Friday, October 14, 2005

Guest Writer: Welcome Uncle111!!

Hi All,
Here is a timeline drawn up by guest writer Uncle111. He has pieced together some dates and background to help us learn more about Prophet 5 or P5, as it is so lovingly labeled. If you have any dates or information to add, please comment. Enjoy and thanks Uncle111.

Prior to 1969- Sloane is in the Army Corps of Engineers. They had him study a Rambaldi manuscript with the Mueller Device transformer coil on it.
1969- Sloane recruited by CIA
1970- Jack recruited to CIA (source?)- Irina recruited by KGB to marry Jack (already a ranking officer) and find out about Project Christmas, a mind conditioning method. Kassinau is her handler. FBI Caulder is her partner.
1971- Jack and Sloane meet at CIA and become friends. Sloane is Jack's boss and oversees his work on Project Christmas.
1972- Prophet 5 project begins when a private company hires "Bill Vaughn"(a brilliant mathematician)and others to decode a book written in the 15th century. Once the book is deciphered members of the team start "dying off." After at least 2 years our mathematician changes his name to Bill Vaughn and takes his 18 month old son to a different life, and eventually joins the CIA. Vaughn would have to have been born no sooner than the middle of 1972.
1974- Approximate year the organization Gordon Dean works for is formed.- Sloane and Irina have an affair
1974- April 17- Sydney born.
1975- April 17- the date that Jack Bristow's S.A.B.47 Project began 1979- B. Vaughn is supposedly killed by Irina.
1980 or 1981- Sloane and Irina have another affair.1981- Irina fakes her death- Nadia is born
1989- Dixon is recruited to SD-6 (according to time frame Dixon gives Syd. According to Jack, he recruited Dixon)
1991- Jack is recruited by SD-6, and the Alliance is formed, with Jack as a member.(According to Jack in 2001, "about a decade ago." Could be as early as late 1980's then).(1991 is also a number located in one of Rambaldi's hand written notes in a CIA file, under a picture of <0>.) 2001- Syd tells Danny she is CIA. Sloane give Jack the job of killing Danny. Shepard, a subject of mind control conditioning kills Danny and then hides out in a K-Directorate mental asylum.

I think Sloane became obsessed with Rambaldi early on. As of the 4th season the Sloane Clone stated he (meaning Sloane since he had Sloane's memories) had been collecting prototypes of Rambaldi devices for over 35 years. The faulty timeline inherent to the show messes it up a little, but factoring in Syd's 2 missing years, that would mean Sloane began collecting in 1968 or 1972. I think it was earlier rather than later. When he was with the Army Corps of Engineers, before he joined the CIA in 1969, they had him study Rambaldi manuscripts that had drawings of the Mueller Device transformer coil. If he became obsessed before joining the CIA then I say he joined the CIA in order to use government resources in his search for Rambaldi (I think the whole Sloane baby memory incident may have been another Sloane deception and that he was into Rambaldi before joining CIA). Even if he started after coming to the CIA the rest still works. I think what got Sloane obsessed was getting access to certain Rambaldi documents that made him think he was part of the prophecies. I think Irina was identified somehow in what Sloane saw and because of that he worked with KGB to recruit Irina. He may also have seen other things that related to Irina's child that gave him a vision for getting Irina here to marry Jack.

Jack joined CIA in 1970 and even though he didn't meet Sloane until 1971 I think Sloane knew of Jack and his work on Project Christmas. He used this as bait to get the Russians to recruit Irina and assign her to get close to Jack.In 1971 Jack and Sloane meet at the CIA and become friends.In 1972 the Prophet 5 project begins when a private foundation (I believe controlled or manipulated by Sloane) hired "the best and the brightest" to decode a book written (by Rambaldi or an associate) in the 15th century. The project took at least 2 years. About 1975 the organization Gordon Dean works for was formed.

