Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Alias-Media posted this little article that I thought was rather clever. I wanted to share...enjoy.

Perhaps the only world as topsy-turvy as the Los Angeles of "24" is the entire planet Earth in "Alias." It probably goes without saying that the only thing deadlier than working for the CIA is working for any number of terrorist organizations with epic names (The Alliance, The Covenant, et al.). Here's a simple rule: If you're a bad guy, and you're standing in a room with Sydney, and she says something witty and jocular, be prepared to have your face kicked in (in typical super-spy fashion, she's keen on those one-liners). And sure, Sydney is totally awesome and way hot, but never, never, never have a relationship with her. Remember Danny Hecht? Dead. Noah Hicks? Dead. Michael Vaughn? Well, he's still alive -- for now.



srg-alias said...

haha cute :)

Dark Alias said...

haha, that was kewl.