Monday, May 12, 2008

Alias Finales: Season 4

In keeping with the past three, the last scene of season 4 played out with a final shot of a shocked Sydney after hearing/finding out cliffhanger news, with the added adrenaline jolt of a car smashing right into Vaughn. Every time I see it I can feel my heart pounding in my chest as I see the ALIAS pop up on the black screen, awesome awesome cliffhanger!

While I agree with many Alias fans that season 4 got a bit out of hand resulting in a city full of murderous zombies, I still think it was good to see the Rambaldi plot finally produce a near-Armageddon event. I felt let down when season 2 ended with Sloane constructing the much-anticipated Rambaldi Device, us hearing the machine rumbling and seeing the walls shaking, only to find it scribbled out the word "Peace." While it seems very plausible that Sloane lied and it did more than that, we still never really found out the point. At the end of season 3 Sloane goes off on an adventure with Nadia to find the Sphere of Life, which is barely mentioned on the season 4 opener and waved off as it was handed over to the CIA and Sloane became head of APO. We finally saw the capabilities of Rambaldi's technology, how disastrous it could be in the wrong hands. Because of that, I can forgive them for the zombies. Some choice moments for me: Syd accepting Vaughn's proposal (yeah I'm a sap), Jack telling Elena he's trying to have more fun (LOL), and like Page48 mentioned in the previous post, Irena not hesitating a millisecond before shooting Elena in the head and telling Syd with certainty to cut the blue wire. I also think it was a good choice turning Nadia into a zombie, because that too fulfilled the Rambaldi prophecy that either The Passenger or The Chosen One would fall that day. We briefly get Nadia back in season 5, but we all know how that ends. :-\ The only thing that really irks me is I can't watch Irena's heartfelt goodbye to both Jack and Syd knowing how they mangle her character in season 5...I still get pissed about that...anyway, I degress...

Like I said before, the cliffhanger for season 4 was fantastic, one of the best IMO ("my name isn't really Michael Vaughn"...CRASH!!!!), and I believe we got a pretty satisfying follow up in the season 5 premiere. It was hard seeing Syd wrestle with her faith in Vaughn, but I greatly enjoyed Dixon recounting his doubt of Syd's allegiance from season 1 and reassuring her that if he could do it again, he would have given her the benefit of the doubt. They did a very good job filming around Jen's growing belly (I remember thinking how I didn't notice it at all the first time I saw it, which was the intention I'm sure), and I loved how they still gave the audience a surprise by Syd telling Vaughn she's pregnant right before the two jump off a cliff, nicely done. Watching Syd go through his "death" and funeral breaks my heart every time, can't hold back the tears even though I know the outcome. Like Page also mentioned, no matter how much of an Alias fan you are, it's impossible to believe anyone would survive the deluge of bullets Vaughn took to the chest. I wish they had at least revealed later when we find out for sure he's alive that he had been wearing a vest to a. make it plausible he survived and b. show he had at least been a little prepared given the situation. I also have an extremely hard time believing Gordon Dean got through APO's security so easily, and using his real name!! Are you kidding me? They wouldn't have checked w/ Chase first to make sure he's legit before letting him through the subway door?? Those are my two scars on an otherwise well done transition between seasons. Where they went from there is...another story...


uncle111 said...

I'm going to have a tough time squeezing the time needed to come up with comments worthy of this week's 2 episodes. These are good ones, with a few problems, but I began realizing some things about the Rambaldi storyline, Sloane and Elena that make more sense that they did before.

I'll try to get it written up in a concise and coherent manner soon. I think these two episodes rival the S2/E3 pair in cliffhanger and resolution dynamic.

Paul Kremer said...

I dunno, I honestly thought Season 4 was the weakest of the entire series. Are you sure your bitterness on what they did to Irina's character wasn't because you wanted so badly for her to be good in the end, srg? :)

While there were some genuinely good episodes in season 4 (Marshall saving Sydney from the coffin, anyone?), I didn't like the whole APO thing.

Season 5, although it did have its problems, got ALIAS back on its track of butt-kicking good fun. I won't defend everything the writers did, but I enjoyed season 5 a lot more than season 4. When you get your time chopped by the network so late, though, and you have to wrap up 14 episodes in just 7, sucks to be the writers.

One thing I have to agree with though, is how many bullets can one man take to the chest? He looked like swiss cheese!

