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What do you think is the significance of both Sydney and Nadia working for rogue terrorist cells and then working for the government? How is Vaughn tied? His father was involved in P5 and then the CIA. Did Bill Vaughn also need his son in the CIA in order for this plan to be carried out? How is it that both Irina's daughters and their father's are CIA?

Anyone? This is a perplexing piece of the puzzle.


katybird27 said...

My first thought when I read your questions was Project Christmas -- one of the unexplained mysteries of Alias. It felt like they were going there at the end of season three, but then never did, so the presence of the adolescent spy-training still lingers. If we look at their ages -- Sydney, Vaugn, Ana, Peyton, (even Lauren) --they fit the demographic of the project. Even Tom Grace could fit the mold. As would Sark, for that matter. I'm not sure how Nadia would fit in, but she was Elena's ward. Could Project Christmas be the missing link? If so, that could that make Isabel a target of future projects? With Jack as her grandfather, anything goes!

Robetron said...

I think Bill Vaughn, when he was certain that his family was safe and thier new identities were well established, joined the CIA with the sole purpose of bringing down P5. He discovered thier plans regarding 'The Passenger,' and out of pure compassion for the little baby, stole her for her own protection. I think Irena planned it with him just before "dying" herself, and out of gratefulness, helped him fake his own death. He did not give Nadia away immediately, but P5 discovered where he intended to take her. They commissioned Elena (secret from Irena who was now in Russian prison for what they considered treason) to kill the current owners of the orphanage and take over before he got there. Irena escaped Russian prison, and began organizing a group of her own, possibly with Bill Vaughn who has been in hiding ever since.

Somewhere along the line, Elena became overwhelmed by Rambaldi-madness, siezed Irena's organization, and began her own independant quest to manipulate Syd and Nadia into fulfilling her conception of the Rambaldi endgame.

I'm still thinking on the details, but so far, I think that fits, and explains the time problems we have with Bill Vaughn's & Laura Bristow's "death," and the supposed disappearance of Nadia at Bill Vaughn's hands.

Am I still on topic? I think so.


Robetron said...

Maybe, Sloane was involved with Elena because of their mutual Rambaldi interest, and togteher they manipulated both girls into getting involved with their Rambaldi-schemes. As we know, Jack was CIA along with Arvin and both were tied to Irena, who, for some reason, seems to be the matron of Rambaldi prophesy fulfillment.

Irena probably knew her position all along, and fully believes that all will complete itself in due time. Hence the saying "truth takes time." She may not have known the method, but she knew it would come to pass as long as her daughters were involved in the espionage biz. Thus, she tries to convince Syd that the Big Red Ball scheme was the completion, and that she should now quit the CIA, become a wife and mother.

Irena is the central key that places Sydney, Nadia, Jack, Sloane, Bill Vaughn, Michael Vaughn, Prophet 5, and Elena... all in the same picture. Without her, none of our ALIAS would have come to pass.


Kiki said...

I agree Robby, but let's keep the sarcastic remarks to a minimum. I think you mapped out is very plausible- with Bill Vaughn helping Irina take Nadia and Irina returning the favor. Irina still has yet to take full responsibility for the deaths of those 12 agents. She seems to let it slide away anytime anyone mentions it. I don't think she did it and I think Robetron might have found the reason. Oh, is that spoilerish Robby??? HEHEHHEHE

lhaaheim said...

I find it very perplexing that these families are so tied together and that Rambaldi seems to be at the core of it. The Bristows, Derevkos, Sloanes and Vaughns; how did they all get into this mess? I blame Rambaldi!

I'm working on this in the generations article Girlscout asked me to write so I'll have more on this soon! :-)

Kiki said...

Nice Katy-bird, I agree. Jack could want to protect Isabel, but like he did Sydney, by helping prevent brain washing, but I don't think Sydney would want to take away her choices in life. She seemed pretty made when she figured out that her dad had.