Friday, October 07, 2005

Bowling and Hotdogs: Weiss to the White House

How about Weiss’ big action sequence last night? The man moves like a fox!

Agent Eric Weiss has been Vaughn’s best friend and APO’s go-to wise guy for nearly 5 seasons. He’s been a loyal friend (to JJ, since kindergarten) and patriot, fabulous drinking companion and overall teddy bear and now he will depart Base Camp for new digs, the White House. From his days of verbally harassing Haladki, to midnight bowling with Sydney’s Argentinean spy-sis, Weiss has been everyone’s big brother. He made us laugh. He made every hardcore issue or situation a fun and human. He represented the best in people, and was the type of friend anyone (even JJ) would be glad to have fighting on their side.

Here are several other reasons why we’ll miss Weiss:
1. He was Vaughn’s voice of reason and official nickname giver- “Balls of Steel,” need I say more?
2. He was our conduit to Vaughn. (“You ever see Vaughn and ask, “hey, where’s Weiss?”)
3. He gave Sydney Alice in Wonderland. How sweet is that?
4. He just wanted a girlfriend to say “Here, have a drawer.”
5. Two words: Bowling and hotdogs!
6. His one-liners- “Don’t poop where you sleep.”
7. Don’t mess with Weiss on Ice.
8. His magic tricks.
9. He could get whatever was needed (satellite surveillance, phone traces, weapons, maps, inside FBI info.) in as little time as possible and no one ever suspected him.
10. He always answered his cell.
11. He doesn't speak science either.
12. He took it in the jugular and lived to tell the story.

Over and out Retriever. We’ll miss you!


srg-alias said...

aww, yeah I'll miss him too, he was definitely the teddy bear of the show. :)

btw girlscout, where do you get all the great pics you put w/ your posts?

Kiki said... or I just google "Alias" in the image category. I keep forgetting to plug alias-media for all the pics. Pretty good pics though huh?

srg-alias said...

yeah, great pics! Nice touch.

jenn256 said...

I too wil miss Wiess. He was always good for a laugh. I loved the lines you quoted, especially the line about wanting a girlfriend to give him a drawer. I;m not sure why I found that line so funny, just a cute moment.

Angela said...

I've just started watching Alias on DVD in the last two months, and I've just discovered your excellent blog TODAY. Look forward to many return visits.

One thing I've noticed--and maybe you're already remarked upon it--is the use of the number "47." It pops up EVERYWHERE, and I think I even saw it in LOST the other day. What's up with that?


Kiki said...

Oh, good old 47! We will have to get into that. Sydney called Marshall at 1:47am. HAHAHA

Sarafu said...

Whats up with the # 47. I have watched this show from Day one (Sept 30,2000) and I never noticed that! How did I miss that??? Actually it doesnt surprise me that I missed it, but now I have to know what its all about! :)

Kiki said...

The number 47 goes back to the days of Rambaldi, the 47th page, room 47 Syd was held in during her two missing years. 47 Rambaldi artifacts, passcode 4747 into the server room when Will was investigating SD-6. Tons of 47's all over the place. It has some significants, but we really aren;t sure what it means. It's a JJ think, he loves him some numbers!

Angela said...
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Angela said...

If you go to (and I'd click "translate" because I think it's in French), you'll find an entire list of "47" instances in Alias and LOST, plus lots of ruminations on the possible and actual meaning of the number. It's fascinating!


Sarafu said...


M said...

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Weiss is *not* that affected by Nadia being in a coma? Sloan is going crazy in jail looking for a cure (although ulterior motives must always be assumed, at least he's trying!) This was the only serious relationship Weiss has had in this series, and he's so easily moving to DC just b/c his girlfriend is in a coma? Its very disappointing to me.

srg-alias said...

it was a bit weird to me that Weiss never mentioned leaving Nadia. I didn't even notice that, someone else pointed that out to me and I was like, huh, oh yeah! That is weird...

queenmab75 said...

I'm VERY sad Weiss is leaving, he was one of my favorite characters. I and I also was thinking how weird it was that he never said anything about Nadia. She WAS his girlfriend, it hasn't been THAT long since she's been in a coma!

Sarafu said...

I wondered tha same thing and wondered why it was never even addressed by Weiss. Kind of Odd, I guess I assumed they had bigger things to focus on, but i would like to see that somewhat touched on.

bbrown1972 said...

I'm truly sad Weiss is leaving. Syd needs her friends now, more than ever. He has been such an important support for the team now would not be a good time for him to go. So why are they doing this to us? Syd needs support to her through this difficult time.

And Nadia, what is Weiss thinking. Isn't he her boyfriend? I thought they were together. He hasn't even mentioned the fact that she is in a coma. I think something bigger is going on. There is something behind him packing up and leaving for D.C.

Weiss, I will miss you.

Alias is kicking butt this season. I'm left wanting another hour. The suspense is killing me. So many questions.