Page48 said...

I didn't mind them dispatching Nadia in order to fulfil the prophecy but as I mentioned (prematurely as luck would have it), I resented the amount of time spent on finding a cure for her in Season 5, when there must have been something more sinister for Sloane to get up to. I have nothing major against Nadia, but I never really bonded with her character and would have let her go without much regret after being shot by Daddy Sloane while she tried to put a hurt on Syd. For my money, losing Will was a much bigger deal as far as team chemistry was concerned.

To address a point made earlier by Robetron about the ghost of Nadia past, I preferred Sloane as a calculating, purely evil, but completely lucid dude rather than a broken man descending into madness and seeing visions of his daughter. The whole ghost of Nadia just rubs me the wrong way.It just strays too far from early "Alias". Again, I just think Nadia should have become Svogdian landfill, if they had nothing better in mind for her.

Paul, I agree that Season 5 was a much better effort all round than was Season 4, and only went into a tailspin when Nadia's neck was introduced to Sloane's coffee table. From that point on, I began to shake my head, as the writers took us places that I never wanted to go.

I not only wanted Irina to be good in the end, but I spent several years being set up to believe she was essentially a caring mom and even a reasonably decent ex, albeit with some anti-social tendencies. Nothing in the previous 4+ seasons gave me the impression she would seek to nuke major metropolitan areas and, for good measure, kill her daughter (a daughter she went to great lengths to protect on many occasions).

I didn't mind APO. It was far-fetched to say the least, that Sloane would be back in charge, but to me, that was the least of Season 4's deficiencies. The lack of a dark force (Alliance, K-Directorate, whatever) to do battle with left a gaping hole in the proverbial "Alias" fabric. Baddie-of-the-week shows don't usually command my attention.

Srg, I don't mind the near Armageddon scenario, it's just that Svogda looked like it was lifted from so many scary movies that we've all seen ("Night of the Living Dead", "I Am Legend", "Land of the Dead" and so on). For my taste, a more subtle "Body Snatchers" type of infection would have sufficed, although it might have taken more time to develop. However, it was one show (one and done), and therefore is just a pimple on the ass of a great body of work, so certainly forgivable. And, as I think we all agree, the final shocking scene was worth the wait.

The machine-gunning of Vaughn just totally lacks any scrap of credibility. There's just no getting around the outrageousness of that whole fiasco.

Srg, I have to agree that Howard Dean infiltrating such an elite outfit as APO without triggering any alarms is a stretch. Even Marshall and Weiss were in the dark about APO's existence until they were recruited. How did Dean just waltz right in as if APO was the local Starbucks? And to think he could put one over on someone as savvy as Jack Bristow. I don't think so, Tim.

Jen's pregnancy was well-disguised but you can really see the extra weight in her upper half when she bares those arms and shoulders in Cape Town. No longer the skinny little girl that posed for some of those earlier season promo pics.

uncle111 said...


srg-alias said...

ooo I see a big one coming from uncle... :)

paul - you're definitely right that I wanted Irena to be good, which is part of my bitterness, but just like page said we had been lead to think from the previous 4 seasons that even though she was a "bad guy", she still loved Sydney and Jack and had a good side. It went completely against everything we were shown for her to turn out the way she did in the S5 finale, just made it even more obvious that the writers didn't know squat (or care) about the past seasons.

Robetron said...

One thing before commenting on the comments.
You wrote:
"I felt let down when season 2 ended with Sloane constructing the much-anticipated Rambaldi Device, us hearing the machine rumbling and seeing the walls shaking, only to find it scribbled out the word 'Peace.' While it seems very plausible that Sloane lied and it did more than that, we still never really found out the point."

This is simply not true. We discussed this just a few threads ago. The El Dire' machine that Sloane constructed at the end of season 2 did not produce the word "Peace" at all. He later admitted that it gave the distinct brain pattern of the daughter he never knew he had, and he had been using Omnifam to look for her all throughout season 3. The Covenant was able to reproduce the machine, and were on the hunt for the Passenger as a result. This is not supposition on my part. Go back and rewatch the episodes with Sloane behind bars as the Covenant with Bustimonte was reconstructing the machine, and Sloane explains it.

