Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Notes from Under the Telly


It's me, Girlscout (aka Kiki, as of late), your fearless (and exhausted) blog master. Long time!

Now that things are in a rhythm over at PTP (Primetime Princesses- and if you haven't check it out, gettcha ass over there!) I now have a little (a tad, a smiggen) of time to spend with my first love- Alias.

I popped in my Alias soundtracks yesterday morning (Sandy, they are coming, still sitting on my desk-damn it!) and relived every single one of my favorite scenes. I wanted to cry. It was the first time in a long time that I wanted to cry- or at least get angry about the cancellation. There were photos out and about on the internet of JG at the premiere of Hollywoodland (starring Mr. JG Ben Affleck. The movie is fab- go see it!) and I wanted to yell at them- at the pictures. I wanted to shake my fists and yell- WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? And, sadly, I see the commericals for Six Degrees and I want to kick the TV. Kick it. Because damn it, if JJ wasn't so busy mulling over new ideas for TV greatness, Alias would still be alive.

So, I have made a vow- I, Girlscout, hereby swear that I will spend my winter TV hiatus rewatching every season of Alias until I vomit tranq guns and comms, and until Rambaldi signs can be seen in my eyeballs.

I also swear to be more attentive to your needs, my little bloggies. I promise to post more often- even though technically LTA is on hiatus and I promise, promise, the minute I get my filthy, TV-loving-plot picking hands on my season 5 DVD, I will be back blogging like I have never blogged before!! I typed that all in one breathe! Phew!

So, I am back, and as you can see from the Screen Cap below, SRG is back as well. Long time my good friend. Long time. I was beginning to think perhaps you, too had been cancelled.

TA TA for now! ~GS


Page48 said...

Go ahead and kick that TV, GS. You have every right.

You and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to JJ's What About Bozo, but honestly, GS, what self-respecting TV genius would spend his free time mulling over a new creation about this most unremarkable Brian dude, to the everlovin' detriment of the best show EVER, which we all know to be Alias?

That's like Leo Da Vinci quitting halfway through painting The Last Supper so that he can focus his brain cells on developing his latest idea...Dogs Playing Poker.

Kick that TV, GS. Let that anger out. Remember, Elvis shot his TV and nobody ever held that against him. Who knows what set him off! All we know for sure is that it wasn't JJ's neglect of Alias.

What's it all about, JJ, quantity or quality??? I guess we have our answer.

uncle111 said...

One BIG amen!!

lhaaheim said...

Yeah GS is back!!! Whoo!

I say we plan a road trip and head over to the ABC offices and do some kicking and smashing there!!! (Just kidding!)

page 48- "That's like Leo Da Vinci quitting halfway through painting The Last Supper so that he can focus his brain cells on developing his latest idea...Dogs Playing Poker." - You are so awesome! Where do you come up with this stuff!!! Too funny!

Oh I'm feeling the JJ resentment but I still feel it came down to ABC cutting the season short! I can live with Alias ending with five seasons but I'm heartbroken by the shafted ending we received! Stupid alphabet!


srg-alias said...

Yes I was happy the other day when I attempted to load this lovely blog at work and it actually loaded properly (since the music videos were taken off), silly Macs... Anywho, I'm happy to be back as well and hope to contribute articles ocassionally, and hopefully, not post anymore duplicate pics. :) I understand about wanting to kick the TV, it's pretty irritating that JJ left this fantastic show in the dust while trying to make bigger and better things. As I'm rewatching all the seasons again I keep seeing more inconsistancies with the storyline in how the show ended and long for the awesome ending the show SHOULD have had. Ah well, thank goodness for the DVDs. BTW, page48 you crack me up!!

Kiki said...

Liz- You have to look at it like this- If JJ had stayed with the show (put in the effort to either finish it properly or continue with new content) ABC wouldn't have had to cut the show down to 17 episodes. We have to be realistic and honest with ourselves- the numbers for Alias went down after season 2- ABC had to pick up the slack, they had to go back to the drawing board and really they did JJ a favor (and us) by allowing Alias to stay on the air longer than it should have. It's a great show, we love it, but it didn't appeal to a wide audience and its hard to keep those shows on the air.

Page- Don't even start with me on What About Brian? I love it like I used to love the OC, as a guilty pleasure. The characters are fun, the content is so very Felicity, which I love and it's JJ's, so back off! Oh and by the way, your comment on the PTP blog about the Andy Griffith show had Amanda and I rolling!

bonkers for bristow said...

I do not trust JJ anymore.

There. I said it. I used to think he was pure gold. He created Alias and then Lost. But I soon realized that he was a fair-weather friend. As soon as Lost became a phenomenon, it was "Alias who?"

Then he went on to MI3 and another tv series. Where was he when Alias started to founder in the ratings? Did he keep an eye on what the writers were doing or did he choose the path to more fame and fortune? I say he sold out! Dance with the one who brought you, JJ! If he hadn't been gallavanting around with Tom Cruise and spitting out series ideas, he could have given us a kick-a@@ 5th season. AND a finale we could be proud of.

I say, "Brian who?"!

Kiki said...

Oh Bonkers!

dlove said...

Yay for winter haitus! Aww, what can I say about JJ. He created Alias and I'm not going to ever forget that.

lhaaheim said...

Oh I agree that JJ is to blame too but even if he had been there ABC still could have cut the season down.