Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bad News Bears

One of the major pulls of Alias is the struggle between good and evil. For five years, Sydney and the gang have come up against some of the many great evils of the world- defeated them and returned home only to find another terrorist cell waiting in the wings. Let us makes a list of all the major baddies and baddie organizations…

Arvin Sloane, SD-6 and the Alliance

Anna Espinoza and K-Directorate

Anini Hassen, SD-6 Arms Dealer

The Most Evil- Suit and Glasses

Former SD-6 agent, McKenas Cole

Sydney's old Friend and K-D assassin-
Noah Hicks aka The Snowman

The saucy Brit with flexible allegiances-
Julian Sark

Internal Investigator- Ariana Kane

Sloane's SD-6 replacement- Anthony Geiger

Project Helix gone wrong-
Evil Francie aka Alison Doren

Julia Thorne's lover- Simon Walker

Bad Sophia- Elena Derevko and the Covenant
including Lauren and Olivia Reed

Gordon Dean and P5
including Ivan Curtis, Dr. DiSantis and Kelly Peyton

Any major baddies I am missing? Who was your favorite??


srg-alias said...

great list of the baddies, I think my favorite is probably Sarky boy. :) That might be because he's just so bloody beautiful and you can't deny that accent (even if it is fake), but I love how cool and collected he always is, even when he's been captured. His "flexible loyalties" always make him intriguing, you're never quite sure who's side he's on.

Kiki said...

Nice SRG, I agree. I also loved Ariana Kane. She was such a brat!

jenn256 said...

I kind of like all of them, but I guess my two favorites are:

Anna, because she's always been such a thorne in Sydney's side and their fight scenes always showcase JG's great kick boxing skills, she a true arch nemisis.

And Elena/Sophia because that was such a shock that the lady who we thought was Nadia's caretaker was Irina's sister AND the head of the Covenant. We knew leading up to the revelation that there was something odd going on with her, but that blew me away!

Kiki said...

Good one Jenn. I loved the shock of Elena, even though my best friend, who watches Alias an hour ahead of me called and said, "Bad Sophia." I had not idea what she was talking about until the reveal. It was great!!

jenn256 said...

that's why I don't answer the phone during Alias night!!! :)

lhaaheim said...

Sark!!! :-)

srg-alias said...

Sophia was a great villian, she really was pretty evil. I had a bad feeling about her in the episode that ended with Vaughn talking to her about his dad. Something about the way she asked him about how Nadia was and the look she gave him creeped me out. When it was revealed she was Elena I was like "I knew it! I knew she was bad!!" :)

Tammy said...

I have a hard time picking a favorite baddie! But, I'd have to say that early on, I was most shocked by Noah! I didn't see it coming at all that he was the Snowman. I was devestated for Sydney at that point.

I think for me, Sloane has been the most compelling though. It's hard to tell if he's good or bad... or good or bad... depends on the day. I want to like him and think he has Nadia and Syd's best interests in mind, but I DON'T trust him at all. He's a great character!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Sark!

Robetron said...

Other than the obvious, Arvin Sloane (the show would be no-show without him), my favorite (and I cannot believe it hasn't been said yet) is McKenas Cole. No one is cockier, with the punch to back it up, than he is. Who among all the badies not only had the tamarity to try a break-in of SD-6, but was also capable of pulling it off (super-Sydney asside)?
Who else makes us laugh with an evil glee at his own badness? McKenas Cole is one of a kind.

Kiki said...

I think Robby is in love with McKenas Cole. He mentions him any chance he can get. You're so funny Robby.

RUDY said...

My fav is Simon Walker, but that's because he's a major hottie with his irish-ness. Though, it could just be him because he heights the tension of season three because we know and Syd knows that Vaughn is listening on the comms. That totally gave me a thrill and squeeziness.

Anonymous said...

you forgot lauren....

Kiki said...

Anon- I lumped Lauren under Elena and the Covenant along with Olivia Reed. She was definitely a good baddie and I guess we'll see what happens to Mrs. Reed!