(I remeber this distinctly because it was the first time I became aggrivated with the writers. The "Irena" box that supposedly had never been opened, and the keys that were hidden at the bottom of the ocean, located only by the weird rambaldi-scope - that was never before completed because a part of it was buried in the arabian desert -showing the topography of the ocean floor... all of a sudden, it was all just Sloane trying to hide the D'regno Heart so that the machine wouldn't ever work for anyone else. It made so much of previous episodes reduce to so-much wasted time. This was when I knew the wheels were coming off the cart, but I refused to give up on the show.)

Okay... that said, let me move on.

Page48, I guess we'll just havea gentleman's disagreement about the Nadia delusion in Sloane's madness. I think it is good to have characters grow and change in a relaistic way, and I think that to retain the same old Sloane from seaon 1 would become a little old. Even in season 2 he was going back and forth between wanting to reform and his obsession with Rambaldi. He almost quit for his wife. He almost quit when his wife was killed. He was half-mad in his greif, but his obsession with Rambaldi took a more personalaspect to him when he went to Nepal and found out he had a daughter, and that she was involved in the prophesies. His madness increased when he took Nadia into that cave and walked out onto the glass floor. I think his increasing madness into S-5 was exactly where he had been headed his whole life. But, if you would have preferred something else, that is certainly your right, and no one can say it is wrong.

I disagree that S-4 was the worst and S-5 put them back on track. S-5 was a mess from beginning to end. S- had some really great episodes, even if the overall season lacked a little focus. Admittedly, the explanation of the S-3 cliffhanger was disappointing, and APO with Sloane in charge was a bit over-the-top, but almost everything between that and the zombies was really quite good, at least in my opinion. I loved "Liberty Village," loved "Nocturne," loved "In Dreams," and as Paul mentions, "Tuesday," or the one where the guy's face melts off at the start of the show (I forget the name of that one... it was the name of a bird, I think, and was the Rambaldi-coil needed for Elena's giant Mueller device.)

If others do not agree, again, I guess it will have to be a gentleman's disagreement. S-5 was a complete botch, if anyone asked me. What was the point the guy in the box who looked like Rene's father, but had the brain of Dr. Desantis if they were just going to have Jack and Rene kill him later? It was wasted two full episodes of storyline. What was the point of having Rachel "hook-up" with Sark other than throwing eye-candy on the screen? Wasted episode. This is not to mention the huge flaws that everyone has been mentioning re: Vaughn being caught off guard, shot into Swiss cheese, and surviving; or, Dean waltzing into APO unhindered and waltzing back out without the slightest background check. How about the big secret society Prophet 5 that seemed to be involved in everything since season 1... but, oh never mind, they just get mowed down together by a single person, and there is nothing more. Waste, waste, waste. There is no way S-5 was better than S-4. Not to me, anyway. There were a couple good episdoes that led me to hope that it would self-correct (like Mockingbird" and "There's Only One Sydney Bristow"), but it never did. It left us with empty plots like "the Cardinal".

SRG, you have a right to be bitter, and to have expected Irena to not be the Irena they made her in S-5. There was never any indication in previous years that she would be like that in any way.

Have I been ranting? ooops. Loved the S4 cliffhanger... best ever, in any show, in my opinion; and, I thought they did a great job picking up where they left off rather than re-joining them long after the crash. The scene where Syd shot the not-cop point blank in the chest in the middle of the cornfield with another opponant's gun was very cool, and it gave us the sense of her desperation at the moment. She is not normally so leathal.

I'll stop now. This is probably a mile long.


uncle111 said...

OK- here goes.
A lot of commenting on this one, and deservedly so. Between S4 and S5 we began hearing rumors that either the series was being cancelled or that JG was leaving and they might try to find a way to go on without her. That threw the boards into turmoil. But first, the S4 finale/S5 opener.

Everybody has had a hard time not assessing these seasons as a whole. I think that shows that something was going wrong. I don't know if it was that JJ was off and working on Lost, or if the gimmick they cooked up at the beginning to keep the story moving, aka Rambaldi, had grown bigger than they were prepared for. We know that S3 ended with a last minute script substitution because the cliffhanger had been leaked to the media. That threw off the punch of the S4/E1 resolution of the S3 cliffhanger. Did this throw them off enough that they never could get their balance back, or was it the first indicator that other things were wrong and growing? Even though there were things that I didn't like and others that took more than the usual amount of disbelief suspension, overall I liked both seasons, though the first half of S5 less than the last half. But, I'm ahead of myself.

