Tuesday, April 04, 2006

5.02 "1" Recap Article

Good morning. Here is my previously posted recap article for episode 5.02 "1." Enjoy!

Let me begin by saying that last night’s episode is what we call a filler episode. A filler episode is used to set up characters and storyline important to the upcoming episode. If you were disappointed by the lack of action, you need not be, next week’s eppy looks like an action doozy!

All right, let’s dive in: Here are some of the interesting facts and clues I found in Episodes 5.02 “1.”

-Renee stated in the bar “It’s no accident you found me.” In season 4’s finale, Vaughn stated “It’s no accident I was the one you came to with your story about SD-6.” Hmm, it just caught my attention.

-There were several call-backs to previous episodes in previous seasons. For instance:
*Dixon shot small cameras in to the walls and ceilings from his watch. Sydney used the same device in a season 2 episode. It was a lipstick with small cameras inside.
*Jean Brio was mentioned. He was an Alliance member who was shot and killed by Arvin Sloane. There were several call-backs to SD-6 and the Alliance. This led me to believe….are you ready for this????

RACHEL IS WORKING FOR THE VERY PEOPLE SHE THINKS SHE IS WORKING AGAINST. Whoever Gordan Dean is and whoever the people are behind Prophet Five, they are running an SD-6 like cell, with one exception… they have actually infiltrated the CIA and APO. Remember, Gordan Dean has been inside APO. I believe Rachel thinks she is working for APO, and is unaware of Dean’s affiliation with Prophet Five. Rachel was with friends at the bar when she got a call from Curtis. It reminded me of when Sydney would get calls and have to leave Will and Francie. I think the writers are building up what will be a strong character who will be out to bring down Prophet Five, much like season 1 Syd know wanted to bring down SD-6. Next week’s episode should expand on this.

MICHAEL VAUGHN IS NOT IN THE BOX!! The man in the box was an older, gray/white haired man. Curtis told Sydney during his first interrogation that she “doesn’t want to know” who he is working for and that “even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” Whoever is in charge, it’s someone Sydney knows, or knows of. I hate to speculate about who is in the box, but my guess: Bill Vaughn is in the box. But, Marshall said later, whoever is in the box probably died or was suffering from a terminal illness and was frozen until a cure was found. (This could be used later in the Nadia storyline). I would have to go back to research, but I can’t recall a character or figure from the past that might have died from a terminal illness. So, now Renee has the body and the body is alive. Hmmm..

Clues about Vaughn: The phrase “killed Vaughn” was used about 3 times. AHH, the rule of three. The writers are using their words to convince us further that Vaughn is in fact dead, but I still hold true to last week’s clues. He’s alive and kicking, much like his baby! Towards the end, Sydney was talking to her father about “not being able to do this without Vaughn,” and “he should have been there” for the ultrasound. I think this alludes to the fact that he is in hiding, that he could have been there, but because of the danger to him, he couldn’t be. I think we will see some very strong Jack and Sydney bonding this season, which is always great. Can’t wait to see Jacko in the delivery room!

Something in the Water: Is it me, or is Alias using a lot of water to kill, tranq and track people? First, Sark and his glass of wine, then Emily and her glass of wine and Sloane and his glass of wine and then Vaughn and his hospital cup and then Curtis and his tracer in the water bottle. People drink anything! Geez!

A Few Extras: Ohh, making my blood boil! Was it just me or did anyone want to rip the face off Curtis when he said “Sorry baby, Daddy just went snooping where he shouldn’t have.” My friend, a mother, just about lost it!

All right, give it to me, what did you think?


Eliza said...

what about this is it a clue...from season 4.22:

"okay...I heard someone say in this forum that the producers claimed to have left a big clue in the last episode of season four...some thought it may have been the billboard behind irina at the end of the show, it was in russian and says something...lol
I found something that seems odd...if anyone knows what it says...please let me know!
in one of the last shots from the scene where irina parts with her family...the camera slowly raises up to the moon.
look up in the left hand corner....writing on the wall of the building...what does it mean...if anything?
(I tried to take a screenshot but forgot to save it...then returned the dvd...so someone let me know what you think! Is it the clue they were talking about?)

jenn256 said...

freelancer- i will rewatch the last episode from S4 and see what it is. Are you saying that the billbaord is in Russian? Because if so, I will have to brush up on my Russian before I can tell you :)

Eliza said...

the billboard is in russian, but the main one I was talking about...was as the camera raises to the sky at the close of the scene...check out the left corner of the screen....it says something on the side of a building...maybe this is a long shot, but it just looked kind of outta place. keep me posted :)