Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Episode Pictures

Hi All,

Alias-Media has posted new episode pictures from 5.10 "S.O.S" and 5.11 "Maternal Instinct."
I would categorize them as spoiler pictures; though there are some of Sydney and Irina.
Check them out at...

If you go to ABC media net, click on PRIMETIME in the left hand column and then click on Alias. On the Alias page there is a link in the right hand column labeled PHOTOGRAPHY.

Enjoy your little sneak peek at what is to come!


RUDY said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. Thought I have to admit that they are torchering me. I can't believe we still have to wait a month. Man, oh, man.

birdietwoshoes said...

Oh wow! Love the first few pics. I'm assuming the pics are an indication of what's going to happen and in the case, I'm really excited!!! Syd and Irina!! Yay!

jenn256 said...

it almost looked to me like Irina was witing in syd's apartment with someone for her to come back. Perhaps she flew off in the helicopter and then gave Jack the info on where she was to rescue her. Maybe irina knew the info Syd gave her about Horizon was wrong, but needed someone else to here it? And what was Grace doing in that room when Dixon walked in? Who was supposed to be there and who wasn't? Grace sure looked surprised to see Dixon!!

srg-alias said...

well that was nice to get a little sneak peak, thanks GS :)