Monday, March 20, 2006

All for Sydney

Jack Bristow and Irina Derevko. Out of blind love and an international secret Sydney Ann Bristow was born. Now together again, this seemingly unbreakable family has to put an end to their biggest threat- Prophet 5. However, according to the last episode aired, SpyMommy is front and center, at the core of this terrorist group involved in cryogenics, 15th century texts and running their operation much like SD-6 and the Alliance.

Her allegiances have always been shady. She has been on both sides of law, tricked the people closest to her and has each and every time, evaded capture, slipping between the fingers of the CIA. Her relationship with Jack is complicated at best and her relationship with Sydney is based purely on Irina’s ability to convince her daughter that what she is doing and the things she has done are all for the best. Her sister Elena was the mastermind behind the Covenant; an agency hell-bent on forcing the prophecies of Rambaldi into reality. Her sister Katya has got a leg on both sides of the sibling fence, occasionally helping Elena, while holding on to her story as a loyal follower of Irina. Obviously this trio experienced some sort of lack in the parental department. Perhaps a powerless mother encouraged them to fight for power, no matter the cost. Perhaps their involvement in government activities at the height of the Cold War pushed them into political and possibly mental chaos. Either way, Irina Derevko has proved that she only has Sydney’s best interest at heart, and that can only be true of her latest venture.

Jack has been there for Sydney- though it would seem more to get her out of trouble and to protect his secrets then to forge any kind of truth-based, honest relationship with her. The years have been tough on Jack. He learned his wife was a spy for the KGB and her love for him merely an operational tactic. He had to spy against one of his best friends, Arvin Sloane, the man who had an affair with his wife- an affair that produced a child which posses a threat to Sydney and who he had to work along side in season 4.

Now Jack is in the business of protecting not only his daughter, but his unborn grandchild. I firmly believe Jack created and carried out the plan to fake Vaughn’s death and that Jack and Irina are in cahoots to destroy the dangers that threaten their daughter.

Though their lies and actions hardly put them in the running for mother and father of the year, Jack and Irina are two very determined people when it comes to their family.
Their parental skills maybe lacking, but their love for their daughter and each other, just may improve their relationships and their grand-parenting skills.


srg-alias said...

Nice article GS! Sometimes it's hard to see how Syd could have come out such a sweet and nice person at her core with such a messed up childhood and homelife. Jack and Irena's relationship is one of the most interesting of the show I think. There has been so much betrayal and deceit between the two of them that it's hard to see how there could be any positive feeling left, but I do believe deep down they actually love each other. Their chemistry is undeniable, I love the scene in season 2 "A Dark Turn" where they finally give into their feelings with a passionate kiss. Some could say that happened as a tactic for each...Irena convincing Jack to take out her tracker so she could escape, and Jack getting close enough to inject her with a delayed tracer, but I think their true feelings are legit.

I think the same thing goes for their relationships with Syd. Many times it will appear either Jack or Irena is using Syd or hiding something from her to protect or help themselves, but in the long run it always seems their intentions were to do what's best for their daughter. I'm very excited to see how they react to a grandchild. I loved hearing Jack say "I'm going to be a grandfather" in the "Bob" episode. :)

Tammy said...

Great article GS! Love this picture - it's one of my favorite Alias moments with all the Bristows together undercover!

I agree with SRG about how Syd came through to be such a great person despite her messed up childhood. Jack and Irina were hardly model parents to her, but both of them obviously love their child deeply.

It will be interesting to see what a grandchild does to this strange relationship!

Anonymous said...

Great article ! Sometimes I wonder how Sydney can be so dull with such intriguing parents!I hope we can see the whole Bristow clan together on a mission before they wrap up the show,(I include Nadia in the clan, because I think she is a Bristow too) I'm sure Irina's doing whatever she's doing to protect Sydney as usual,and honestly I'm sick of Irina appearing to be the bad guy till we find out she's been protecting Sydney all along, can't they come up with anything new ? I hope that the spyrents are in cahoots together, just cause for once I'd would like Jack to be proactive, and to see him do something beyond being Sloane's bitch and serving as the exposition fairy

Kiki said...

Good points Anon. I agree.

uncle111 said...

I think Syd is more normal because of the mysterious nanny who raised her.