Monday, May 08, 2006

What we know, what we don't and all the gray in between

What We Know
-Vaughn is alive and in hiding.
-Ana is doubled as Sydney.
-Sloane has once again gone to the dark side.
-Tom Grace has a secret.
-Jack knows the secret.
-Irina has the Horizon.
-Sloane has the true Rambaldi page 47.
-Isabel is the sweetest thing ever.
-Marshall likes to play with toys.
-Sydspinoza always has a glaring look and lots of eye make-up.

Gray Area
-Is Tom’s wife really dead?
-Is Renee really dead?
-Is Nadia the Passenger and is Sydney the Chosen One?
-What did Renee know about Ana that would make Ana want to kill her?
-As Sloane been manipulating this situation the whole time?
-Is Jack working with Irina?

What We Don’t Know
-Who the Cardinal is.
-Where Irina is.
-What Vaughn knows and why P5 wanted him dead.
-What role Sydney places in this.
-Who the mole is.
-What Grace’s secret is.
-What the rest of the inflamed writing says on the Rambaldi page.
-Where Katya is.
-Why Sloane said Sydney's name once the page was thrown into the fire.

I have been hearing that the next episode is the one to watch. I hear many of our questions will be answered in regards to the prophecy and the roles that Sydney, Renee and Vaughn play in P5’s plan.

Are there any more concepts, ideas, facts, etc. that I have forgotten? Do you know something I don’t know?

PS. Don't forget- SpyChat tonight at 6pm PDT. We will be discussing some of these topics and hashing out new ideas before this weeks episode.

PPS. Tune In: Jennifer Garner will be on David Letterman on May 19th.


Andrew said...

I think I'm going to try and join the SpyChat tonight. With it being right after 24 gets done on the East Coast, I shouldn't have a problem.

mommer said...

In the gray...just a thought: Maybe Renée didn't know anything about Ana, maybe she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and Sydspinosa knew she would either recognize that Sydspinosa is not the real Syd, of she would see that Syd couldn't possibly be in two places in two different outfits at once. It doesn't seem like Sydspinosa is very good at acting exactly like Syd. Then again, maybe she did know something, she had worked with the forger guy before and he had worked with Ana before.

Another thing we don't really know is why anyone/everyone cares so much about Rambaldi! What about his works and his words is so compelling that people are willing to kill and destroy even those in their own families to see his work come to fruition?Do those who believe in him think he has the secret of eternal life? This harkens back to what Uncle said a few posts back about Lost Horizon & Shagri-La. Or do they think that Rambaldi's artifacts and knowledge will give them ultimate power? Or both?

Kiki said...

Nice mommer- I suppose I put Renee in the gray because we really don't know- but there is enough speculation. I guess we will see.

And I have no idea what it is about Rambaldi that makes people NUTS!! If it's anything- he's very interesting.

jenn256 said...

Good post GS- I'm glad you seperated the questions into different categories, it's hard to keep them all straight. how about for what we don't know, Where is Kayta? And What was written is Greek letters a the top of Sloane's original Page 47, and why did the Rambaldi sign glow red when thrown into the fire? And also, why did Sloane say Sydney's name?

I really liked in your What we do know post about Isabelle and Marshall. I'm sitting here by myself laughing out loud!

jenn256 said...

BTW- I saw on the preview description for Wednesday that Sloane is the one who is seeing all of the dead people, not Sydney. But why would he see Francie? Is she actually coming back or just in a dream?

uncle111 said...

What if P5 or whoever planted the microchip in Renee is plannig to trap someone with it and now is the time. They must figure that her body will be "searched" or will tip them off to do it.

jenn256 said...

this is true Uncle, because Renee has never really been to hard to find in the past. Sydney even said it when we met Renee, "If I found you so can they", which means "they" may not have been ready to use her yet for whatever reason. But why hide the chip inside of a human being and not somewhere else a little more accessible?

uncle111 said...

