Monday, August 14, 2006


Here they are, your final season favorites. After reading all the entries, I realized, there were plenty of solid scenes- they were just far between. Enjoy!!

Favorite Fight Sequence: Sydney and Irina in the finale.
GS’s pick: Um, hello, Ana Espinoza on the train- it was Syd’s big return!

Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget: “Charlotte” the spider camera
GS’s pick: I know it’s not really a gadget, but he dummied up the dice so that Sydney could go into the casino and cheat.

Favorite Father/Daughter Moment: Jack’s goodbye to Sydney
GS’s pick: When Sydney tells him that it’s been hard without Vaughn and he offers to go with her to her doctor’s appointment. Oh, and his face when Sydney tells him she's pregnant.

Favorite Song: Dirty Little Secret, Vaughn’s funeral
GS’s pick: Elton John, Jack’s puts together the baby’s crib.

Favorite Tear-jerker Scene: Jack’s death
GS’s pick: Oh, lord, when Sydney plays the recording of Vaughn’s voice for the baby.

Favorite Villain: Irina Evil Mama
GS’s pick: Tie- Ivan Curtis, Gordon Dean and Sloane

Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment: In bed with Baby Iz.
GS’s pick: In the car, when they talk about the baby, before Vaughn gets offed.

Favorite Line: “Dad, was that…?” “A giggle, yes. Apparently I’m funny.” -Jack
GS’s pick: Hahahaha, Sark tells Rachel, while he is handcuffed to a bomb that “I like my body and if my memory serves, so do you….” HAHAHAHA I love Sark! Where is his spin-off?

Favorite Funny Moment: Will’s reaction to the bomb in this head- “Syd, my head is beeping!”
GS’s pick: When Sydney speaks broken Americanized French to the French Ambassador.

Favorite Sydney Alias: Passion Perfume Southern Belle
GS’s pick: Ohh, when she wears the beautiful green sari- she tells the guard that he better move or she will go tell the Generals fiancĂ© about “their baby.” HAHAHA

Favorite Mission (Solo or Group): Saving Sydney from the barge (breaking into the CIA).
GS’s pick: SpyFam together again at the bank, and the birth of Baby Izzy.

Favorite Sloane Scene: His showdown with Nadia.
GS’s pick: When Sloane returns to the dark side after Nadia’s death and he has that voice-over narration when boarding the plane.

Favorite Jack Scene: BLOWING UP SLOANE! (It was unanimous!)
GS’s pick: Tie- when he holds his granddaughter for the first time and when he blows the cave burying himself and Sloane. Ooooh, and when he slices off DiSantas' ear! Good scene!

Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger: Irina behind the glass!
GS’s pick: I agree. I nearly peed myself I couldn't even believe it! I think my friend jumped in my lap!

Favorite Baby Moment: In bed with Mommy and Daddy.
GS’s pick: Totally the cutest thing ever- Izzy on the dryer and Sydney trying to convince her to take a nap.

Favorite Sydney Dream Hallucination Scene: At the pier- tossing the cell into the water, twice!
GS’s pick: Blood Van! Sydney was bawling and it was like she actually realized how far they had come, all the work they had done.

Favorite New Character: Renee Rienne
GS’s pick: Can I say Baby Izzy?

Favorite Call Back to Past Seasons: Anna Espinoza kisses the glass on the train.
GS’s pick: After Sydney leaves her ultrasound; she gets into her car with a picture of her baby. It is a call back to the pilot, when Sydney gets in the car and SD-6 comes after her in the parking garage. In that one moment, I thought for sure Sydney and baby would come into the cross hairs of P5.

So, that's it folks. All our favorites. If I have time, I will compile a list of the favorites in each category from each season and we can have an All Time Favorite vote. Stay tuned...


Dark Alias said...

awsome picks, just awsome.

sandi/juliansark1 said...

I can't wait for the DVDs to watch them all again!

Tammy said...

Wow - I just couldn't enter my picks for this season because I couldn't remember well enough! I cannot wait to re-watch these once the DVD's come out. I think there is LOTS I missed!!

