Thursday, March 02, 2006

Episode Update

Hello All,

Alias-Media has posted the title for episode 5.14. It is "I see dead people." As some of you may know, this is the famous line said my Haley Joel Osmond in Sixth Sense.

Here is a running list of episode titles:

5.10 "S.O.S." (2 hours)
5.11 "Maternal Instincts"
5.12 "There is only one Sydney Bristow."(100th episode, return of Will Tippin)
5.13 "30 Seconds"
5.14 "I see dead people."

Now, after reading reports by Kristin at E! and Aiesello at TV Guide I believe there are to be 17 episodes instead of 22. If that is true, then we are waiting to hear on 3 more episode titles. But if the 8 hour rumor is true, then we are waiting on one more episode title, an episode which will be the finale and 2 hours long.

Any news on this? What do you think of the title?


lhaaheim said...

I think the title is interesting and I'm pretty certain it means someone is going to die but it's probably going to happen in an odd way that we still don't expect. Or it will be referring to the end of the episode were we our left with a classic "what the hell is going to happen next" moment in which we conclude that it will be difficult for those involved to remain alive, therefore we see soon to be dead people. Though I doubt more then one or two Alias cast members will die, with the exception of baddies like Anna, Peyton etc. My money is on Jack, Sloane or Dixon dying; not that I want that to happen but I just think it's likely and would have a major impact. Or my last theory of Irina being the one to die right after we finally understand her and totally believe she is in the right and truly loves and cares for Syd.

Oh yes I have some news from the fictional life is wonderful Lhaaheim Times: "ABC executives, after realizing what jackasses they have been, have decided to give Alias a complete season! With not only 22 full episodes but with a two hour return episode and a two hour finale followed by a cast party special. They've also made a public apology to all Alias fans for all the drama and confusion they have caused." Wouldn't that be lovely?

Sidewinder said...

That's not exactly true gs I believe that 5.10/5.11 are to be one episode on April 19th so if that is true and we have the titles for up to 5.14 we still need the titles for 5.15, 5.16 & 5.17 if the last two are combined as one episode for finale or if 5.17 will be two hours.

Anonymous said...

Writers have confirmed that there are only 17 episodes this season.
"S.O.S" is NOT two hours.
It will be airing back-to-back with "Maternal Instinct". After that, there are four regular hour-long episodes, and then the two-hour finale.

Mike1978 said...

At first I would think "I see Dead People" might refer to Vaughn - maybe someone at APO or Syd saw him alive but they aren't sure. However there are rumors that that Vaughn will show up before this episode airs. If that is the case then for sure it means someone is going to get the boot. Someone who Syd knows very well.

Tammy said...

What if I see Dead People refers to Syd seeing someone who has died? We all know that Alias is infamous for bringing dead people back to life... Who could that person be? Who of people who have died would we want to see most? Who would Sydney want to see most? Or who would be the most shocking dead person for her to see?

All rhetorical questions of course - I am not sure I know what I really think... one thing I know for sure - it will be interesting and probably shock us all!

Kiki said...

Rumor has it Amy Irving (aka Emily Sloane) was seen on the set of Alias. Perhaps she is back to reprise her role.

M said...

I don't think I see dead people has to do with Vaughn - we are supposed to know the exact status of Vaughn's.. uh.. alive-ness/dead-ness by the end of the 2 hour premier event. Plus he's supposedly back for 5 - 6 episodes, so they can't wait that long to bring him back!

lhaaheim said...

girlscout, I was thinking the same thing, that if a person were to come back from the dead that it would most likely be Emily. I would certainly like her back.

Robetron said...

What if ALIAS took a dark turn for an episode or two. What if, as a result of a lifetime intense stress, combinded with horrific knowledge of a parent's evil manipulation, Syd begins to lose it for a time? Maybe someone is slipping her psycho-halucigenic (made up word) drugs that make her "see" the dead loved ones of the past, who instruct her to go on a bad-guy killing rampage, which are really good guys undercover.

Vaughn, with Marshal's and Wiese's help, thwarts the evil-doer's plan to assassinate Governmental leaders, and now Syd must seek a means of hiding from the CIA's investigation. This is how the plan to fake her death and ride off to a sandy beach somewhere in the tropics comes into play.

What if "I see Dead People" is Syd's halucination, her motivation, and ultimately her incrimination that sends her into the finale?


srg-alias said...

It's an interesting idea robby, kind of reminds me of Nocturne with Syd's inner fears coming to life in the form of hallucinations. My interpretation of the episode title is along the lines with what tammy said, that someone (not necessarily Syd) sees a character or two from the past who's supposed to be dead. My initial thought was it would be when everyone finds out Vaughn is alive, but then I also thought it could be Emily. That seems a little crazy, I mean she was shot by Dixon and has already "died" once and come back to life. Maybe someone else has been doubled?

M said...

Here's a thought:

Dead person = Danny???

M said...

OH - I GOT IT! The dead person is the *real* corpse of Rene's father!!!