Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where are they now?

I know it’s been days since the finale of Alias- we’ve moved on (sorta) and so have the actors. Wonder where you can see them next? Check it out…

Jennifer Garner:
Catch and Release, to be released January 2007.
Charlotte’s Web, currently in post-production.
Sabbatical, currently in pre-production.
Be With You, currently announced.
The Kingdom, currently pre-production-begins production June 2006.
(She plays a CIA agent, go figure). This film is to be directed by Peter Berg aka Noah Hicks, the Snowman. He also directed Friday Night Lights.

Victor Garber:
Justice, a new TV drama premieres this fall, Wednesday’s at 9pm on Fox.

Ron Rifkin (Sloane), Balthazar Getty (Grace), Patty Wettig (Dr. Barnett):
Brothers and Sisters, a new TV drama premieres this fall, Sunday’s at 10pm on ABC. This show is directed by Alias director, Ken Olin.

Michael Vartan:
Rogue, to be released December 2006.

David Anders (Julian Sark):
Left in Darkness, to be released 2006.

Greg Grunberg (Weiss):
Heroes, a TV drama premieres this fall, Monday’s at 9pm on NBC.

Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson):
Resurrecting the Champ, currently filming.

Kevin Weisman (Marshall):
Clerks II, completed 2006.
High Midnight, currently announced.

Carl Lumbly (Dixon):
Nujoma: Where Others Wavered, currently in post-production.

Lena Olin (Irina Derevko):
Devil You Know, currently in post-production.
Awake, currently in post-production.

I am looking forward to both Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin’s new shows. Should be good! Also, very cool that JG is sticking to her CIA roots. I am all over that movie when it comes out.


Dark Alias said...

i'll for sure be watching ron's new gig.

Robetron said...

If ever there was a reason to be attracted to shows about which I know nothing of its story or genre, the fact that one of the ALIAS stars are in it works for me.

Anonymous said...

Gina Torres (Ana) is also on some show this fall, I saw a preview over the weekend.

SuzanneC said...

i believe ron rifkin is also going to be in pulse with kristin bell and ian somerhaulder (sorry i know the spelling is way wrong).