Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hash It Out

As I said to my dear friend last night- "Either you'll love it or you'll hate it." And by the looks of some of the comments from my episode post, I think it's fair to say, I was right.

I would like to address a few things-

1. I do agree that there are some aspects of this episode that maybe considered filler and I am well aware of my past statements about fillers. But, we have 4 episodes left- 4. We do not have time for new storylines.

2. Spoilers or no spoilers- I don't care who you are, the minute they said the word DNA- you had to know what was coming.

3. I would like to applaud the writers on their treatment of Little Izzy. Often when a show introduces a baby or a child, they tend to be pushed to the background and forgotten. For instance, Ben and Emma on Friends were always at grandma's or staying with the other parent. I love how they brought in the SpySitters, that way we know she is being taken care of and protect- ease of mind for us and Sydney.

I have a very heavy day here at work, and I would like to address and chat about everything from last night. It will all have to wait until later. But you guys keeping hashing it out!! Have fun!


jenn256 said...

this is why I like this blog though, becuase we all have different ideas and thoughts about episodes and storylines. All opions expressed are personal opinion, and are all great and whether people agree or disagree, you can express your feelings and throw out ideas. If some liked it and some didn't then that's fine too, can't please all of the people all of the time.

I do agree that we don't have time for filler episodes, but I'm not sure this was exactly a filler. We got a lot of info about Ana and Syd with the prophecy and how it will most likely play out and how Sloane will get Nadia to wake up and continue with the prophecy. We may have even found out more than we are realizing ( like the fact that now Tom knows Portuguese, I thought he told Syd in the beginning that he didnt know any languages). I think JJ and the crew are dealing with the time constraints they were given by ABC the best way they know how. I'm sure this is not the way JJ would have liked to end things in such a hurry, so there may have been some last minute changes to the plans he has had for some storylines since it's inception.

Kiki said...

Right Jenn, I agree. We did learn some good stuff and I like knowing how the page 47 thing will pan out, but, I don't know- the episode left me uneasy and I don't think I have ever felt like that. Will you be chatting tonight? 6:30pm I think?

jenn256 said...

no, I have plans, but I will see if you are still on when I get home. It won't start until 9:30 my time, so I will check to see if you are all still chatting.

What about it made you feel uneasy? Just disappointment after last week? Did you find it odd about Grace knowing yet another language?

pkrm said...

GirlScout, I figured it out!!! We had both assumed that last night was a waste of time, but when it clicks in your head, it was shockingly relevant! All of it!

OK, here goes: Sydney told Anna it was a waste of time, "We disproved these writings years ago." AND THEY DID! However, SYDNEY IS NOT THE CHOSEN ONE...ANNA IS!

By replicating Sydney, she has all those physical characteristics that Rambaldi wrote about. By replicating Sydney, she is "the woman here depicted." I'm going to venture a guess Anna has never seen Mt. Subasio. Anna, unless prevented, will render the greatest power unto utter desolation!

Also, the Passenger and the Chosen One will do battle, and only one will survive!!! We already know Nadia will be back, and using this theory, Nadia will be the one to kick Anna's butt up and down the Los Angeles coast!

We have missed the entire point until now! Sydney CANNOT be the Chosen One, she's disproved it! However, Anna with Syd's genetics can fulfill that prophecy...and who better? The most psychotic Rambaldi lunatic aside from Sloane since the very beginning! And we know that Rambaldi knew about genetics, they were all over in his work. The very paper, "The fifth prophet," that named our current bad guys was about "advanced genetics 500 years ahead of its time" according to Lehman in the Season 5 pilot!

Also, Gordon Dean said that Prophet 5 had "plans" for Sydney...this is what he was talking about! This is also why Peyton was concerned kidnapping Sydney to find the Horizon could "compromise their larger agenda!" This isn't tacked on, this is the whole point!

P5 is trying to fulfill the Prophecy on page 47!!! What do you think???

uncle111 said...

I think prkm is correct. This wasn't a filler episode. It revealed the beginning to tieing up the Rambaldi prophecy, which was not done in Svogda.
I still want to know what Horizon is and what part it is to play. Does Irina still have it or did she deliver it to someone else?

Has anyone else started experiencing a dogging sadness that this is all about to end? I am and I can't quite shake it. In trying to figure out what I could do to combat it I've considered writting an Alias adventure.

jenn256 said...

I have sent this to GS, but see what you al think. The Horizon is the perfected version of doubling, the perfected Helox protoytpe. Irina found out that they were going to double Syd to fulfill the prophecy (knowing she would never kill her sister after the Savogda incident, and cannot double Nadia in her ill state). She "works" with P5 to get the HOrzion never planning to give it to them, and steals it from Jack and Syd to keep them both safe. P5 regroups after Irina steals it and comes up with an alternate plan of doubling Ana with Syd's DNA so the doubleed Sy will fulfill the prophecy with Nadia. They give Sloane the antidote just in time to wake her up so she can do battle with "The Chosen One".

Robetron said...

