Thursday, June 01, 2006

24 Blog

Blogger Sidewinder e-mailed me a few days ago, asking if I was still planning on starting a 24 blog. As much as I would love to dive into a new show and a new blog- I am one busy girl. Too busy! It's a struggle to keep up with the three shows and the three blogs I have already!! So, I suggested that Sidewinder take a crack at the blogging thing- and he took my advice. Please, take a gander at the Bauer Platoon!

Nice work Sidewinder!


Dark Alias said...

hey, i've never really got into 24, but i hear its good. what time does it come on and what season are they in?

sidewinder said...

Mondays at 9/8c
and now it's going into Season 6

they are rebroadcasting Season 5 starting June 16th and it's not like Alias in that you have to watch previous seasons to understand what's going on although it does help to see previous seasons of 24.

Robetron said...

It was Mondays at 9:00 PM (eastern standard) on FOX. Season 5 just ended.

It started around the same time as Alias, stayed away from the scifi, so it appealed more to everyone. Its a lot slower that Alias and there isn't alot of room to try guess at the mysteries. Its intense, and manages to maintain the tension throughout the 24-episode season. Its worth watching, but better from the DVDs.

lhaaheim said...


As a former non-24 watcher I will warn you that once you start watching, 24 becomes very addictive. I even tried not to watch it a few times, because I thought the pace would drive me crazy (Robby is right it's much slower then Alias) but I got sucked right back in. It's a pretty good show!!!

sidewinder said...

You guys are right it is slower but OMG the music on that show alone would keep me watching. I definitely have to say the music is galaxies away from Alias's especially the music in Season 4 and 5 meh.