Somewhere between 1972 and 1974 Jack and Irina marry, but early into the marriage, or before, Sloane pulled Irina into his obsession with Rambaldi. There was some question years later as to whether Syd was Jack's or Sloane's. Sloane was either trying to get more control over Irina, was trying to fulfill a prophecy in some way, or Irina was trying to, and they had an affair. Syd was born April 17, 1974. I think Jack believed, based on something he saw or something Sloane said to him, that his child was going to be in danger, maybe a victim of Sloane's or other Rambaldi followers (i.e. Ana Espinoza) at some point in the future. Right after Syd was born Jack started a project, the subject of which was Syd. Whether S.A.B.47 Project was related to Project Christmas or not is unclear, but by age 6 Jack put Syd through Project Christmas, making her spy-capable.

In 1981, Sloane and Irina had at least one more affair which we are told produced Nadia. Soon after discovering that she was pregnant Irina faked her death and escaped back to the Soviet Union, where she had Nadia in 1981. At around age 6, Nadia was given the green Rambaldi fluid by Suit and Glasses in a facility in a Novgorod bunker in Russia. Before she could complete the Rambaldi message she was kidnapped and taken to South America for safe keeping. (I think Sloane was either behind the people who were giving her the fluid or had obtained intel on them and the facility, maybe from Irina, because years later, after the facility is long abandoned, that's where Sloane went to get the fluid he used on Nadia.)

~Written by guest writer Uncle111

There will be more of Uncle111 theories to come. Thanks Uncle111.


jenn256 said...

wow, great time line. I had not realized Sloane and Irina had 2 affairs. Are we sure Syd is not Sloane's? I have always had a question about that, just the way he looks at her, he seems more fond of her than just a co-worker would.

uncle111 said...

We don't know for sure, though Jack indicated that DNA tests he ran confirned that Syd is his. Sloane couldn't have used the idea that Syd might be his if he and Irina hadn't had an affair around the time Syd was conceived. And the most telling of scenes for me for several Sloane/father issues is where he and Syd are trying to input the correct code to get into the room the Sloane Clone had his Mueller Device stored. The look on his face indicated to me that he did know what the password Jaqueline meant, and the way he looked at Syd when she wasn't looking was the expression of a proud parent.

If Sloane and Irina hadn't had an affair around the time Nadia was conceived there is no way Sloane could think Nadia was his. So, had to be at least two conception possible events between the two, several years apart.

CoruscaFire said...

Actually what Jack said to Syd was "our relationship is clear" and although he continues on about how he still loved her even when he wasn't sure he was her father, he used that ambiguous wording, so I'd say we're like 98% sure Jack is Syd's father

Kiki said...

Good point. Hmm, what about what Irina said to Jack about Nadia, something to the effect of "I wonder where she gets that from?" As if maybe Jack was Nadia's father. But I was watching season 3, and Sloane tested his DNA with the DNA of the girl that came from the The Telling and it was a match. Hmmm.

srg-alias said...

yeah, I wondered about Irena's comment too, sure seemed like she was hinting that Jack was Nadia's father.

jenn256 said...

I personally refuse to believe either of these men are the father of the girls they think until confirmation comes from Irina herself. SHE is the only person who holds the keys to this question. And as for DNA, we all know after the first episode of season 4 that DNA can be switched, forged etc. Vaughn thought Syd was dead after the fire when DNA "proved" the body found in the apartment was her. Wouldn't it be intersting if Jack were Nadia's father? He would be the father of Rambaldi's passsenger!

uncle111 said...

I used to hold that Jack's language on this was ambiguous, but after rewatching it recently I would say if the DNA didn't check out he either lied, or someone put fake Syd DNA on file. He believes the tests confirm his fatherhood.

Kiki said...

Wasn't Irina's handler the man who had the nuke cores in Cashmere? The man Irina was kissing in front of Jack in the cell as she pretended to turn on Syd and Jack? Who was that again? I just watched that, but I can't remember his name. It wasn't Kassinau, he was just her superior at the KGB.

Kiki said...

Okay, Irina's handler was Gerard Cuvee, as said in episode 2.9 The Passage Part 2. And it's Kashmir, not Cashmere. I am such a dork!

amy said...

how do we know that irina and sloane had 2 affairs??? are we guessing this just because sloane was hinting syd might have been his??? when sloane was thinking that syd was his are we supposed to assume he doesn't know about nadia yet? the rest of the show makes it seem like there was only one affair resulting in the birth of nadia? this is interesting...