Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is there a revolution?

I know that ABC's new series Revolution isn't a part of the spy-genre, but I thought I would throw another interesting topic on the fire. I've seen this sort of revolution or movement of sorts in television lately and I would love your thoughts. We've seen huge blockbuster movies create small screen copycats, writers, producers, directors, actors, feeding off the body of movie that hit it big. For instance, when the Twilight books and movie series came out, all the sudden there was anything and everything vampire. Shows like Vampire Diaries and True Blood have hit it large on the coat tails of one simple idea- fanged day sleepers. This concept hit me last night as I watched Revolution. I began seeing bits of Hunger Games- this young girl, bow and arrow in hand, fitting off militia, living in a District-like republic. Charlie is showing a little bit of Katniss Everdeen, and I'm not mad about it, but it feels familiar. The post-Apocalyptic premise has been done before, but with other series, like Walking Dead (which I am obsessed with by the way) it seems like the end of the world is rather interesting to viewers. My question is, when is enough enough? When are we going to get sick of the vampires and zombies and the wars, diseases and loss of electricity that end society as we know it? How do you think Revolution fare in prime time? Did you watch?


Page48 said...

I love a good post-apocalypse show as much as the next guy, but they often attract a lot of criticism from people who bang on about how wrong all the little details are.

"Jericho" was cancelled much too soon, IMO. I watch "Falling Skies", which will get at least a 3rd season. "Terra Nova" should have been amazing and yet somehow it wasn't.

We'll see how audiences embrace "Revolution", but already people are saying "where are the steam engines?", "why aren't there any roads?". Post-apoco is a hard audience to please.

"The Walking Dead" is EXCELLENT television. It was a lonnnggggg wait from that 6 eppie first season until S2 kicked off. And, now, we're darned near ready to launch S3.

I don't know thing one about the comics the series is based on, but I gather that some epic changes are in store this year. Bring it.

Girlscout said...

Totally agree Page. I wasn't sure if I would be into a show on zombies, but I watched the first episode and when Rick wakes up the his whole life is upside down, it was like "Syd, you've been missing for 2 years."

Page48 said...

New "Skyfall" trailer making the rounds today.

Meanwhile, yesterday's big excitement was a new "The Hobbit" trailer.

Page48 said...

I finally caught up with this week's "Covert Affairs", where Annie meets up with Simon's sister, Zarya (played by "Alias" alum Agnes Bruckner, "The Box": Parts 1&2).

And, how about Dark Annie, going rogue in Russia, and getting off a few rounds in the process!! Now, she has 4 weeks to find a way home.

Page48 said...

What's the deal?

"Nikita" debuted on Sept. 9, 2010. Season 2 arrived on Sept. 23, 2011. Now we have to wait until Oct. 19, 2012 for S3 to commence.

At this rate, S5 won't start until Christmas.

For now, we're all confined to teaser town.

Page48 said...

I tried posting a version of this "Hunted" promo video a few hours ago, but it looks like Homeland Security (aka Blogger) flagged it, tagged it, bagged it and gagged it a few seconds later.

They used to wait until I had 6 links in a post before wiping it. Obviously, they've upgraded their software package to DeletePost Pro 2.0.

Page48 said...

I've concluded that linking to Cinemax Youtube vids is the common thread in having my recent posts deleted within seconds, so here is the same video for "Hunted" that I posted earlier this morning, only this time, courtesy of

uncle111 said...

Not much love from me for Revolution.

I just finished Hunted. I caught it online. Not real impressed. It is a little too British for me. Not enough humor and action, too much feisty interpersonal stuff.