Friday, May 26, 2006


Now that Alias is gone, there are many roads this blog can take. I know that recently it's been a place to pick apart the finale for holes and indescrepancies and it has been very cool to see who remembers what from way back in season 1 and how it fits or doesn't fit into the finale. I understand how this picking might be a little unnerving for those of you were satisfied and happy with the ending.

I hope that it is understood that I can not satisfy everyone's wants and needs when it comes to publishing posts, expressing my ideas and thoughts- and it is not my intent to lessen your feelings for Alias or the finale. I opened this blog because I had ideas to share and some knowledge and insight about storytelling, writing and character development. I think everyone is aware of my thoughts on the finale, and I want to thank those of you who have supported me or who have given me the respect and allowed me to have those thoughts. I hope you feel that Jenn, SRG and I have given you the same support and respect. I justify my bitterness with how much I love and understand Alias, not just as a TV show, but as literature- a book on screen if you will. (Haven't you ever read a book you love and you get to the end and think, "What? That's it?")

I am happy that the blog has been a place of middle ground- some with great love for the finale and all it was and some who were left a bit disappointed and wanting more.

I would like the blog to become a place where we can talk about writing. I started blogging about Alias because of the storytelling, content, the plot and storylines and of course, the characters. Okay, and because of Michael Vartan. Haha! Talking about the writing isn't just about discussing our favorite quotes and shocking twists- but really digging into who the characters were, where the stories went right and wrong and how Alias got from point A, the pilot, to point B, the finale.
(Angie, Uncle and Donna- I hope you will contribute your writing knowledge!!!)

I would also like for us to talk about the production, the behind-the-scenes of making a successful TV show. How are shows like Alias made? What type of preparation went into making the show?

It will be interesting to read your comments as Jenn, SRG and I post about some of the nitty gritting of Alias and what made it exceptional.

If you have other ideas about how to keep Alias alive, and if you are interested in starting your own blog, be it for Alias or anything else, I very much recommend The site is free and easy- I post all my sites through Blogger. I would gladly post a link to your blog here and share the wealth.

I would love now to read your feedback about the new direction of the blog. Good, bad, ugly? What are your thoughts and ideas?


Dark Alias said...

gs, even tho i've been at this blogg for a while i still see you as a good bloggmaster and even one of my top alias buddys, and thats a compliment because i have a lot of alias buds. thanks for all your insight and everything.

as for an idea about the blogg, not to sure how it would be taken. I orderd the first of the alias novels "recruted" and i'm gonna start reading it when it finally arrives in the mail. I'm not sure if people have read them or anything but if you want we could read them together. all of them are about 2 to 3 hunred pages which is a really easy read. So we could like take two weeks to read them and then (and while) talk about them as a new episode. but if you already read them, oh well i'll read them by my self.

Robetron said...

One of my biggest complaints about Steven King's books is that the endings are almost always beyond rediculous. (Of course there are a few that were good, but not most.)

I have not published a lot of fiction, but as a respected writer among my peers, I will be glad to read, and perhaps comment on the literary aspect of the show. I'd even enjoy it if it went beyond the show.

Kiki said...

Nice Dark, GREAT IDEA!! I think we should all read the books!! I totally forgot about the books!!

Kiki said...

Great Robby, I will love having your opinion in here.

Dark Alias said...

great, then i look fowrad to read them with ya'll

Robetron said...

In case anyone is interested in reading some of my work, may I make a shameless plug?

Be forewarned:
It is predominantly religious material that I have allowed publications to print. Nevertheless, if you enjoy reading and learning about such things, I invite you to comment.

...but do not comment here on this: I do not want to further distract from the blog-theme and questions.

Sorry GS!

Kiki said...

No worries Robby, you've earned a plug!

jenn256 said...

I have 2 of the books, but I'm not sure I got the first ones. I was desperite for any Alias books, so I bought the only 2 my local bookstore had. The are from the APO series, "Faina" and "Two of a Kind". They are really great, it's almost like reading a script directly from the show!

And all of our favorite characters are there. From what I have seen, the books are written by the same writers from the show. The first book I read, "Faina" was written by the two people who wrote the episode "Facade" when Vaughn in on the plane with Sark and they have to difuse the bomb. I would absolutley love to start an Alias book club of sorts. I think it's a great idea.

Desiree said...

I LOVE the idea!!!I can't wait to read the books!!! I am so glad I have a Barnes and Noble across the street from me. Yahoo!!! Long live Alias!

lhaaheim said...

In case you didn't know you can watch Alias on ABC Saturday and Sunday nights at 11:30pm and 12:30am respectively. Its mid way thru season two right now and tonight’s episode is Double Agent. It's a great way to get some classic Alias if you don't want the hassle of going to the DVDs or don't have them. Plus each Sunday episode is repeated the following Saturday so it’s great a way to improve your knowledge and recollection of certain episodes. :-)

lhaaheim said...