Even though I was hooked on Alias with the first episode of S1, my passion about the show grew with time. I never even thought to look for an online Alias board to interact with other Alias fans until the S4 cliffhanger. Wow! When Vaughn said, " name is not Michael Vaughn..." I was shocked and thought uh oh. And then we are staring at the front end of a car as it rams "not-Vaughn" and Syd's car. I literally jumped and yelped when it happened. I showed the scene to my wife, who is not an Alias fan.
She just about jumped out of her chair at the crash. The closing scene of this season sent me scurrying to my computer to find out if anyone had any idea what was going on. I ended up at ABC's Alias board, where I spent WAY too many hours over the next year as uncle111, and later 47 The Man.

But, even without that cliffhanger I was cool with S4. Having the gang appear to leave CIA and end up as a new group was interesting. Having Sloane as their boss wouldn't have happened in real life, but it provided much the same tension for Syd as coming back in S3 to work with Vaughn's wife. I liked some of the episodes, others I didn't. I think it was beginning to become more disjointed and had less direction (aka- JJ is gone). Always hated the shaky-cam. I never really connected with Nadia, so her being the victim in Svogda wasn't a big deal to me- better her than one of the others. I didn't have a problem with Svogda either. In fact I liked most of it and the large Mueller device, though the zombie thing was a bit too much.

One of the problems with Alias was that their "McGuffin" (in film, a plot device that has no specific meaning or purpose other than to advance the story; any situation that motivates the action of a film either artificially or substantively), Rambaldi, had an adhoc storyline that developed to fit what they needed at the time, without any serious thought about the unintended consequences. And here is where I recently understood a few things. The Mueller device was only one of Rambaldi's "ultimate" devices and only part of his endgame. Sloane's use of it would supposedly have been to create a more harmonious mankind, "Peace." Elena's use of it was Svogda, the test run being the reversal of the bee behavior by the Sloane Clone at the monetary. The other main endgame "device" was the Horizon/Sphere of Life combo which created the red immortality fluid. Was it Sloane or Elena's version of the endgame which was Rambaldi's? We don't know because for 4 seasons Rambaldi was their McGuffin and they didn't really know where it was going to end up. Once they knew the series was ending they at least tried to wrap up that storyline, but their foundation was not good, so the result was faulty. Once the Big Red Ball was destroyed, the only thing left was the other part of the Rambaldi endgame- immortality- under Elena's view, to the few; under Prophet 5, to the fewer; under Sloane's new view, to the even fewer.

So, Sloane and the gang win out over Elena, they let Irina escape Nadia is in a coma, Vaughn and Syd are going elope...CRASH!!!

S5- season opener is excellent. They twist us up several directions and open up more mysteries. That was Alias' trademark, and here it was at it's best. We find out who Vaughn really is and later we get long desired info about his father. We find out about a new villain group- Prophet 5. We get great scenes of Syd escaping and downing mystery bad guys, evading a completely dislikable Gordon Dean, Vaughn's very cool escape and he and Syd getting back together. Then we get Dean's revenge with the shooting of Vaughn (for which we must completely suspend disbelief, even if Vaughn is wearing a vest- but the scene is cool, so I'm still good). We get the tear jerking series of Jack's commitment to take care of Vaughn, Vaughn's supposed death, and then his funeral. (Boy what activity that created on the boards!)

As the season went on and JG's pregnancy took over, they introduce new characters and there is a rumor that JG is going to be replaced and Rachel would be the new female character. That didn't go over well, I was mad about what I saw happening to MY show, and it seemed even more episodic. I didn't think Nadia's death fulfilled the prophesy, one which we never heard of till Syd mentioned in S4 that they heard it in a bugged conversation between Irina and a man they could never identify (talk about a lost chance with a storyline), and that it was a cheap way of creating viewer angst. I did like the idea of P5 and of Sloane again turning to the dark side. I did not like the rewriting of Alias cannon- details surrounding Irina's faked death, Syd living with Sloane for a year after that, etc. There were too many things that just seemed like rats fleeing a sinking ship turning to throw a small life raft to the millions of drowning fans they were deserting.

But, I'm getting ahead of the assignment. More when we get to the series finale/series opener.

