Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Uncle's Question of the Day

In S1/E4 Sloane tells someone at SD-6 that his last 10 years Rambaldi worked on a single project. We assume it was his endgame/Horizon/Sphere of Life/Immortality, and whatever would make that possible. What were the clues Sloane was tracking down to discover what Rambaldi's endgame was or how it was to be achieved? Can we list the Rambaldi inventions, documents and prophecies, etc. in the order they were revealed in a way that we can see the bread crumbs along the path they were leading us down? What do these things, and the order they were brought into the show, tell us about Rambaldi and his endgame?

To get the ball rolling- we first see the Mueller Device and then- the golden sun map Sydney finds in Malaga (after a fight with Ana), which fits into the Rambaldi clock. Next...


carley said...

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Robetron said...

I think the clock had to come before the Golden Sun, and the "machine code" came around the same time. They had to get the sabataged case, and then the key. K-Directorate got the case, Sydney got the key. I think the completed machine code led to the location of the Golden Sun. (Or was it the music box? What was encoded in the music again?)

The Golden Sun and the clock became a star-chart that led to the undeground cavern where the Rambadli Manuscript was discovered containing the infamous Page 47.

After that, it gets murky, because things just pop up that are already in people's possession. The Ampule that revealed Page 47 was already in the SD-6 vault, but thanks to a failed robbery attempt, the CIA obtained it.

Then for a while, it was all about "Where's my mom?!" ...and, "It wasn't me who killed those agents; it was your mother." In looking for clues, Syd was sent to destroy the Mueller divice that "The Man" built. It was toxic, Vaughn was saved, "mom" turned herself in to the CIA, Arvin's death was exaggerated, Emily's death was exaggerated, the Alliance was destroyed, Syd and Vaughn were "together," blah, blah blah. Meanwhile, back in the rotunda, "Mom" managed to manipulate herself into going on a mission, where they found a flower that was 500 years extinct, supposedly preserved by Rambadli.

Now, having the trust of the CIA a little better, Irena schemes to find a Rambaldi manuscript with Jack, which she steals while be extracted by Sloane. We are told of a bunch of Rambaldi artifacts, but not where they were obtained or how they fit together, only that it took a precise magnetic messuring device and a genious mathmetician to put them together.

I may have bungled this up or forgotten things, so I will defer to others to add or help from here.

Kiki said...

Check this link out, towards the bottom is a list of Rambaldi artifacts-

uncle111 said...

What I've seen so far on a rewatch of S1:
1-Oscar Mueller (started Prophet 5 Project and later Prophet 5) drew up plans for what became the Mueller Device based on Rambaldi's writing. Killed in E1.
2- Syd finds a miniature Mueller Device in China. She later steals it and gives it to Sloane.
3- The binary code written by Rambaldi which leads them to the polymer sun disk in a 500 year old church.
4- Mention of Rambaldi writings that contain a list of part numbers for advanced technology parts that weren't made until recent times.
5- Mention of a transistor design in Rambaldi's writings.
6- The 500 year old polymer sun disk.

uncle111 said...

7- Dinato clock
8- 500+ year old G. Donato, who had to fix the clock before it would work and be killed.
9- Donato's blood being sprayed on Syd's skin.

Was there something in Donato's blood that kept him alive for 500 years that needed to be absorbed into Syd's system?

Kiki said...

Interesting idea Uncle. Very Rambaldi of you.... wait a minute...are you Rambaldi?

uncle111 said...

Truth takes time, my dear. Truth takes time.