Monday, March 27, 2006

Baby Jacqueline

There have been questions as to the role of baby Jacqueline and whether or not it is possible that Jacqueline, Arvin and Emily's daughter, is alive.

We have to view Jacqueline as a motivator. Her character, though very minor in the grand Alias picture, played a large role in getting Sloane to fall into the wrath of Rambaldi. We had to understand his obsession, we had to know why he became infatuated with the prophet. And as we found out in season 4, Rambaldi filled the void that Jacqueline's death left in Sloane's life. Sloane wanted to learn as much as possible about eternal life, life free of death and disease, to protect himself and Emily from further loss.

This void would later be filled by Nadia, hence Sloane "dropping" his obsession with Rambaldi to persue a relationship with his long lost daughter.

Jacqueline died. She is dead. She was born with complications, as Sloane tells Emily that Jacqueline fought to stay alive. If she were not dead and if there was a possiblity of her being alive, Sloane would have searched the ends of the earth. He would have never become obsessed with Rambaldi, but rather he would have been obsessed with finding Jacqueline. Jacqueline was merely a motivator, a piece of the puzzle that explains Sloane's actions.

To clear up any further confusion involving Jacqueline- she was supposedly born in Italy, here Sloane and Emily spent many years away- during the time in which Sydney was growing up.


Katie B. said...

I always got the impression tht Jacqueline was either a late-term miscarriage, or a stillborn. We never saw the little baby (that I recall)... don't know if I'm right or if that helps, but that's info you didn't seem to include. (By the way, I'm a huge fan of this blog and check it more regularly than I shoud.)

Kiki said...

Hi Katie- Thanks for supporting the blog. I agree, I think there were complications during the birth and with Emily possibly being an old mother, there might have been some problems. She wasn't still born because Arvin talks about her being a fighter, that she tried to stay with them.

uncle111 said...

As moving as the scene was where Sloane was remembering J, I still have doubts that she really existed.

Sloane's best friend, Jack, never knew Emily had ever been pregnant. You would think he would have shared the good news during that 9 month period. The look Sloane gave to Sydney when he gave hger the Jacq. password at Sloane Clone's warehouse indicated to me that he DID know where it came from, even though he told everyone he had no reference for it. Sloane said he only became involved with Rambaldi after J's death, but the Clone, working off Sloane's memories, stated that he had been collecting Rambaldi prototypes for 35 years. Those were highly sought after and very hard and expensive to aquire. More than just a casual involvement even before J came into his life.

It would fit Sloane's m/o to fake those memories as a way of manipulating sympathy from the others and getting the "juice" to fry the Clone's circuits at the same time.

srg-alias said...

you're right uncle, the 35 year timeline doesn't fit with his obsession only starting after J's death. We've come across timeline problems before, such as Vaughn's dad supposedly being killed before rescuing Nadia. These are either clues or plotholes, hopefully not the latter. :-\