I'll finish by saying that S5 had a super beginning and had a lot of great stuff, as well as substandard stuff, and left me with a big whole in my life. But I want to leave you with a quote from someone I know who I recently convinced to begin watching Alias for the first time. He wrote THE book on the 1960's TV spy series, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", but he had never watched Alias.

"My wife and I are working our way through Alias season 2, and just watched episode 13, "Phase One". What an episode! Let's see....Jack Bristow is uncovered as a double agent and tortured; the CIA raids and destroys every SD-6 cell; Sidney and Vaughn kiss; Francie is killed.....all in one episode! Almost like an Alias movie packed into one hour. And not even a season ending cliffhanger. My wife and I turned to each other after it was over and both said "wow".

We are lucky to have had it, and we miss it very much.

BristowVA said...

Wow, everyone's comments have been great and I agree and disagree with several points. Here goes:

I always thought Irena was evil. Sorry folks, to me, she has absolutely no endearing qualities. What may have come across in earlier episodes as sincere concern/love for Syd or Jack was really just her masterful ability to manipulate those around her for her benefit. I love her character and am thankful for all of the great stuff that she brought to the show. But in end, as it was in the beginning, she was a bad dudette.

Same goes for Sloan. He is intrinsically evil and like Irena, manipulates people for his sole benefit. He truly deserves to be buried in that cave under that rock for eternity. Nuf said.

Hated the S4 finale except for the last 3 minutes (and the proposal-although I wish Syd had just said Yes on the damn airplane). I was away on a business trip and left a client meeting early so that I could be back in my room to watch that final episode. I regretted that decision until those infamous words came out of Vaughn's mouth. My jaw dropped. When the car came out of nowhere and smashed into them, I screamed and sat there, once again, with jaw agape. I sat like that for several minutes taking it all in and then realizing that I had no one to talk to about it. Torture. Talk about viewer angst.

I LOVED S5/E1. It felt like old times. What a warm and fuzzy feeling came over me. Unfortunately, it did not last. Once the casket was shut on Vaughn (Mr.Swiss Cheese from now on), the show ended for me. Even when it turned out that he was alive. (I didn't realize that Tibetan monks had such a grasp of modern medicine that they could nurse a man with so many holes in him back to life).

I also hated the entire Rachel story line. It all felt so forced. How could the writers ever think that Rachel could replace Syd at the ubber spy? And what was the point of introducing Tom? I mean, really? Rachel was no sub for Syd so why would we ever believe that Tom was a sub for Vaughn.

Nadia: never really warmed up to her character so it was no great loss for me. Cruel as that sounds, she brought nothing to the show other than a gal pal for Syd.

ok, whose next?

srg-alias said...

yes robby you're right that we did eventually learn what El Dire really told Sloane, I was just pointing out my own personal disappointment with that being the result of the big rumbling wall-shaking machine...I was expecting something more tangibly threatening, like the neutron bomb from S2 or, frankly, a zombie-making Meuller Device.

I agree w/ Uncle that S5 had a lot of potential at the beginning and I enjoyed much of the first half of the season. I was resentful at first of the new characters, sort of like a high school senior who doesn't want to let the new kid(s) into the "cool" crowd, but they started to win me over, especially Rachel in Mockingbird, Solo and Bob. I don't know if I would have kept watching Alias had they continued the series w/o Syd, Vaughn or other main characters, but I think the writer's intention was to give them some depth and backstory to continue the plot. Sadly it was all cut short, so many of the interesting aspects (Cardinal, Rachel and what's-his-face getting together, recruiting Rene) were suddenly useless.

uncle111 said...

We've got to reatrain ourselves or we won't have anything left to say when we get to the S5 finale.

srg-alias said...

lol I had the EXACT same reaction to the S4 final scene as you Bristow. Jaw dropped at Vaughn's confession, dropped even more with a gasp at the car crash, then stared bug-eyed at the TV while I also realized I had no one call up and be like DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!?!? It wasn't till later that summer that I found the ABC Alias boards and eventually GirlScout and our beloved LTA, but so nice to finally chat w/ fellow fans. :)

Page48 said...

Well, we seem to universally indifferent to Nadia. And I thought it was just me.

