Friday, May 05, 2006

Who's Back?

Interesting little tidbit I fell upon today. Check out this link-

This is from the Internet Movie Database- a archives house of all TV shows and movies. This link is for episode 5.14 "I see dead people." Check out who is returning for the eppy- there are some surprises.

Beware that some comments posted here may have spoilers!!


bamaaliasfan said...

who is seth hatfield? I thought his alias was jonas...

Kiki said...

I KNOW!! One- Bradley Cooper is BACK and Two- Why is his name Seth?

My first thought was- OH NO, a double!! Someone named Seth has been doubled at Will.

And Weiss is back!! YAHOO- so are Renee and Nadia, but perhaps only as ghosts or dreams.

Kiki said...

This information is not listed on ABC Media Net. Bradley Cooper isn't listed as a guest star or extra. But ABC has been releasing some false information in order to keep us in the dark, so maybe he is returning but they have not confirmed it.

Tammy said...

That would be great to have Will (or SETH?) back again once more! And Yay - Weiss! I'm happy about that one for sure.

And I wonder about Renee and Nadia - I thought it odd that they were both killed with injuries to their necks - something tells me we haven't seen the last of them in some capacity! (maybe one or both are still alive??!)

I'm beginning to think I shouldn't try to guess anything because I'm usually way off anyway! But it's fun to think about!


Mike1978 said...

GS -- I hate to be rude but get rid of that link to IMDB. I am familar w/ it because it's been the topic for years on the "24" boards - anyone can submit stuff and they will accept it; so unfortunately most of time it's just plain wrong. For years they listed hilarious people as being in certain "24" episodes that werent! BTW Bradley Cooper only did 1 episode because he is on Broadway. Obviously Renee's character is dead. Trust me IMDB is usually wrong...

Kiki said...

Mike, I am going to leave it up. I know IMDB has an iffy reputation, but here at Let's Talk- we really talk about everything- even speculation and rumor. Plus, we don't know if Renee is really dead and we didn't expect Lina Olin to show up back in Horizon- so we never know- it's Alias.

lhaaheim said...

Okay GS you convinced me to check it out, even though you weren't trying to, and you were right it wasn't that big of a deal. But I actually already knew about it which is the silly thing and I just forgot!?! I'm such a dork! When I read that a while ago I just thought they changed Will's alias or that he was helping out on a mission or something and was going by that. Or maybe he got involved with the spy business and that was his spy name???? Though the double idea is equally as interesting, maybe there is more to Uncle Will then meets the eye. Hmm... Nadia and Renee are back too? Maybe they are still alive? Though I mean they both did look very very dead!?! This is Alias though so anything could happen! Plus it could just be flat out wrong; I don’t really trust any of the info that’s out right now. I'm sure the writers and producers are trying to confuse everyone and may even be sending out fake promo pictures. I'm sure they would go to all kinds of lengths to keep everything a secret and to keep everyone guessing in the wrong direction until the very end. They want to go out with a bang not just for our satisfaction but for their own as well. They want their work to be remembered as something amazing and even though I’m sure they love our speculation, they to want to win in the end and shock the hell out of us. So I’m hoping we end up being right about some things but I hope we don’t get everything figured out, and I honestly don’t think we will. I’m hoping for a shocker final eppy.

Angela said...

I hate to say it, but Renee and Nadia might be back just for their funerals . . . I mean, playing dead is still acting.

Man, will those funerals wipe Syd out!

Mike1978 said...

LOL it's cool GS I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that site is well fishy (its great for some things though). And yes it would not suprise me if the writers submited stuff to throw people off! In a way its kinda funny!!

Anonymous said...

Bradley Cooper is a mistake.
The reason he only did one episode is because he's working on broadway... it's just a mistake, IMBD does that a lot.

uncle111 said...

I've thought about this before, but I couldn't really seem to get anywhere meaningful with it.

The terms the Chosen One, the Passenger, and the gatekeeper's relating of Nadia to the Virgin Mary and as a living embodiment of (we assume Rambaldi) seem important, but also mysteries. The Virgin Mary gave birth to the Messiah. Messiah is a term that has been used for thousands of years in Judaism and Christianity for someone anointed by God who would come and save his people. The Greek term for Messiah translates to English as the Anointed One, or the Chosen One. And Jesus, the Chosen One was also the living embodiment of God. And what is a passenger? It is someone who is being given a ride or who is just along for the ride.

Trying to figure out how these apply to Alias characters can be frustrating. If we apply them to Sydney and Nadia here's what we get:
Nadia, who is riding while someone else is driving will give birth to the Chosen One.
You can also say that Jesus was a passenger in the Virgin Mary. So in Alias that would make Nadia (the Passenger) her own mother (the Virgin Mary), with or without also being the Chosen One (the living embodiment of Rambaldi) come to save Rambaldi's followers, or the world.

If you stay strictly with the official terms the Chosen One and the Passenger then who really is the Chosen One, the one come to save the world, and is the Passenger just someone along for the ride, or someone who was being given a ride somewhere, but not the one driving?

Now, what if Irina is really the Chosen One, or Sloane is? And what if Nadia is the Passenger in that she was carried by Irina?

And just to roll a tired Alias gimmick into the mix, one that could easily get out of control-
Did Elena, who had both Helix technology and the Sloane Clone brain doubling technology, and physically had control of Nadia for a short time in Svogda and for a longer time when Anna kidnapped her, completely double Nadia and make a perfect clone? Is the real Nadia still alive somewhere?

Did the writers choose religious terms carefully and use them to construct a coded scenario, or did they pick them in a haphazard manner not really considering the implications.