Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spoil Sport

I love spoilers. It’s a problem. When I first introduced Alias to my friends, I had a very hard time watching each season without spoiling an aspect or two of the plot. More often than not I was sworn into secrecy, but I always managed to let an item or two slip. I am all about inside information, revealing episode synopsis’ and surfing the net for the latest and greatest information. But I think I have reached my end. Last night, while watching the Alias promos and Googling anything and everything Alias, I stumbled upon a major spoiler. MAJOR! My heart leapt, for the spoiler is for the good- and it hit me, in that moment, that the show is ending. These characters, that have so graciously let us be a part of their lives- the good, the bad and the ugly, will now go on living life without us- stacked away in the writer’s room library amid story arcs and old scripts.

Spoilers are meant to prep us. Small bits of information are leaked from the set to get us excited about what is happening and what will happen. I am assuming we all know that Will is returning, and some may see that as a major spoiler. But, wrap your head around the idea that perhaps what they aren’t telling us is BIGGER and BETTER. We knew Vaughn would be reprised in Sydney’s hypnotic state- that was a spoiler. But we had no idea Irina Derevko was behind the glass. We had no indication that Lena Olin was even on set or that her character would be back so soon. It was a wonderful, so-classic- Alias, surprise. Again, that is what we love about Alias; moments when we have to catch our breath or blink a few times to realize what is happening, to take what they have thrown at us.

In a little over 24 hours, Alias will return. There will be high and low moments- some we have anticipated, some we will have never expected. There will be promos with information, clips and spoilers, there will be weeks of buzz and on-set photos giving away plot and storyline. But I am done. I am done reading and peeking and I am done sharing. I want to be surprised. I want to savor every last twist and turn. I want to jump off the couch, I want to scream and giggle and I want to share the looks on the faces of my friends who have been in the dark completely.

You are all welcome to inform me when spoilers are posted and I will still post links to those spoilers. Who am I to squash the curiosity of others? For I am sure I enticed that curiosity a time or two! I hate to be a spoil-sport, but my spoiler days are over… at least for today…*wink*

UPDATE: I can't do it!! I broke down! I am a spoiler FREAK! I am spoiling and spoling and spoiling, someone stop me!!


Kiki said...

Okay, I can't stop! I have spent all morning looking for new info! I need help!

jenn256 said...

i would love to know what the spoiler was that you saw, but I think I know too much already. I like knowing things and seeing the pictures on alias-media, but then again I really loved the shock and surprise that we know to be Alias; like when Irina appeared in the reflection of the glass, or who could forget, "Well, first of all my name is not Michael Vaughn", or "Sydney, you've been gone for two years."

This is my position on this now, keep in mind I may ask you to e-mail the spoiler later, because I'm sure my curiosity may get the better of me!! :)

Kiki said...

I am so bad Jenn, sooo bad. And the spoiler is sooooo good. It's something I assume to be true from photos, so perhaps I might be wrong, but it was so good and sad and happy. Man, I might just e-mail it to you with a header that says spoiler and you can decide.

katybird27 said...

Girlscout -- I, too, have become addicted to spoilers (oddly, the all-consuming need to know more began with Vaugn's death -- I couldn't accept it!!). So I feel your pain! But I think your post spells it out -- Alias has always been about the surprise, the gasp, the oh my god they're really going there moment that leaves us exhilerated (and what drives us to search out forums like this to be able to share our thoughts and feelings). For now (probably until 10 tomorrow night) I think I want to be spoiler free as well -- I don't want the true surprise to end. Because once Alias is over, what will we talk about and obsess over?

jenn256 said...

GS- wow, sad and happy and good??? OK, this is just too much for me to handle. What could happen that's good and sad and happy? Oh now I really know my curiosity is going to get the better of me. Hmmmmm.

Robetron said...

Here, here!
Yay, for no-more-spoilers!
The anticipation from week to week (or shall I say months and seasons?) is part of what makes the surprises all the more special.

I hunger for more just like the next Aliaddict, more info, more ideas, more show - but when I finally have my hunger satiated, it is so much sweeter when i do not know what is coming next.

I have a hard enough time finding shows or movies that really catch me off-guard. Most are just too formulaic, while others may not be as predictable, there are certain patterns writers must use to make good entertainment. Predictability is not the best trait; thus I hate being spoiled.

Everyone - do yourself a favor: hold your breath until tomorrow night's episode (or until you pass out and wake up tomorrow at 8/7 central). Everything will be worth the wait... at least that's what the promo's promise.

Alias-anticipating smiles for all.

Mike1978 said...

Girlscout I can't stop either. Damn it I tried! I have the same problem w/ 24 and Lost. Damn my free time at work!!!!

Andrew said...

Despite that I already know of many returns, and that 2 characters (not specifics) will die, I've tried really hard to stay spoiler-free. I want the final 8 hours (8 1/2 if we're lucky) of our favorite show to truly surprise me. I still check Alias-media and spoilerfix regularly though, but on Alias-media I always use my hand to block the view of any pics on the sidebar. HAHA. And I just check spoiler-fix to get little hints and avoid the big stuff.