Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Really Gotta Hold on Me

Will Tippin is one of my all time favorite characters on television. His character is a great combination of comic book news reporter and sincere best friend. His brotherly love and child-like curiosity have both softened us and excited us. According to Alias Unclassified: The Official Companion, viewers first reacted to Will in a negative way. Viewers knew his actions-looking into Danny’s death, would only lead to trouble for Sydney, as well as for Will. Some thought it best that Will just die and leave Sydney to bring down SD-6 alone. I think what needs to be remembered, as we approach Will’s return, is that writer's kept him for a reason- because he is part of both of Sydney’s lives.

Sydney lives in two worlds, one more than the other. Back in season 1, Sydney had the daunting task of keeping her CIA secret from her friends. She lived her CIA/SD-6 life and she lived her at-home-cooking-dinner-with-Francie life. Will became the one connection for both. He became the friend she could tell ALL her secrets to and for Sydney and for us, that was a relief. Once Will was gone, Vaughn filled that void, as her relationship with him grew intimate and her father too, took on a more personal role.

Another aspect we have to remember is that Sydney, though she may appear to be the girl next door, complete with dimples, she is a super spy. Will, however, is the boy next door. He is very representative of the average, everyday guy. We, as an audience, are able to identify with that- thus, we are able to live in Sydney’s world, through Will. In tomorrow’s episode, he will be back to pay tribute to Sydney- to thank her personally for protecting him and to thank her for us- for taking us on all her grand adventures.

Alas, with Tippin’s return, I know if will be hard for some of us to focus on anything other than that messy bed head and those bright blue eyes. With Sydney back in action it will be hard for us to focus on anything but the back flips and roundhouse kicks to the face that we have missed so much. And though I put no faith in ABC or their promos- they state that many of our questions will be answered.

-Keep an eye and ear out for information pertaining to old episodes- especially episodes including Will and Ana Espinoza.
-Keep an eye and ear out for anything connected to Horizon and/or the Cardinal.

But really, as I said last week- enjoy the episode. Enjoy all the Alias-ness! Enjoy Will and Ana- enjoy Baby B-V and suck up all that is. Be thankful we made it to 100 episodes and that perhaps, finally, we may get our answers! Maybe…


Tammy said...

Great advice GS! I'm really looking forward to these next episodes - whatever they may bring. I know we may not get all we want out of them, but I'm going to enjoy them while I can no matter what!

I love Will a bunch and am looking forward to him appearing again!

srg-alias said...

I'm with ya tammy. :) Like I posted yesterday I won't be home tomorrow night for the show, so I might be MIA the rest of this week on the blog until I see the eppy, but I'm looking foward to it!

i-love-vaughn said...

GS, I do remember not liking Will so much in the 1st season, but mostly because I wanted Sydney to end up with Vaughn. Although I have to say that I was really sad when they didn't have Will as a regular anymore.

Like SRG, I won't be around to watch the episode tomorrow night, but will def be taping it. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it as soon as I get home so I can join in on the discussions here on Thursday.