Thursday, March 30, 2006


3 weeks people, 3 weeks!!

Starting next week I will be reposting episode recap articles that I posted back when season 5 episodes were airing. Starting with 5.01, I will post my episode articles every other day to help refresh our memories and get geared up for the return. Keep an eye out for those articles starting on Monday.

Also, if you have access to season 5 epsiodes, either on tape or over the internet- I think it's a good time to rewatch them. I will be pulling my tapes out soon and more than likely hitting on anything and everything we might have missed the first go-around (phh, like we would miss anything, right?! HA!)

Again, check out the "APO FAKE-O" article below, it's a doozy!


slingshot said...

lets watch some this weekend ehhh...i need to refresh my brain egh!

Andrew said...

One of the things I was just thinking about was when we were first introduced to Peyton in one of the early episodes. She was stealing "Substance 33" or something like that. Do you think they'll pick up on that again, or was it just a minor point?

srg-alias said...

I wondered about that too andrew when I was watching that episode. In the last shot of that scene they showed that the mice were still alive while the men died, which seemed important but then they never mentioned it again.