Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I know, you want more. More updates, more articles, more discussions and questions. I am in the midst of getting back to the Let's Talk of ole. Things have finally settled. I am all nested in my new place, work is back to a steady pace and I am ready to get back to the Alias grind.

Tonight I will be in bed with my laptap. Just me, the glaring light of the screen and my many ideas, thoughts and comments on all things Alias. I will be answering questions, posing new ones and getting geared up for the return...in 29 days! YAHOO!

So, here is your last chance to ask, ask, ask! I will be researching until the sun comes up. I AM BACK people, let the TALK begin!

Sincerely, Your WebSpy ~Girlscout


jenn256 said...

sounds great!!! Can't think of anything now, except the recent question regarding Sydney's nanny. Any more thoughts on her?

jenn256 said...

I had another thought, actually 2 but they're not related (I don't think!)-

Jacqueline- what ever happened to Sloane's daughter? I know she died but that storyline came out of nowhere, and then was just swept under the rug and was never mentioned again. Do you all think this may be something we hear more about soon, or poor story continuity?

And what about Project SAB74? What is that really? Syd told Vaughn that the files she found in the bacnk vault said that Jack took a hit out on Irina, but the paper said that the project was initiated by Jack on the day Syd was born-hence the name of the project. Does she really know and just kept the truth from Vaughn o did she not read the whole file before Jack walked in? Any ideas?

lhaaheim said...

Things I would like to know more about:

Syd's Nanny
Vaughn's Mom
Bill Vaughn (is he alive, is he working with p5?)
Jacqueline (I too wonder if more will surface about her)
Irina's back-story and parents
Rambaldi's childhood, parents, environmental influences of the time that may have or may not have affected him, did he have a mentor etc.
Renee (she's still a mystery to me)
Oh and if Irina and Jack are working secretly together to help Syd, what are they planning, how are they doing all of this, what’s their end game.
Baby Bristow-Vaughn; is she part of the prophecy, what role with she play?

Can’t think of anymore right now but I been wondering about the aforementioned for a while now so any insight would be great.

birdietwoshoes said...

I want to know Grace's secret. Jack knows, right? And seems OK with it? But what was in that file that is so hush hush?

srg-alias said...

oh yeah, I forgot about Grace's secret! I would think it has something to do with who or why he was married before, I'm very interested in that. Bringing up Syd's nanny is a good thought, I saw Uncle mentioned that in a previous article. I think that goes along with Vaughn's mom...characters we've only heard mention of a couple times but might have some significance. All in all, looking forward to the new articles GS! :)

amy said...

i always felt like project SAB74 was a cool way to end the season with this cliffhanger and then the writers totally went another direction.....i don't have high hopes that they will go back to that storyline, though it seemed to have the potential to be really awesome. i remember being disappointed that the whole thing had to do only with irina's execution

jenn256 said...

yeah Amy, I didn't get that either. Such potential for greatness in that storyline, what could Jack have been doing with Syd from the day she was born. Unless it was supposed to be about Project Christmas,but we already knew about that. Why would they show that page and purposley show the page that said it was initiated by Jack the day Syd was born?

srg-alias said...

Ok I went on alias-media to look at the screen captures to make sure I wasn't making stuff up, but my suspicions were correct that the page at the end of season 3 said S.A.B. 47 Project, which of course makes me think of Rambaldi. Amy's probably right that they most likely won't go back to that and I was also quite disappointed with how they wrapped up that cliffhanger as papers talking about Irena's execution. I think that was a major flub on the writer's part, to me it seemed they wrote the s3 finale before knowing what was on those papers and could have done something more w/ it.

jenn256 said...

here here srg!! It was almost like they forgot about it and moved on.

uncle111 said...

On S.A.B. 47 Project- Depending on whether you read Syd's birthdate as 1974 or 1975, it was started by Jack either the day she was born or on her firts birthday. Either would be years too early for Project Christmas. So, it must be something else. What could it be that he would put info about his killing Irina in it? Was killing Irina rolled into whatever Jack was doing with/to Syd since she was born/one year old? Is SAB47 a long term study of Syd's conditioning and how she reacts to things? If so, what does that say about Jack?

Or...can we interpret SAB47 Project this way- Sydney Ann Bristow (S.A.B.) is a sacred Rambaldi (47-a sacred number to Rambaldi) Project? If so, what does that say about Jack?

I think the second option is much more intrguing and I think the writers either got scared of where it would take them and didn't really know what to do with it long term, or they still have something to say about it.

jenn256 said...

I didn't think 1974/1975 was too early to be Project Christmas,after all wasn't Irina sent to the US to marry Jack by the KGB to get his Project Christmas intel(or do we were told.)

But I do agree that it seems the writers were starting this storyline somewhere and then maybe didn't like the direction it was going and just never brought it up again.

uncle111 said...

Jenn, let me clarify something I said. What I meant was that PC was conditioning they used on a child of age 6 and so Syd, at birth or age one, would not be ready for it till about 1980-1981.

Anonymous said...

something i am interested in knowing more about:

sloane in season 4. does anyone believe sloane has 'reformed'? what might have sloane been doing during season 4 that we might not have seen up front and center?