Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rambaldi was right?

I was scanning an older post- the one titled "Eternal Life" and I was blown away by Lhaaheim's find about the prophecy and it's relation to the finale. She found these answers on Wikipedia. Thanks Liz!!

Here is what she wrote:

The prophecy applied to the Alias storyline: "This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks. Signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works. Bind them with fury, a burning anger unless prevented at vulgar cost this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation."

Sydney possessed unseen marks in her gift for three dimensional problem solving, which may fulfill the spirit of the prophecy. The letter is fulfilled by three actual physical anomalies mentioned by Rambaldi that Sydney possessed: DNA sequencing; platelet levels; and the size of her heart. At SD-6 she was directly responsible for bringing forth the works of Rambaldi by collecting them for both SD-6 and the CIA. Jump to the series finale where the culmination of collecting the Rambaldi artifacts (binding Rambaldi's works) has led Arvin Sloane and Sydney to a face-off. After Jack Bristow is shot by Arvin Sloane, Sydney displays a "burning anger" by brutally shooting Arvin Sloane. This sequence of events triggers "the greatest power" storyline.

The greatest power which Sloane and Irina Derevko are both seeking is that of immortality. The greatest power is "rendered unto utter desolation" because it is forever lost. Arvin is trapped forever in Rambaldi's tomb under rock and Derevko dies while trying to retrieve the last remains of the "greatest power" contained within the Horizon device.

Sydney unfortunately had pretense in climbing the Mt. Subasio in an effort to disprove she was the Chosen One. In the end, Rambaldi accurately predicted that Sydney would ensure his greatest work of immortality would never be used again. However, in the series finale Sydney and Sloane go inside a cave in Mt. Subasio, Sloane is in possession of a Rambaldi artifact (the amulet), moments later the sun rises and shines through a hole in the cave's wall. When the rays of sunshine hit the necklace it reflects something in the wall, but before Sydney is able to see what it is, Sloane shoots the ground around her and she falls... by doing this the prophecy is fulfilled: "never having seen the beauty of my sky behind Mt. Subasio"... with "the beauty of my sky" he referred to what the sun rays would reveal, and "behind Mt. Subasio" meant inside the cave.

Awesome Lhaaheim!


RUDY said...

I must have missed that post. But wow. What a great post. It definitely gives me some ground to run on and some notions to reconsider. Thanks for bring the post to light GS.

lhaaheim said...

Woah settle down now GS, I guess you missed the part where I said I got that from Wikipedia. It’s true that this is what I’ve been thinking of all along and have been posting bits and pieces of. However when I came across the Wikipedia page I was like, wow they put all my thoughts together for me!!! So credit belongs to them. :-)

Kiki said...

Oh, well, we never would have found it, if it wasn't for you. I will give them a shout out too! Thanks!

Kiki said...

I suppose I caught some aspects of what Lhaaheim said, but don't insult my intelligence and the intelligence of the others here, thank you. If you hadn't noticed, Alias packs a punch of ambiguious information. I have yet to watch the finale again, so I didn't get to truly focus on all the little details, especially the prophecy part.

I was focused on the prophecy as already being proven wrong by Sydney and her seeing Mt. Subasio. I think I circled around the concept, but I didn't really understand it until I saw Liz's post.

Daniel said...


Nice extended summary.

Yeah, I thought the summary on Wiki was cute and as well! :)

I still believe through Conrad, The Rose and Clockmaker that Rambaldi orchestrated these events fully aware that Sydney was in his corner fighting the bad guys and equipped to save the day! Time Travel or not :)
In some ways Sydney is as much a source of specific info as Sloane, apart from the end where Rambaldi through the Rose predicted Sloane's attainment of immortality as upstoppable. This as it turns out via Sydney's burning rage.

I'm really intrigued by Rambaldi's obvious affection and respect for Sydney. I mean he painted a huge portrait of her on his cell wall, and page 47 was flattering as well!!!

Roll on the eventual Alias movie/ sequel. JJ we want some more cohesive if still slightly ambiguous answers!

Kiki said...

Right Daniel, it's kinda of cool to look out how Rambaldi viewed Sydney. Why her? Because she's determined, cares about others, wants peace and justice and her fighting skills are stellar- in order to fight off the baddies of course.

Kiki said...

I would like you all to know that someone posted something very rude under the name Anonymous.

I deleted their comment because I found it very insulting. One- it was very immature. They posted about how stupid I and other fans are because we didn't automatically catch on to some of what Lhaaheim posted and two- they did it in a foreign language-Norwegian. What a coward to post something like that anonymously and to do it in a language most bloggers don't read is childish- if you have something to say, then buck up!

I am sorry, but comments like that are not welcome here.

darkalias47 said...

yup. i love wiki because its so up todate and really smart people work with it. That summary puts everything about ramabldi's prophecy into work and and explains all of it, good find.

lhaaheim said...