I posted this this weekend on another section, but that one is probably dead now so I'm reposting here.
1- What we know of the prophecy about the battle between the 2 daughters comes from Irina. She says it comes from Rambaldi, but Irina has misquoted Rambaldi before. Page 47 says the woman here depicted would bring down the greatest power, unless prevented. In Svogda Irina quoted that as saying bring down the greatest evil. What if she is misquoting the battle prophecy also, assuming it even exists?
2- Sloane knows as much or more about Rambaldi than Irina does. He had the real Page 47 for years and knew it backward and forward. Surely he also knew of Irina's belief, or of a genuine battle prophecy. In Svogda he must would have known whether or not that situation fit the battle scenario. When he went to where Syd and Nadia were fighting he knew Nadia was infected. He had to be going to save Syd and help stop the Device. Could he have thought then that he may be the Chosen One? He shot Nadia, which prevented her from killing Sydney or Sydney from killing her, but he couldn't just watch her die and also helped save her life. And even though he did not kill Nadia there, he did kill her a year later at his home.
3- Once Nadia was dead Sloane seemed resigned to the idea that she must die and he must, or so he can, continue on after Rambaldi, which for now would be with P5. Maybe Sloane is the Chosen One, (or thinks he is and that is how he can be so resolved to accept Nadia's death) and battle between he and the Passenger did result in one of them dieing. That would be the only way Irina's prophecy could be fulfilled. Except, didn't it say they would do GREAT battle, which this one wasn't- it was just an accident.

BoomBoom12 said...

I think I have one more thing to add to the list of 'what we don't know': What the heck was the Horizon, and what does it have to do with anything??????

Angela said...

Maybe--like we've suspected before--Rene and Vaughn were related somehow, and P5 implanted chips in both of them when they were little kids--that's why it'd have Vaughn's "Andre" name. And that guy's saying, "the girl's calling herself Renee Riann" would make sense, because that's not her real name, either.

Anyway, these chips could have been implanted before P5 snatched Renee's father and used him as the container for DiSantis's transplanted brain. (We did establish that, right?)

Since most murders are routinely autopsied, finding the chip won't be a big deal. Any decent ME would find it, I think.

And, LOL, Sydspinoza always looks HUGE to me. I know Syd is tall, but when Sydspinoza loomed up before Renee, she looked like an Amazon! Good contrast.

Angie, needing to get back to real work

srg-alias said...

Good sum up GS. I'm thinking Renee's pretty dead, throat slashing looks like such a horrible way to die... Isn't it funny how all the "bad girls" always wear a lot of eye makeup? Lauren did too after we found out she was Covenant. I'm excited for this week's episode, I'm trying to remain spoiler free for it (as tempting as the IMDB link was to go to I've resisted). :)

jenn256 said...

wow angie, that's a really great theory. Perhaps Vaughn and Renee are siblings or cousins, etc. Maybe Vaughn has one also and that's why P5 wants him, perhaps they need both chips to work together for some sort of information. We know Renee's chip has some sort of Evacuation plan written in German (didn't we establish that Grace spoke to Korman about the Cardinal in German?) Maybe the chips wrk in conjunction with whatever information BV's watch may hold. Shouldn't Renee's father also have been given a watch, and if so where is it?

srg-alias said...

ooo I like the idea of the chip and the watch working together somehow...maybe all the P5 researchers had something different that contained a chip and BV's was his watch...

jenn256 said...

ooh SRG that's even better. I wonder if they know Syd has BV's watch? Maybe the watch and Renee's chip work together for some info. But why is the info on Renee's chip evacuation info? Evacuation from what? I think these are all things we need to brainstorm about on Spychat tonight.

lhaaheim said...

Are we sure that Jack knows all of Graces's secret? If so that would mean he knew the Cardinal. I have a feeling that even Jack is in the dark on a few things. I don't think he has the whole picture.

mommer- I wondered that too, what if Renee was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I think her death will be more about this microchip then about what she knows about P5.

I have been saying the same thing mommer, why the heck do they all love Rambaldi so much. I believe there is a piece of the story that we don't know yet. I think there may be some super secret reason why they all love Rambaldi so much and so far none of them have told the CIA. I bet Irina will be the one to spill the beans. She seems to be the only Rambaldi follower who still allows herself to care for and help her family, even though she does it rarely.

angela- That's a great idea about both Vaughn and Renee having chips inside them. I wonder if that's the case especially if they are related. However Vaughn has been examined and poked and prodded at several times throughout Alias. Wouldn't they be able to see it then? Wouldn't it show up on an x-ray?

