Friday, August 17, 2007


You may all be familar with loyal LTA blogger, Uncle. He is one of my big commenters and he always gives great insight into episodes and theories. If you've been living in a bunker, you may be unaware that Uncle has been working on an Alias screenplay for months- months! He has been deligently researching and scrawling out new scenes and missions for an Alias mini-series.

Lucky for us- Uncle is going to share his material!! Starting August 27th, Uncle will be posting sections of his screenplay each Monday at 7pm PST. Just visit and you will recieve further instructions on how to view the readable version of the script. I have had the pleasure of reading the first section, and PEOPLE- its great!! I am so excited to read the rest. Uncle does a great job of setting the scene, using Alias flashbacks (a la JJ) and creating a new world which is very much the Alias of ole. I know you all will enjoy it.

Thanks to Uncle for taking the time to give the fans a little bit of what we've been missing. If we can create enough buzz, perhaps a few important eyes will be reading the script as well. Cross your fingers!!



Page48 said...

Sometimes when I'm on the golf course, I feel like I'm living in a bunker.

I'm starting to see Rachel in the "Resurrecting the Champ" promos, Samuel L. Jackson's latest. Haven't had a Rachel sighting since "she would have said yes". Also in the promo is a realllllly old looking Alan Alda. It's hard to connect the dots between Hawkeye and the current Alan Alda. How the heck did that happen?

uncle111 said...

Thanks for the plug, GS. And, BTW, I only sent you 1/2 of the first section I'm going to post. So, there'll be material on the 27th that will be new for you too.

Girlscout said...

Thanks Uncle. I can't wait!!

Page48 said...

Whilst we await the unveiling of uncle's "Alias" eppie 6.1, I will fire off a few thoughts on my viewing of the "Bionic Woman" pilot.

This, of course, was not the final cut, but the (intentionally??) leaked deaf sister version. Any number of a gazillion websites will give you a spoiler overdose, so I won't get into specifics here.

Unlike "Alias", which splurged for a 90 minute debut, BW has a standard 1 hour pilot. It was really just an introduction to the characters, and wasted little time in giving Jaime her bionic overhaul. It established the core group of good guys and bad guys, although several actors have been added since the pilot was filmed, including a different sis.

We don't really get much insight into what Jaime will be asked to do by her new masters, unlike "Alias", where Sydney's career was already well established when we met her.

Like Sydney, Jaime has to keep secrets about her new life. She appears to have fewer allies than Syd, apparently only her fiance (who gets shot, of course) and her sister. The rest of her fiance's bionics team seem to consider her extermination as a viable option, but I suspect that they will come to view her as indispensable.

The pilot lacks the kind of brilliant writing that "Alias" displayed right out of the gate, and because Jaime has yet to go on a mission of any sort, we don't know how much of a rush the action part of the show will be. It does not display the complexity that we saw in "Truth Be Told", no sign of double dealing or secret agendas. No sign of anyone working both sides of the street. Maybe these themes will be lurking in future eppies. The great rock video scenes that we always saw in "Alias" are absent. No Sinead O'Connor here. I'm of the opinion that a great soundtrack adds to the fun.

Several additional writers have already been announced, and there are some "X-Files" connections on board in behind-the-scenes capacities. On and off screen, there are any number of faces familiar to "Battlestar Galactica" fans.

"X-Files", IMO, did a great job combining self-contained eppies with the bigger story never far away, so hopefully that will be reflected here if these guys have any influence. Personally, I love the serial style, and what's better than a weekly cliffhanger?

For me, it's hard not to use "Alias" as the yardstick by which I measure new shows, but that attitude could easily leave me with nothing to watch, so I will put BW on my watch list this fall, and I will give it ample time to develop into the kind of show I believe it could be if handled properly.

uncle111 said...

I'll have to give BW a try.

I just saw the pilot of Burn Notice. It's not Alias, of course, but I really liked it. My brother has tapes of all the epi's so far and I'm going to watch them. Don't know if it will get old. As we know, Alias was far from getting old after 5 seasons, but then again, NOTHING is Alias.

srg-alias said...

looking forward to it Uncle! :)

Page48 said... is now fully functional, complete with scenes of Jen in action.

dlove said...

Looking forward to the Alias screenplay. I'm excited. I will definitely point any and all to it.

Thanks for the BW review. See I miss the serial aspect of shows. Alias really spoiled me because now I want to see it more than not.

Wasn't Rachel Nichols set to star in a pilot for Fox about a futuristic spy or something like that?

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I'ld love to hear your thoughts on Burn Notice. I've watched it every week since the debut and am really enjoying it. In fact, I think the writing is getting sharper. The action is definately increasing and although the Equalizer jobs continue, there is definately more continuity between episodes and that makes it more than just a action oriented series. I think the real stand out is the main actor and the lines his writers have given him. His delivery is right on and the male supporting actor is a perfect foil. I feel Burn Notice is still an undiscovered gem and I hope it doesn't go the way of other shows I've liked this well - down Canceled Avenue.

uncle111 said...

I'll let you know what I think after I see more episodes. I liked the pilot quite a bit.

Robetron said...

Bonkers and Uncle,

Based on your recommendations, I watched the Burn Notice episodes that have aired so far. I am completely with you. I think it is great. No, it is not the action/drama that Alias was, but I do not think that would be a fair comparison anyway, because Burn Notice was not intended to be similar.

Bonkers, you are so right. Burn Notice is the undiscovered Gem you described it to be. I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell anyway, but the main actor is great too. Some of the show may seem over-the-top, but thats one ofthe more charming attributes of the show. The more realistic approach to the "spy business" puts the amusing characters and clever dialogue so enduring.

For any fan of the spy aspect of ALIAS, I completely recommend Burn Notice. I have a new show, folks.


Bonkers for Bristow said...

Robetron and Uncle, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Have you noticed the running yogurt gag? I just picked up on it last episode. It seems that someone is being offered yogurt or talking about yogurt in each episode. It's subtle, but when Fiona asked the bond jumper if he wanted anything to drink, maybe a yogurt, last week it clicked. I'm interested to see how many ways they can throw the word yogurt into the script. I like to think that the writers meant for it to me a verbal "Where's Waldo". Things like that make the audiance feel like part of an insider club. Similar to the red wig on Alias.

Page48 said...

I'm obviously gonna have to get to work and download "Burn Notice" to get up to speed. Unfortunately, like "Damages", it doesn't air in my neck of the woods, but with the recommendation of hardcore "Alias" fans, I get the feeling I better get on it.

Let's not forget this was srg-alias's recommendation some time ago. Srg, have you been watching BN and if so, what's your take? GS, any thoughts?

uncle111 said...

In case we don't end up with a different thread devoted to this, in addition to other comments you have here are some questions I'd like to put forward:
1- Does the screenplay "sound" like Alias?
2- What stood out to you the most?
3- Did you get into the story?
4- How long did it take you to read this part of it?