Friday, February 24, 2006

Normal People with Normal Jobs (A Picture Article)

Sydney’s world is falling apart. Her best friend has been kidnapped by Sark and Kassinau and she is helpless in returning him to safety. She’s overwhelmed and scared. Vaughn finds her in one of her favorite places- the train station- where “normal people go to their normal jobs.”

Vaughn knows Sydney lied to him about being contacted by Sark and Kassinau regarding the ransom for Will. She doesn’t want to risk Will’s safety by informing the CIA. But Vaughn wants to help and in this scene, Sydney knows she can trust him. He knows her and how much she loves her friends and her family, and he is willing to risk position in the agency to help her.

This scene is not only a testament to their friendship and loyalty, but also to their professional, working relationship. In the time Vaughn and Sydney have been working together they have brought down several strong holds of the Alliance. But, Sydney can be vulnerable with Vaughn and Vaughn in turn shares with Sydney a memory of his father. They have both lost in their professional lives the people that they love, but together, perhaps they can gain something.

I love Vaughn’s speech during this scene. I love the intimate moment coupled with the grandeur of the train station and how they sit apart but together. Kudos to writers and directors for a great scene from a great episode (1.22 "Almost 30 Years")

Thanks to Liz for the great photo!!


srg-alias said...

Agreed, that's another scene that always brings tears to my eyes. You can tell it means the world to Syd when Vaughn says he'll help her find Will. We always give kudos to the actors and writers for these great scenes (naturally), but I also want to give a shout out to the directors. The setup and framing of each shot is so important in how it comes across to the audience, the screenshot you have for this is an example of an excellent composition pulling it all together.

jenn256 said...

I always loved the way Syd put that statement, "Normal People with Normal Jobs". I guess you don't realize how different and crazy their jobs are (because it's really all we see in Alias world), until syd sits in a place we would all probably find to be an odd place to think. She brings it all back to focus that they kill or see people killed on a daily basis, and deal with some of the most evil people in the world. I guess I had never really thought of it that way until she and Vaughn sit in the train station and have this great conversation and she realizes that she can trust him with anything...not only her life, but the lives of those closest to her, which to Sydney I think means more than trusting him with her own life.

lhaaheim said...

Your welcome! I actually forgot about this scene for a while oddly enough but have been watching old episodes on Saturday and Sunday nights. When I saw this again I was just flooded with emotion. It was one of the times for me when it solidified the deep affection and love that Vaughn and Syd had for each other. It wasn't just friendship or comfort, flirting or banter, it was more. Vaughn's a company man, and he admired that in his father but he realized that there are things and moments in life were you have to break the rules and take a stand. It means a lot that Syd and her friend would be worth the risk, the sacrifice. Plus the story about Vaughn’s father was so poignant and deep, added with the way the scene was shot (great job writers and directors), it was so beautifully done. Probably the most insightful part of this scene was the notion that the train station was a place where "normal people go to their normal jobs" and the sadness of that statement, since they, even being there were still so distant from it. Yet there was hope in that someday they too may be one of those normal people going to their normal jobs. They just needed to help each other get there. Really glad you wrote about this picture, it’s one of my favorites!