This all good theory and great conversational topic! How in the world can we come up with so much interesting thought if it was just a "filler episode?" This was nothing like 'Bob' - a true "filler". After that episode there was almost no plot-discussions or wild theories.

Everyone is entitled to thier opinions, but may I humbly suggest watching the episode again? Maybe you just weren't in the right frame of mind to try to see the big picture at the time. What is happening is NOT a new story or a new plot. It is the end result of a very twisted central story that is finally coming together and being realized.

Okay, you are disappointed that we are seeing yet another double; but we have never been forewarned of it before. If they just dropped it in out of the blue again, I can see everyone saying, "Ugh!" Let's just see where this goes, shall we?


lhaaheim said...

Okay I didn't know that my comment about the eppy being a possible filler would become an issue. I wasn't going for that but regardless of whether you think it's a filler episode or not I actually do think we have time for them. I think most of us are uneasy and emotional about everything regarding Alias right now, myself included! And we have every right to be with Alias ending, ending with a short season and I think a lot of us are re-evaluating our previous theories and realizing they may not apply. I have no idea were Alias is going and after our months of speculation and all the great theories we have created it can be rather unsettling to be left with "huh?". I think we all just need to be patient and trust that the Alias writers can handle the short time crunch and still deliver us a great season. We've all been so focused on how hard it's going to be for everything to be answered, because we have so many questions, but what if they can be answered easily and in less air time then we all think. I guess what I'm saying is have a little faith in the show and the amazing people behind it.

I agree Jenn and Pkrm last night was all about fulfilling Rambaldi's prophecy. I think it's the first step in us finally understanding him and his endgame as well as those tied to him (P5 and Sloane). Uncle I am sad too and I really think that this is what's getting most of us down and concerned about this episode in particular. We all need to stay positive so we can enjoy the last parts of Alias. We will have plenty of time to cry and worry after we see that final ALIAS flash across the screen.

Oh and one final thought about spoilers: They are fun and addictive and it’s great to know something before it actually happens on the show but it is what it is, a spoiler. After having partaken in the spoiler madness I now wish I hadn’t. It’s fun and far more enjoyable when you are surprised by the show and I ruined a little bit of that for myself. So from here on out no more spoilers for me!!!! :-)

lhaaheim said...

roberton- That is an excellent point you bring up. Bob was a very self contained episode and it didn't leave us much to talk about other then how hot and funny Sark was. This episode really has spurred a lot of great conversation and I agree we are reaching the end of the Rambaldi storyline and this episode set it all up for us. I too would recommend watching the episode again if you felt disappointed by it. Even though I wasn't disappointed by last night’s episode and was very surprised when I logged on and saw that others were, I too have been feeling down about Alias. We've waited months for it to return, speculated for hours about how it will end, we have a million questions and we want them answered now. For me this is an exercise in patience. I remember how disappointed I felt after the season two finale and I thought for a while that the writers had killed the show with that ending. But I was wrong and season 3, 4 and now 5 have been great. The writers will do us justice and I truly do think Alias will end as it should.

This might be a little out there but I wonder if the writers meant to “disappoint” or confuse us a little with this episode, to then only bring us back up again, sort of take us on an emotional roller coaster???

Kiki said...

OKay, let's all bring it down a notch then. Every one got what they got from the episode and this is meant to be a place to voice opinions and talk about ideas. I am merely a fan of Alias- I love to watch, I love to research and maybe I don't pick up on every little thing. This is a great place to come and pick up on the little things- or the big things that I missed. I would appreciate it if everyone would take a deep breath. When we are talking emotionally about something- the end of Alias- feelings and ideas can come across in a way that might seem disrespectful to others. Let's just keep that in mind and have fun. I am just catching up, I am learning from all of you and I know I need some time to process. Phew!

lhaaheim said...

girlscout- I'm sorry if your feeling attacked or something or are worried that others feel that way but I seriously don't think anyone meant to say anything that would make someone feel negatively. I certainly didn't so I sure hope your not talking about me. No one here expects everyone to get everything all the time. No one is perfect and no one expects anyone to be. I’m sure not! I think we are all just passionate about Alias and anything that's being taken negatively is really just passion and intense love for Alias.

uncle111 said...

GS- I do think we are all just passionate, and not wanting the show to end. I didn't, and I don't think anyone else, meant anything negative toward anyone else. When you care a lot about something any discussion about it is going to be energized. I think that is what is on display here- energy.
And, it's like we are hanging around to experience the last few days of a dear and dieing friend.

Anonymous said...

We've all heard JJ say that he knew how he was going to end the series from the very beginning. GS, maybe he's finally setting up the finale with this episode - beginnnig to tie all things up.

PKRM, I was thinking the same thing, way to verbalize the theory behind Anna's doubling!

katybird27 said...

I, too, love this blog -- and will be devastated when Alias goes off air. I'm seriously considering giving away my TV.

As for the discussion of the episode, my husband raised an interesting point. This season has been shortened considerably from what it would have been initially. Thus perhaps the writers had to accomplish the Sydney-doubling in one episode in order to get us through the end result, rather than building upon it in true Alias stye.