Friday, October 07, 2005

Episode 5.02 "1"

Let me begin by saying that last night's episode is what we call a filler episode. A filler episode is necessary to set up characters and storyline important to the upcoming episode. If you were disappointed by the lack of action, you need not be, next week's eppy looks like an action doozy!

All right, let's dive in: Here are some of the interesting facts and clues I found:

-Renee stated in the bar "It's no accident you found me." In season 4's finale, Vaughn stated "It's no accident I was the one you came to with your story about SD-6." Hmm, it just caught my attention.

-There were several call-backs to previous episodes in previous seasons. For instance:
*Dixon shot small cameras in to the walls and ceilings from his watch. Sydney used the same device in a season 2 episode. It was a lipstick with small cameras inside.
*Jean Brio was mentioned. He was an Alliance member who was shot and killed by Arvin Sloane. There were several call-backs to SD-6 and the Alliance. This led me to believe...are you ready for this????

RACHEL IS WORKING FOR THE VERY PEOPLE SHE THINKS SHE IS WORKING AGAINST. Whoever Gordan Dean is and whoever the people are behind Prophet Five, they are running an SD-6 like cell, with one exception... they have actually infiltrated the CIA and APO. Remember, Gordan Dean has been inside APO. I believe Rachel thinks she is working for APO, and is unaware of Deans affiliation with Prophet Five. Rachel was with friends at the bar when she got a call from Curtis. It reminded me of when Sydney would get calls and have to leave Will and Francie. I think the writers are building up what will be a strong character who will be out to bring down Prophet Five, much like season 1 Syd know wanted to bring down SD-6. Next week's episode should expand on this.

MICHAEL VAUGHN IS NOT IN THE BOX!! The man in the box was an older, gray/white haired man. Curtis told Sydney during his first interrogation that she "doesn't want to know" who he is working for and that "even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me." Whoever is in charge, it's someone Sydney knows, or knows of. I hate to speculate about who is in the box, but my guess: Bill Vaughn is in the box. But, Marshall said later, whoever is in the box probably died or was suffering from a terminal illness and was frozen until a cure was found. (This could be used later in the Nadia storyline). I would have to go back to research, but I can't recall a character or figure from the past that might have died from a terminal illness. So, now Renee has the body and the body is alive. Hmmm..

Clues about Vaughn: The phrase "killed Vaughn" was used about 3 times. AHH, the rule of three. The writers are using their words to convince us further that Vaughn is in fact dead, but I still hold true to last week's clues. He's alive and kicking, much like his baby! Towards the end, Sydney was talking to her father about "not being able to do this without Vaughn," and "he should have been there" for the ultrasound. I think this eludes to the fact that he is in hiding, that he should have been there, but because of the danger to him, he couldn't be. I think we will see some very strong Jack and Sydney bonding this season, which is always great. Can't wait to see Jacko in the delivery room!

Something in the Water: Is it me, or is Alias using a lot of water to kill, tranq and track people? First, Sark and his glass of wine, then Emily and her glass of wine and Sloane and his glass of wine and then Vaughn and his hospital cup and then Curtis and his tracer in the water bottle. People drink anything now adays! Geez!

A Few Extras: Ohh, making my blood boil! Was it just me or did anyone want to rip the face off Curtis when he said "Sorry baby, Daddy just went snooping where he shouldn't have." That was a "no you didn't" moment!

All right, give it to me, what did you think?


jenn256 said...

I certainly believe you are right about Rachel Nicholas character. I posted something about this earlier today on your "friend or for" thread. I am glad to hear you and I are on the same page about this. I definatly think that is her story, and how they are going to get her to APO. It's all very dejavue to me. She's working for Dean who she thinks is good, much like Syd was working for Sloane. However do you think Curtis is also inder the same impression? And what are your guesses as far as who he is working for? Of course the boards are overloaded with ideas (some better and more plausible than others). I have two theories that I am playing with, neither of which I like, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Also about teh man in teh box who we all know is not Vaughn. I did hear Marshall say that it was someone who died of some sort of terminal illness. My first thought was that maybe this will be a new character, one of the men who helped decypher the Prophet many years ago. They have been keeping him alive until they get the book so they can then bring him back to help figure it out. I'm not sure yet who "they" are. Let me know what you think.

Kiki said...

Yahoo, someone who thinks the same as me. If it's not Bill Vaughn in the box, it's someone who was part of Prophet Five, maybe Renee's father and she needed to find Curtis in order to get her father back. And the person in the box can decipher the code. Good one! I love it.

The only terminal illness I remember is Emily and her cancer, but I don't think that was her in the box.

srg-alias said...

sorry, I would be posting here more but we actually have a good discussion going on over on the ABC board off this same post from girlscout/aka HelloSark. :)

So you guys think Curtis might be an unwilling bad guy, like he was fooled into thinking he worked for the CIA?

Kiki said...

Ohhh, don't know. I think Curtis knows what he's doing. He said to Syd that if he was in custody that he wouldn't make it through the night, they would have him killed. He knows he is working for someone dangerous.

Yeah, I am HelloSark by the way. I decided to hyphenate my name in here so people know its me. Sorry if there was confusion.

srg-alias said...

yup, just like I'm SReneeG. :)

yeah it does seem Curtis is a bad guy, the way he talked to Syd's belly...grrrrr

Sarafu said...

I think I am partial to the theory that the body in the box is Renees father. I think that would explain why she wanted that book encoded and to why she has the body now. Whats your theory on Renee? Good or Evil?

srg-alias said...

my instinct is that Renee is good but she doesn't know who to trust. It would make sense for her to steal the body if it was her dad, I didn't even think of that before.

I just posted this on the ABC clues thread too, but I rewatched the 2nd episode yesterday and notice two new clues! First, that the Rambaldi symbol still flashes in the opening credits over the word "Alias", but now it's when Balthazar's character Tom Grace is being shown....hmmmm!

Also, when Jack's going over the video footage in the beginning w/ Dixon and Weiss, they identify Curtis and Dixon starts saying something like "Gorden Dean and Ivan Curtis, the two men involved in" and Jack cuts him off, I'm very curious what he would have said...involved in Vaughn's murder, or involved in Vaughn's coverup...hmmm! :)

steph_bristow said...

yeah, i also noticed that the rambaldi symbol was back in the opening credits....hmmmm makes you wonder doesn't it. everybody keeps saying they are done with rambaldi but i've had my doubts since it's never really tied up all the rambaldi loose ends.

as for rachel, right now i'm not convinced that she thinks she's working for the good guys (dean) i don't know, the idea seems too recycled. i'm leaning more towards she knows who she's working with and will be using the CIA to get intel for dean. just my thoughts though.

amy said...

oooohhhhh i WISH i would have known about this site while all these eps were being fun to get in on all the speculation! well there is always the last 1/2 of the season!