Just a random observation, both Renee and Nadia died because of damage to their necks, how did Danny die, what was the exact cause, I can't remember for some reason? All three of them died with a lot of blood around them and I'm wondering if there is a correlation between their deaths. Unfortunately I'm starting to believe more and more that Nadia is truly dead.

Angela said...

I wondered about that, too, Ihhheim--about if Vaughn's chip, if he had one, would show up on an x-ray. Probably all depends upon where it is. Chest cavity, easy to find. But if it were, for instance, in the back of the hand or something, maybe not as likely. Let's see where they find it in Renee.

Or maybe Renee's chip does work with Vaugn's watch. OR--maybe it works with a chip hidden inside her father's body, which, we suppose was buried with DiSantis' brain . . .

The possibilities are endless. :-)

faithschild said...

About BV's watch...I'm thinking Vaughn is the only one who knows the relevance of the watch at the moment. Renee may have been privy to its meaning, but as of this moment we don't know that for sure. Vaughn used the watch as proof of identity in S5:E1 and then we see it later with Sydney, but she didn't seem to think it was anything of particular value (to be hidden/protected) other than it being Vaughn's. The watch has played a vital part in Vaughn & Syd's relationship: "It stopped on October 1st, the day we met." and Lauren getting the watch repaired spurred Vaughn to declare separation. It holds immense sentimental value, but I can't figure out how it'd be connected to the chip. Plus, if Syd knew the watch helped ID Vaughn in S5:E1 w/ regard to P5, don't you think she would've had the watch checked out after Vaughn was shot and 'killed'? Just a thought...

Kiki said...

Good thought Faithschild- nice. Why wouldn't Sydney have it checked? Hmmm. Interesting.

mommer said...

More things we don't know:
We really don't know much about the relationship between Renée & Vaughn. We're just speculating to think Vaughn has a chip implanted too. We don't know why he & Renée were working together, how and when they met, and what they have in common. To be honest, we don't even really know for sure if Vaughn has always been a good guy. Do we know why he joined the CIA? Why he asked to be Syd's handler? Why he's trying to bring down P5? Why did Renée continue to help Syd & APO after Vaughn was "killed"? Just because of Vaughn's relationship w/Syd? Or is it because whatever she & Vaughn were working on is being continued by Syd & APO trying to destroy P5? Just more questions I hope we get answers to!

Dark Alias said...

girlscout, remember, just because something is checked dosn't mean there isn't nothing there. You must remember irinas earings in season two.

Kiki said...

You are right Dark Alias. I totally forgot, the earrings were checked and Irina was still anble to send a message.

Very good questions mommer. Very good!! I think we will have to split some of those wide open in spy chat tonight.

Anonymous said...

Postings here and elsewhere have commented on the fact that both Nadia and Rene died due to injuries to their neck. Like everyone else, I'm wondering if there is a signficance about that.

A couple of random thoughts were:
a) Nadia had just been healed by a Rambaldi cure. When Evil Francie was shot (in the CHEST) by Sydney, then given a Rambaldi cure, she became 'super human' and was able to recover very quickly from later injury (remember when she fought w/ Syd again, then when she was sent away in the ambulance, she totally overpowered them and escaped). Later on she battled Wil, and I remember him stabbing her, but was there every confirmation that she was really dead?

b) Lauren was also killed by shots to the CHEST. Remember when Sark insisted on seeing her body and making Syd look too. It was confusing at the time and people speculated on what it might mean, but then nothing seemed to come of it. Now, as I was thinking of all this injury to the neck stuff it got me wondering - perhaps there are certain types of injury that Rambaldi cures can heal, and some that cannot be overcome?

If this is true, then Rene and Nadia are totally 100% dead, but other folks, particularly the baddies that were shot in the past - Evil Francie, Lauren (maybe Elena?) - could be somehow revived? Just a thought & curious to hear other's ideas...

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