Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Scene Cap of the Moment

Something smells fishy.

Oooh, the cool, calm Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon. Love him! Here, Dixon is learning the truth about SD-6. I remember being so tense during this scene; Sydney screaming at him to believe her, to save Jack. I wanted to scream at him too!

I don't think we give Dixon enough credit. Sometimes we question his actions, like they he didn't tell Sydney he knew about her missing years. But, the man was lied to, lost his wife and had his kid kidnapped. Dixon's had it rough. In the end, he stayed loyal to both his country and Sydney! (I melted when Izzy called him Uncle Dixon! Soooo cute!) I think he would be great in a spin-off... um, whatever happened to the idea that Dixon was bad? Hmmm... I thought that idea was kinda fun!


lhaaheim said...

*sigh* Oh Dixon, the world's best partner and friend! I too loved Izzy little "Uncle Dixon" squeal! Too cute!

I never liked the idea of Dixon being evil, it felt wrong. A spin-off would be great but he was and should always be a moral and truthful man. Except for the lying he must do for spying. :-)

I still love my idea of Weiss being evil though! All along it was our best pal Weiss who was pulling the masterful strings of evilness throughout the CIA and APO!!! That would have been a kick ass way for Greg's character to end! So unexpected and shocking!

dlove said...

"Oooh, the cool, calm Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon. Love him!"

Me too! He was without a doubt Syd's best partner/mentor and after the fall of sd-6 and the changes in her life, it just wasn't the same. Why couldn't they give us more of that?

lhaaheim said...

Just wanted to say that I don't think Dixon's hotness is appreciated enough by the fans. He gets shadowed by the hotness of Vaughn, Weiss and Marshall! If I were older I would think Dixon was very good looking and sexy! Alas, I’m young therefore it’s all about Vaughn!

dlove said...

I'm young and Dixon is still hot! I was always attracted to his loyality. I agree with you. He was underappreciated.

Love that scene with Dix behind bars and telling Lindsay off. I think JG said in the commentary how great Carl looked in that scene.

Kiki said...

She also mentioned that Carl likes to do scenes where he is in jail or someone is in jail. He likes the restraint.

srg-alias said...

That's a great screenshot GS, I love how he's completely overwhelmed with what Syd is telling him about SD-6, but even in his shock when she pleads for him to listen to her he nods in agreement. The man has just had his whole world turned upsidedown by the truth, yet he's still able to remain grounded and listen to his most trusted ally, may we all have friends like that!

Page48 said...

Dixon is a dedicated, patriotic American stud. If you're going to war with the baddies, you want Dixon on your team.

Today, I watched the 1st Episode of Season 2, where Dixon reported Syd's supposedly dodgy activities to Sloane, in particular recounting his memory of Syd using the name Freelancer (not Bluebird) when calling for help while a freshly shot Dixon was drifting in and out of consciousness and bleeding all over the desert. What surprised me after watching this episode for the first time in ages was how quickly the Freelancer/Bluebird issue was tossed aside. No grilling of Sydney, no quality time with McCullough.

Considering Sloane already had suspicions of his own about the possibility of Sydney being a switch-hitter, I found it unlikely that he would let the Freelancer thing slide. Jack delivered his usual masterful performance in explaining to Sloane how Dixon came to discover Sydney in diving gear late at night, but that did nothing to address the Freelancer issue.

Or, maybe I missed something, since I was watching at "work".

srg-alias said...

regarding freelancer for page48, I'm pretty sure Sloane asks Jack directly if he gave Syd the codename of freelancer and Jack says yes, so I think that's why he didn't question it more.

Page48 said...

Thanks,srg-alias, I am going to have to "rewind" and watch that scene again.