Tuesday, August 08, 2006


OH GAWD, I miss you all already!! I have been tearing up at all your thank you's and all of your sad words!! NO TEARS! And no fear- I am still here. The blog is not going away! We are going to make it through this hiatus, just like we made it through JG's maternity leave. We can do this! We can do this!!!



lhaaheim said...

We love you too but lets' call it a semi- hiatus or part time hiatus or a nap like SRG did! The blog's not off the air just a little quieter! Right????

Anyway we all have to share blame in the fact that things have been quite except for the big Rambaldi discussion a while ago but blogs usually are in the summer since activates increase. Maybe this is a blog vacation? I just hate the word hiatus! It bugs me!!!

So if I understand GS right then we can send her stuff or topics and news to post so everyone start thinking and be on the lookout for something noteworthy or recap one of your favorite episodes! I think most of us have relied on GS so much when we could have been more active in initiating discussion as well.

Okay I’ve rambled enough but I just can’t loose this blog! It’s the best blog ever! Active for not I’m still checking everyday!!!

Proud Addict of Let’s Talk Alias!!!

lhaaheim said...

Ugh this is sad! :-( It feels like loosing Alias all over again! Like it's the end of an era!!! I need the DVDs now!

Kiki said...

You are not losing me. Send me all you want. I will post it. We will be back in full force in November!

dlove said...

Alias fans are familiar with waiting. Just come back. See you full-time in November.