Monday, February 20, 2006

Love Trios

Jack, Irina and Sloane. Will, Sydney and Vaughn. Sydney, Vaughn and Lauren. Vaughn, Lauren and Sark- there have been enough love triangles on Alias to rival Beverly Hills 90210. We know love on Alias doesn’t come easy. We waited 2 seasons for Vaughn and Sydney and an explosive first kiss. Will waited “like 7 years” to sleep with Sydney, and Lauren and Sark were fraternizing in dressing rooms, parking garages and parked cars. Vaughn fawned for Sydney though he was married to an NSA mole, Sydney wept for Vaughn when he returned to Lauren after the death of Senator Reed and in season 3, Sloane admitted to having an affair with Irina that resulted in the birth of Nadia.

We know happiness on Alias doesn’t come easy either. Our heartstrings have been tugged and stretched; our happiness for Sydney and Vaughn smashed and rebuilt, only to be smashed again. Just as Jack was coming to terms with what Irina had done to him and Sydney, he learns of her infidelity and is tossed into another spiral of hatred and resentment. And when Vaughn confesses that “in my life, there is only one person,” he goes crawling back to Lauren to clear his conscious. Finally, after popping the question and saving the world-on the verge of marriage- there’s a car crash, a secret life, an impending child and the “death” of a true love, throwing Sydney from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.

We all know love triangles are what keep the show interesting. The difficulties Sydney has experienced over the years, with Danny, with Vaughn, with her father, are all meant to make her happiness that much sweeter. All she has endured will ultimately fuel our feelings toward her ending happiness, if that is how the writers choose to finish the show.

Name your favorite love-triangle. Name your favorite Sydney happiness. How have these triangles affected the plot and storyline? Did it draw you in or push you away?

My fav 3-some:
By far- Sydney, Vaughn and Lauren. This triangle carried season 3 to new heights. The tension, the cat fights, the looks of longing and love made the season utterly explosive.
My fav happiness:
The minute Sydney hugs Will after she finds him in witness protection. They are both so happy in that moment to be together, to see each other. They both remember the past and it fills them up!
I find all the triangles very intriguing. They have all sucked me in and I anticipate a new triangle- Rachel, Sark and Peyton! Let the drama begin!!


AgtBecky13 said...

Sark, Tom & Rachel? May the good guy win!

Kiki said...

Oh, that's a good one too! Hmmm, I lik Tom, quiet but super hot! I can see Rachel going for him!

jenn256 said...

Sloane, Jack and Irina. Could you imagine if Sloane wanted Irina back and he and Jack fought over her!!!!

RUDY said...

Two in one day. WOW!

My favorite is the Noah-Syd-Vaughn trio (i've just finished off the first could have something to do with being fresh in my mind and all). Even though Noah is only in a two-episode arc, one can sense that Noah and Syd have a history, share in deep emotion and have a connection by the great acting from Jennifer and the man playing Noah. I say Vaughn's involved just because by now "we" want him involved and we know and see him tortured when Syd mentions Noah. You just know that he knows that there is or was something between Syd and Noah.

But then there's Sark...and the much chemistry that I see between him and Syd...but that's a little "she's pregnant now and so wrong." One can still dream, though.

Anonymous said...

It's not a love triangle per say since Irina obviously can't stand Sloane, but I love Jack and Irina above all else on the show and Sloane's sick jealousy of Jack intrigues me

Kiki said...

Oooh the Noah triangle, good one!! That was chalked full of tension! Loved it!! I also think it's funny when Sydney tells Vaughn she slept with Will and he says, "it's bad enough we are fugitives in North Korea, but you had to tell me slept with Will." So funny!

Tammy said...

I have to agree on the Noah thing. The episodes with him in them gave us a peak at the past and a part of how Syd became who she is... When she fights with the snowman and subsequently realizes it was Noah - whoa! That was a powerful, sad scene. Yet another tragic ending for one of her loves. How does she manage to go on?! It would have been SO easy for Syd to reject love following events like losing Danny and then killing Noah.

Season 3 with Lauren, Vaughn and Sydney is great too. There is a lot of drama, but also a lot of sadness to the relationships there. I feel for Lauren (even though she was totally evil) because the situation she was in when Sydney returned must have been horrific! I can't even imagine the feelings that came up for Vaughn! Pshew - I'm glad my life is calmer - I'm not sure I could handle what Sydney has handled with grace - most of the time!

Robetron said...

This is clearly no love-triangle, but more of a manipulation-trio. In the current season, I really like the relationships between Arvin Sloane, Gordan Dean, and the no-named British fellow who gave Dean's organization to Kelly Payton.
I may have said this before, but I really, really hope they bring that guy back. His acting ability was beyond superb. I think so every time I watch Fait Accompli (which has been at least ten times).
I still prefer to look at one of the ladies on the show, but if guys have to be there, at least they get great actors (Gordan Dean excepted).

srg-alias said...

I definitely loved the Syd, Vaughn, Lauren triangle, the tension from that was one of the great things from season 3. You know Lauren manipulated Vaughn into "loving" her, but you can tell how jealous she is of Sydney even though she's supposed to be just using Vaughn. Syd's completely torn apart anytime she sees any affection between those two, and it's obvious Vaughn still loves Syd but wants to be the honorable husband to Lauren. So much emotion, so much drama!! :)

GS, I also love the moment where Syd finds Will at his new job and he actually realizes that IS Syd standing in front of him, makes tears come to my eyes everytime!

Kiki said...

Oh, another happy moment- Syd and Vaughn playing hockey right before Irina shows up at the end of season 2. Also, when Syd and Vaughn go to the hockey game and Syd says her favorite part is coming home with Vaughn. So cute!

RUDY said...

Yep! Vaughn and Sydney make your heart melt. Kudos to the actors for that one. It really shows how much that Jen and Michael can fully become who they play.