Monday, April 03, 2006

Let the Recaps Begin...

Good morning! As I mentioned last week, I will be reposting my episode recap articles for the next couple of weeks in order to refresh our memories leading up to the Alias return. As I flipped back through my articles I realized that I didn't write a proper article for 5.01. However, I will publish the very first article I posted way back in September!

5.01 "Prophet Five"

It came and it went, in grand spy tradition. It revealed truth, covered up secrets, it pulled at our heart strings, and got our blood pumping. Alias has returned. And I want to talk about it.This blog is for Alias fans. Not the whining, complaining "I miss Vaughn" fans, but for the fans who love to pick apart the episodes, dissect the characters and discuss the television genius that is Alias. No bad-mouthers, no Jen Garner/Ben Affleck haters. Just fans with something positive and interesting to share.Let's jump right in...we all watched the same episode right? So, it surprises me that so many people had such a different reaction or focused on so many different points. I felt it was clear that Vaughn hadn't really met his demise, but it seems so many missed that. "He's dead, I hate the Alias writers" seems to be the message board consensus, but I on the other hand, think other wise.

Kudos to the writers. Bravo. You lead us straight back into the core of Alias. Nothing is as it seems, no one is really ever dead and Syd, though slightly bulging in the belly, is still kicking butt with her knee to the groin kicks and her strong words.So, the very first topic of this blog is...dum dum dum...Do you think the season 5 premiere upholds the creativity, the action and mystery of previous Alias premieres? How so? Did you catch the clues? (More on clues later...)

I followed this article up with another that listed several clues to Vaughn's fate. I happened to post this article on the ABC Message Boards which earned me Poster of the Week.

JJ the Clue Man

In an interview with TV Guide, JJ Abrams had mentioned there would be clues given throughout the episode that would reveal the potential path the show would take. And indeed there were. Let's discuss two of the major clues:

1. The song playing in the background at the party in Cape Town was from Sleeping Beauty. Is this a foreshadow? Is Vaughn indeed sleeping?

2. The small sip of "water" Sydney offers Vaughn before he goes into cardiac arrest. Was drugging Vaughn what Jack had in mind when Sydney asked, "what are we going to do?" Also, as Vaughn is taken out of the room, with a sheet over him, the camera turns and focuses on Sydney. Positioned clearly in the background is the hospital cup and straw. If that's not a clue, I don't know what is!!??What do you think? And did you find other clues?PS.

JJ loves him some music and I find his soundtracks to be some of the best on TV. Vaughn's "funeral" song was Sarah McLaughlin's "Dirty Little Secret." JJ you sneaky devil you!!


katybird27 said...

Thanks for the recap! I didn't record the s5 episodes, so it's nice to be able to refresh my memory of what came before! I can't wait for the new episodes, and I'm so pleased that ABC is finally promoting our show (though each time I see the promo I can't help but wonder why they weren't consistantly promoting Alias!).

Robetron said...

It is the cool dawn of the morning, and I am calmly pondering the past, future, and ultimate fate of our beloved ALIAS.

I must admit that recently I have been awfully disgruntled by what has happened to the Best Show Ever since the close of season 2. There has been great moments, well writen episodes, and generally the show has maintained its greatness throughout a good deal of ground shaking uphevals. Over all it still rules the TV roost, but I just haven't been able to shake a terrible sinking feeling, like a 10 ton anchor is attached to the feet of those who watch the show as closely as we do, and no matter how hard we swim by the strength of our arms, the "let down" is coming speedily.

However, as the morning grows older and the sun dries the dew from the grass, the recent promos bring a new zeal that has been slightly unexpected.

I have been waiting, patiently waiting, as we all have had to do between excruciatingly long between-seasons, and I always expect to be charged and ready for the new episodes. This little lay-over, however, has been especially sad, knowing that when ALIAS returns, it returns to say good-bye. The peices of my heart are as numberous as the stars of the sky, simply shattered, despite knowing it had to end, and probably would end in the fifth season. I was hoping beyond reason that the network saw the brillience of ALIAS and would not allow it to die. With such a deepness of sorrow, I felt that the return could only bring a bitter-sweet joy, with every episode only bringing us that much closer to the end.

Two different promos later, I am jouncing with jet-powered pogos on my feet! I'm giddy! I'm a cat with kittens! I cannot withhold a howl of joy every time I see and hear, "ALIAS returns for a two hour special!"

For get the little flaws, forget the past disappointments, and even the possible future ones. ALIAS is BACK BABY, and there is nothing that can compare!

Kiki said...

Well said Robby. I agree. I can't even bring myself to watch old episodes. I can't look at another Syd and Vaughn scene without the realization that they, in 2 short months, will no longer exist. Their characters will never be played again by the actors we so love and admire. We have to let go of intrigue and mystery and settle for the close the writers have chosen. It's painful as a viewer and as a writer. It's like reading your favorite book- falling in the love with the characters, investing in their lives, learning their secrets, only to have the story end in the middle.

Kiki said...

No amount of promos, no amount of special features and behind the scenes and no amount plot line answers can truly end this show.