Sunday, August 06, 2006

Season 4 Favorite Winners

Not to many picks turned in for this season, but there are still plenty of favorite moments. Here we go...

Fight Sequence: Anna Espinoza and Sydney in the ladies boutique.
GS's pick: Agreed. Awesome fight! I loved the background music "Making Whoopie" hahahaha!

Marshall Gadget: The radio he constructed to locate Sydney when she was buried alive in Cuba.
GS's pick: I loved the brain wave downloading gadget that McCullough constructed to give the Sloane Clone all of Sloane's memories.

Father/Daughter Moment: In Nocturne, when Sydney is hearing things- in the van with her father, she asks him to tie her down. She hears him saying horrible things and she she begins crying.
GS's pick: YES! I love love love this scene. The whole episode!! I love it because it shows us what Sydney is scared of. SOOOOO good! I also like the scene when Sydney plays Laura Bristow and Jack sits down to play the piano with little Sydney.

Song: Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan from the season finale
GS's pick: World's On Fire by Sarah McLaclan from the season opener when Vaughn comes to see Sydney for the first time. I also love Mazzy Star's Fade into You, in the bar scene with Vaughn and Kiera McLean/Megan Keene. Oh, and Cat Stevens The Wind, when Vaughn hugs Sydney in the corridor.

Tear-jerker Moment: "You may not see me on your wedding day, but I will see you." Irina to Sydney in Svogda.
GS's pick: Vaughn (alias- The Priest) telling Dr. McLean about the secrets of his past while Sydney listened on the other end.

Villian: Elena Derevko
GS's pick: I agree. Greatest villian. Evil to the core and I love how her cover was as Nadia's care-giver.

Sydney/Vaughn Moment: Vaughn tells "their" engagement story to the car salesman in Liberty Village.
GS's pick: In Nocturne, Vaughn comes up on a crying Sydney who thinks she might have killed her father. She turns the gun on Vaughn and tells him she is scared that he will betray her again.

Favorite Line: "Uh, Syd, Sloane's here." -Marshall
GS's pick: Sydney says something to Sloane about being evil and turning over a new leaf is "all the rage." I love some of her cheap shots at Sloane.

Funny Moment: One word- spork. HAHAHAHA
GS's pick: I agree! So funny!

Favorite Alias: Claudia Maria Vasquez DeMarco
GS's pick: Um, you all know I loved me some Claudia Maria. So good, soo funny, loved the accent and hello- Marshall as Leon Frost was fab.

Mission: Liberty Village
GS's pick: The sister mission in which Nadia and Sydney pose as Denada and Felicia is the greatest mission of all time. "Doesn't she have any friends to tell her she looks like trash?"

Sloane Moment: Jack punches him in the face in Svogda after he meets them down at the train station.
GS's pick: I love all his memories in the Dream episode. I love when he sits down face to face with the Clone.

Jack Moment: Jack says to Elena, after she says he won't inject her the tainted water, "I didn't used to be, but it's been a rather interesting year for me. It's made me re-evaluate certain aspects of my life. I'm trying to have more fun."
GS's pick: I just loved Jack when he was sick and vulnerable and when he told Laura/Sydney that he was quitting to spend more time with his daughter.

Favorite Cliffhanger: DUH! "First off, my name is not Michael Vaughn." Huh? What? ALL TIME GREATEST MOMENT OF ALL TIME ALIAS EVER IN THE WORLD.

Guest Star: Sonia Braga as Elena Derevko
GS's pick: I agree. Heart Sonia Braga.

Weiss Line: Nadia says that she likes his smile and he replies, "This one, right here?" She says yes and he says "How red is my face right now?"
GS's pick: Weiss says something about Nadia's accent being amazing and that she said something about him being a big spoonful of ice cream.

Blooper: Melissa George surprising the cast.
GS's pick: Jennifer and Victor have a hard time finishing a long scene, constantly laughing and breaking character. I also like the scene that Mia Maestro and Jennifer have a hard time not laughing.

OKAY- this is it, the final season. Send in your season 5 favorite picks to me by Friday and I will post the winners. Come on ya'll this is the last season, lets get everyone to turn in their picks!


jenn256 said...

sorry I didn't send in any picks, I was out of town and didn't get to check in. But I agree with most of the choices, but especially Claudia Maria VasqueZ DeMarco. Loved, loved the accent!

And the scene with Jack and Syd in Nocturne was amazing! Such great acting with such great emotion.

kellie said...

It's so sad when you don't get your picks in on time : (

I would have picked those picks too. After watching Season 4 a few more times I actually really liked it. It's different, but different is good.

Are we going to vote on all the seasons together when we get through 5 (top picks against eachother)?

Anonymous said...

I also love the blooper of Melissa George scaring the crap out of the cast! Totally funny. And I also like Felicia & Denada, they made such a good team.

uncle111 said...

So, when are we going to put together a video of Favorite_____ Scenes? By character and type of scene- multiple scenes per category not only allowed, but preferred.

sandi/juliansark1 said...

I always thought Season 4 was my least favorite, mainly because of the big red ball, but I actually love quite a few of these episodes! It was hard to choose between some of the moments!

Anonymous said...

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