Page48 said...

Hey GS, I have to go along with the crowd re: Father/Daughter Moment being Jack's goodbye to Sydney. As viewers, we may be more affected by other moments, but you can be sure that Sydney will remember forever that last glance of her father nodding to her, giving her permission to let go of him and go on with her life.

A few years ago, I visited my father in the hospital, with no idea that he would die the next day. When we ran out of things to talk about (which never took us very long), I quietly excused myself, touched his shoulder and said "I'll see ya later", but I never did. There was nothing extraordinary or dramatic about that moment (as there was with Jack and Syd) but I know I'll remember it long after many more meaningful exchanges are forgotten.

While Syd will remember many things about Jack, that very last moment will be framed like a Rembrandt in her memory for the rest of her life...or at least I reckon.

lhaaheim said...

Wow great picks! A bunch of great ones I didn't even think about! Now I'm conflicted and question all the things I picked!!!! Though here are some that I loved that were not on the list:

Favorite Fight Sequence- Sydspinoza and Vaughn

Favorite Father/Daughter Moment- When Jack is saying goodbye and sends Syd to get Irina or after the baby is born, Syd and Jack on the plane and Syd says "Dad" and he knows to contact Vaughn and let him known he has a daughter.

Favorite Song- Syd and Vaughn's SD6 kiss song that plays on the roof after Irina falls while Vaughn hugs Syd. It also plays during Syd's dreamy halluncinations but very slowly and softly in the background.

Favorite Line- Marshall "I knew it"!

Favorite Funny Moment- Dixon tells Syd she waddles or leu d'passion girl or Will freaking out about the bomb in his head.

Favorite Mission (Solo or Group)- Each member taking pictures of P5, Syd as waitress, Marshall in the steam room etc.

Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger- Vaughn dying

Favorite Sydney Dream Hallucination Scene- The beach scene at the end!

Favorite New Character- Sydspinoza or Peyton!

GS- Oh the doctor’s appointment! I forgot about that! That was so sweet! And putting the crib together! Oh and I agree about playing the tapes of Vaughn for unborn Izzy! That totally got me! Oh and the dryer and "apparently I'm funny"! Izzy really was the best new character!


lhaaheim said...

So true Page48, so true! I'm very sorry for your loss, I feel the same about my grandfather and great grandmother. I won't ever forget the last time I was with them.

sandi/juliansark1 said...

GS, we should start a 'Sark spin-off' petition. That would be an awesome show. All he needs is a Sydney-like nemesis dedicated to catching him, and it will make for great stories.

I miss Sark! Loved him in the "Bob" episode and the finale...Sark and his 500$ shoes.

Kiki said...

Sandi- as weak as I thought Rachel was, she and Sark have the same sexual tension,(well more sexual tension) than Sydney and Sark had. She would be a great addition to a spin off.

lhaaheim said...

I agree a Rachel and Sark spinoff would be great! It should invovle Peyton as well! Oh and Marshall can be Rachel's sidekick!!! Of course there would have to be the occasional apperance of Dixon, Weiss Syd, Vaughn etc. Oh Kendall coming back would be awesome! Heck I just want Alias back!

lhaaheim said...

The start of Alias season 6:

Alias music playing...In white lettering on black background "Just Kidding!" Then we see a montage of Syd and everyone as the credits and theme continue.

It picks up after hiatus and everything is different and amazing and we have even more Alias. Oh like an alternative ending but a whole season of it!!!!! :-D

Kiki said...

I think there should be a spin-off with Rachel and Dixon. Kevin Weisman, who played Marshall, has already stated that he would not reprise his role as Marshall. He is ready to move on.

I think the show should be called APO and it would be new fun characters going after Sark.

sandi/juliansark1 said...

Let's call JJ and get this going! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, a Sark spin-off! I would totally watch that! I too loved the Bob episode, Rachel & him had good chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Better than the "chemistry" she & Thomas Grace had.

uncle111 said...

No spin offs! Bring Alias back!!!