Saturday, June 10, 2006

Grey's Crossword

Grey's Blog-

Hi all, Amanda updated the Grey's blog with a crossword. We are spreading the literary love everywhere! Check it out!


Dark Alias said...

So... I just wanted to inform everyone that 'DarkAlias4747' is no more. I graduated yesterday, which was one of the best nights of my life, and now that i'm going threw a new phase of my life i thought it'd be appropriate to change my s/n's. So if any of you have DarkALias4747 on any of your messenger lists, please add my new s/n's. it is: UnveilDoppelgang for both yahoo and AIM and then the same thing for msn messenger. Thank you for take the time to read this.

jenn256 said...

congrats!!! that's a huge milestone.

So I'm glad I finally figuered out why there are so many clues to these crosswords that I couldn't get! I didn't realize that there were spaces between the two word clues, I thought I either had the answer wrong or was spelling it wrong! I've always done crosswords that had no space in them, so now I can go back to those previous puzzles you did and maybe finish them.

Kiki said...

Yes, I forgot to tell Amanda that you have to put the clues with no spaces!! Sorry, I should have shared.

jenn256 said...

that's alright, no problem, I'm just glad I'm not as dumb as I thought!!!! :)