Good call GS, if someone can't express themselves in a mature manor, in a common language, and without insult then it does not need to be here at all. If someone’s not happy about something then by all means share but don’t be a baby about it. :-)

The following is what I had previously posted along with the info on wikipedia, I just thought I would post it here as well since it’s related and it’s a little buried in the other topic.

“I have a theory about Rambaldi’s symbol <0>. Since I don’t believe a word that Irina has said these past few years, I’m not sure anymore that it’s about the chosen one and the passenger. I think it has a greater meaning representing the battle between good and evil and how at times the whole world can hang in its balance. If Syd hadn’t stopped Irina I’m almost certain she would have done great damage to the world and knowing her, wouldn’t stop until was dead. Additionally according to Rambaldi Syd was the only one who could “render the greatest power unto utter desolation”, which would be Irina and Sloane. Syd took care of Irina and Jack disabled Sloane for a while at least. Syd or Izzy will have to take care of Sloane once and for all at some point.”

uncle111 said...

I have a feeling that Sloane will be back, that there are more Rambaldi prophesies to be discovered, and that some of what were supposed to be Rambaldi's prophesies were actually forgeries by someone as old as Rambaldi, but done in modern times.

Anonymous said...


If you by any means were insulted with what I wrote, that was not my intention. I just found it remarkable that you, with all your knowledge about ALIAS, didn't catch the part about Mt.Subasio, which I thought was quite obvious . Maybe that is one of the reasons you found the finale so disappointing, you didn't have the time to focus on all the details.

Did you really think that my post was that bad and rude? Well, I guess I owe you an apology then. I'm sorry.

Maybe I'm just too used to people insulting each other and being sarcastic, I dont know. But I do live in Sweden so I guess that explains it.

"Hi, my name is Inga. I come from Sweden. I have a blue dog and I am a viking!"

PS: If I insulted you in any way, I must say you actually insulted me as well! You said that what I wrote was in Norweigen, which sort of was implying on me being one. That is not exactly a compliment! ;) DS.

Kiki said...

Sorry DS- I thought it was Swedish (I have a very good friend who is Swedish). Darn translater. I suppose I could blame the translater, but I found it rude that you would post such comments (which included the words stupid and slow)in a foreign language. And while I do know more than the average fan about all things Alias, I am not a genius and some things are lost on me. As I mentioned, I had forgotten about the prophecy because I believed Sydney had already proven it wrong. It didn't apply it to the scene in the cave.

I don't know why you would be used to people being insulting and rude here- I think we all generally have respect for one another here and if things get heated it is always resolved quickly. Please refrain from typing in Swedish- I just like to know what is being said on the blog. Thanks for apologizing and I apologize for the Norweign comment.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't indicating that people are being rude and sarcastic here on this blog in particular, but on the net in general. But that is not an excuse.

When I wrote that previous post I had just been in an extremely annoying discussion about the finale with a person, who didn't quite understand everything, or anything. I was irritated and tired when I read your post and could not understand why so many people(not you in particular) had a hard time to understand it. I know that is not an excuse either but it's my explanation.

In fact, those "slow" and "stupid"-comments were not directed towards you in particular, but at Alias-fans in general. I just had to get rid of my frustration in some way and I guess I kind of used your blog in that purpose. Then again, that is not an excuse. Sorry.


Kiki said...

Well, we are all good here Andreas. Thank you for your explanation. I know it can get frustrating, especially over the internet with no voice or context. And I will be the first to admit that there are some rather "not-in-the-know" fans out there. I mean, the ABC board was full of them.

I hope you have recognized that we have some very smart people in here- very smart. We can look at the biggest picture or the smallest detail. We all have different levels of understanding, and the point of the blog is to help each other see and explain. I wanted to share my knowledge and now I am learning from everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Raven Simone

uncle111 said...

I just posted a comment under the Eternal Life article. The article is old enough I know it might get passed over, but I'd to have some of you read it and comment.

lhaaheim said...

Some blogs have a little section on their side bar that shows when past topics have been updated with new comments. I wonder if we could get something like that. GS, does Blogger have anything like that? It would be nice to know when new comments are added so we don't have to check the topics or try to remember what comment number they were at the day prior. Plus it would give people who posted late in a topic a chance to have their thoughts read.

Kiki said...

I wish that blogger had that feature, but they don't. I used to have little e-mail warnings sent to me when comments are made, but then my e-mail box get jammed packed with e-mails.

lhaaheim said...

Is there a way to give feedback to Blogger? I’ve been looking but can’t find a contact us section or anything. I’d like to suggest to them the addition of that feature.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the "utter desolation" part of the prophecy applied perfectly to how Sloan ended up. definition for desolation: "The state of being abandoned or forsaken; loneliness"

What I don't understand is why Sloan told Syd that Rimbaldi said she wasn't allowed to see what the amulet was going to reveal on Mt. Subasio and then proceeded to stop her from seeing it. I interpreted this statement by Sloan as referencing the prophecy, but in not letting her see what was revealed he was in effect ensuring that the prophecy would come to pass...

lhaaheim said...

Great info anonymous! Thanks for posting that definition! :-D