Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Still Addicted And Proud Of It by SRG

Hello my fellow Alias Addicts! As GS stated in one of the article comments yup, I'm still alive. :) For those of you who just started posting in the last couple months and don't recognize my name, I've been a poster and follower of this blog since its birth but got a new job a couple months ago and haven't been able to post at work. I just wanted to personally thank GS for all her hard work and keeping Alias alive for all of us. I will regularly check back in on our beloved blog while it's "napping" as I'm sure many of us will and look forward to new discussions in the fall. I hope everyone has a great rest of their summer and happy blogging in the mean time!


lonzi21 said...

I can't believe the blog will be on hiatus. Although I rarely post, I do visit here regularly. Thank you GS, Jenn, SRG, and anyone else who has contributed to the blog...and of course to all of the lovely bloggers!
I am also addicted, so I created a farewell Alias video...you can check it out here :)


coup said...

Here, here. My Let's Talk Alias journey has been quite the weird one also, where i was constantly up to date with things for a couple of months, but after season 5 finished, all that effort unfortunately went into the Let's Get Lost blog, as i couldn't keep up to date with the re-watching of other seasons. I just recently got the season 3 dvd's though, and i must say, those audio commentaries are really awesome. I'll have to rent the other seasons just to watch those, and the other extraS.

Anyway, thank you very much to all you fellow blogees for making the couple of months i was actively posting, very fun. As SRG said, i'll definitely be at the Let's Get Lost blog, and of course i'll be looking out for Primetime Princesses, as me being at the other end of the world ain't a hinderance at all with the internet and torrents.

Page48 said...

Is that a gun in Sydney's hand or is she just happy to see me?

lhaaheim said...

Even on this great day of blogger sadness page48 still makes me laugh! :-)