I had an idea, it seems like most of us are upset, annoyed, disappointed or otherwise just not feeling good about Alias right now. Whether you liked the finale or not no one can deny that the end of Alias left us wanting more, more that we are just not getting. Furthermore no one seems to be asking the writers, cast or JJ the questions that we really want answered. So I purpose in an effort to voice however we feel about the finale and share our questions and concerns about the plot that we go right to the source and write JJ some letters.

I know the address to Bad Robot is online somewhere (haven’t found it yet) because the MV campaign people were sending letters to it earlier this year. By no means am I suggesting we take this to the extreme and start a letter writing campaign but at the most we could send them a nice packet of letters written from anyone who wants to participate. A simple outreach from some diehard fans would probably do more good then a massive amount of letters anyway. So if anyone has the address please post it, once I find it or receive it from a few e-mails I’ve sent I will post it. If you’ll are interested I would be happy to coordinate a small effort to send the letters as a group or something. I for one will feel much better just knowing that my thoughts might reach JJ and I would hope he would take the time to read them. Yes, I’m a little idealistic but that’s who I am and I like that about myself. :-)


Angela said...

This may qualify as another shameless plug--if so, forgive me. But years ago, before my Alias addiction, I wrote a book about a young woman who's just lost her husband, genetic manipulation, a 5300 year old man, and a rick evil genius called Devin Sloane. (Too coincidental, no?) The book is called The Truth Teller, and you can read the particulars on

But only if you want to. :-)

It's been a pleasure chatting with you all. I'm leaving for a while--heading off to ALASKA!


birdietwoshoes said...

Angela-- If you are who I think you are, you are one of my FAVORITE authors. Seriously, I read your comment and said, "Why does that book sound familar??" Because I have that and TONS more of your books on my bookshelf. And we're off to Alaska this week too. Crazy...

Anyway, I would STRONGLY encourage all you others to check out Angela's books. They're amazing.

bristow_24 said...

I know we should express our own opinions, but I have been very disappointed by this blog the last few days.

I know that you didn't get what you wanted out of the finale... but you have been acting like your opinion is the only valid one.
Since Monday, the posts have seemed more like the immature ranting of a 10-year-old-girl, apposed to the smart, open-minded blogs your used too.

I'm very disappointed, and defiantly done here.

lhaaheim said...

Ouch! Bristow_24 I agree that things have been rough around here but I hope you don't leave. Once the loss of Alias and the sting of the finale wear off, things should get better around here. :-)

Kiki said...

Bristow- I am sad you feel that way. I have never thought that my opinion is the only valid one. Everyone loves Alias in their own way and everyone has their feelings about the finale.

I was very upset by the finale and I have a right to voice my opinion like everyone else. I have invested a lot of time in making this blog a place to talk openly about Alias. We all have been very respectful about what each others feelings are and have found a middle ground of moving on and enjoying all we love about Alias. I can't change the finale and there isn't anything I can do about how people feel or what the writers did. I just simply voiced my disppointed.

I have loved having your opinion here Bristow- your ideas will be sorely missed. I am sorry that you no longer have a desire to partipcate in the great many discussions and ideas we will continue to build here.

jenn256 said...

Bristow- I'm sorry you feel that things have been so negative in here lately, but there have been NO posts about the finale or anyones thoughts on them good or bad in the last several days. And I belive that Girlscout posted a thread that stated the diretion of the blog was going to change to a more literary place to discuss character development and script content, rather than just to discuss plot lines. So if that's not something that you feel you would like to be a part of then it's been good having you here, then thank you for your wonderful insights and comments on the show in the past and I hope you can find your way back when you are less bitter and would like to participate in some really great intelligent conversations regarding Alias.

Starbucks Mom said...

I'm sorry that I'm going to come off rude, because that really isn't what this blog is about. But Bristow_24, no one is forcing you to type this URL into your tool bar. If you don't want to come, don't come. It's a blog....Girlscout's blog. She loves Alias and all the blogger's, but if she decides to change it to a blog about dancing to Paula Abdul in her underwear she can do that. Like I said before, if you don't like this blog...make your own!
p.s. I recommend the song "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" for your listening pleasure.

lhaaheim said...

"…dancing to Paula Abdul in her underwear…” LOL! :-D

On another note I really hope you don't leave Bristow_24, I understand your reasons for being upset or disappointed but I think they will pass with time. Plus the funk that the blog has been in is already lifting. Don't give up on us yet. :-)

srg-alias said...

I also hope bristow decides to return, I'm sorry he/she has been disappointed with the blog lately.

What would be great is if people aren't happy with what they've seen on the blog in the last week to post what they WOULD like to see, what are things you'd like to discuss or pick apart? I think that's the reason GS posted this article, we'd all like to know what we could do to keep our blog going and what people want to talk about.

Kiki said...

Thanks SRG, that is exactly why I posted this. I want to keep the flow going and I want to know what ideas the bloggers have.