to a post regarding a TV Guide poll suggesting that 77% of respondents preferred Katee Sackhoff's Sarah Corvus character to Michelle Ryan's Jaime Sommers. TV Guide assured readers that KS would not be replacing MR anytime soon.

I continue to believe that people who focus on Katee vs. Michelle are missing the point, which prompted me to write this (for lack of anything better to do on a Tuesday night):

Nor should Sackhoff replace Ryan. BW’s problem is not Michelle Ryan, it’s writers’ block. Unless MR starts writing her own material, she (and the rest of the cast) is stuck with what they give her. So far, that would be lame-ass, unconnected, low-octane, zero-adrenaline, self-contained stories aimed at 12 year old girls with modest IQ’s.

Don’t replace MR with KS, replace the people who write these grade-school stories with someone who thinks BIG. There must me some out of work “Alias” writers out there somewhere on the picket line.

See how I worked "Alias" into the picture? I love hitting other people's blogs with the "Alias" message. Somebody's gotta do it.

birdietwoshoes said...

Nip/Tuck! Ugh! While channel flipping a long time ago, I stopped on the first 5 minutes of an episode. I was SHOCKED! I mean, hello! I had to A) Check the channel and B) Check the time. I thought, much like Chandler and Joey, that maybe we forgot to pay our cable bill and got free porn! I was literally dumbfounded that anything like that even airs on a channel you don't have to pay extra for!

In other news... Um... Spybaby is huge, walking, (sort of) talking and just the joy of my heart. And hey, GS, if you're still interested in making me a banner, I'll email you some new pics!

bristow24 said...

The first Nip/Tuck I saw was *young kids, cover your ears* a man giving a woman oral, sneezing, and breaking his nose (literally) inside her vagina. Maybe this makes me a terrible person, but I kept watching. It's a pretty well written show. Very entertaining, to say the least.

Page48 said...

Yeah, bristow24, I saw the same thing on "Gunsmoke" years ago. I can still see the look of disgust on Miss Kitty's face.

And, yes, it was Sweeps Week.

uncle111 said...

Yep. Certainly one that won't be on my watch list anytime soon.