I wasn't offended by Rachel and Tom's presence. With the depletion of regulars (Will, Francie, Nadia, Vaughn, and Weiss) and a pregnant Jen, I think it was just a numbers game that required a couple of new hires. IMO, Rachel and Tom were preferable to Nadia, but make no mistake, I would gladly have kept the old guard employed for the duration of the series and let Tom and Rachel find work on "Desperate Housewives".

I think Uncle's McGuffin comment is valid. The Rambaldi 'end-game' was destined to be a checkmate for "Alias", but I don't believe they knew how to land the Rambaldi plane. Flying it was easy, but clue. And so, we paid the price with that comic book ending.

As I continue to watch "Lost" unfold, I can't help but think that lessons have been learned by JJ and company. Can you imagine "Lost" swinging to self-contained eppies in season 4? Not only that, but the end was announced several seasons before it is due to occur (and apparently this was done with the network's blessing). Plenty of time to plan an ending that treats the story line (and viewers) with respect. It's clear that someone, whether it's ABC or JJ himself, is far more concerned with concluding this series properly than they were with "Alias". If "Lost" is the beneficiary of embarrassing "Alias" bungles, then I would much prefer the sequence had been reversed, with "Alias" being JJ's legacy product and "Lost" being the practice round.

Paul Kremer said...

I liked Nadia's character for the most part (although I did have to suspend my disbelief a does a white American and a white Russian end up with a Spanish girl?), but wasn't that broken up about her departure. They just never really gave her much of a purpose other than to be shark bait.

Aw crap! I just wrote a great paragraph, and realized it was about the S5 finale. I guess I will show some self-control and wait to post it later. I'll talk about S5 then.

As far as season 4, like I said earlier, I wasn't a big fan of the whole APO thing; however, it wasn't that the episodes from season 4 weren't any good...many of them were! I think what frustrated me was the fact that so many of them were self-contained and didn't drive any kind of plot line forward.

Case in point: One of my favorite episodes was where Sydney was buried in the coffin, and Marshall rushed to save her. Awesome episode, but it was a throwaway, meaning if you didn't see it, you aren't missing any of the main story! That's not what ALIAS was about. I also agree the "baddie of the week" didn't do it for me! Finding out that Elena was running K-Directorate was interesting, but wish that they had done a better job running that through the series.

One thing I did appreciate about season 4 was that they turned back to the Rambaldi story again. That's what made Season 1 and 2 so great. Season 3 turned into kind of a soap opera, but season 4 at least put them back on the right track with Rambaldi, even if it did turn into Night of the Living Dead.

And whether or not you agree with me, SLOANE CLONE RULED! I absolutely loved that story line, loved loved loved it! :)

uncle111 said...

What I hate is writing a big one and when I click to publish it there is a glitch and it's wiped out.

I agree and we have had discussions before about how much better the serialized episodes are than the self contained ones. And, though some didn't like it, the Rambaldi storyline was a huge mystery that continually begged to be solved and it was a major part of Alias for me. I guess that's why I spent so much time figuring out where and why it all went wrong and what could be done to fix it.

Also, I loved the Sloane Clone storyline. There was a lot more they could have done with that if they'd had time. There was a lot of speculation about Sloane's tramatic memories of Jaqueline and whether or not it was just his sublimated desire for Syd to be his, etc. Also, did Sloane really cooperate in creating the Sloane Clone so he could have his clone following Rambaldi the way he would have while he appeared to be out of it and able to keep his finger in the CIA/DSR pie.

There was so much more that could have been explored. How about a series of episodes or even a spin off series about Jack and his past, or Jack and Irina? Now we're cooking. I would like to have seen more about Rambaldi himself. When I was thinking up the storyline for my screenplay the foundation was a complete Rambaldi mythology and endgame, all of which would come out in sequels. I saw the mistake they made in not doing that early on and I wanted to know ahead of time where it was all going.

Page- I wish Lost had been the learning curve, too. And yes, there was a lot of waited airtime in S5 with characters and storylines that went nowhere and were just taking up space while JG was recouping.

srg-alias said...

yeah Sloane Clone was awesome, I remember seeing the eppy where he's introduced at the end and being like WTF?!? That actor was phenomenal, I keep wondering if they had the real Sloane perform the scenes and have that guy reenact them because his portrayal of Sloane was dead on.

uncle111 said...

SRG- Joel Grey is a good actor who has been around for decades, and he did a great job as Sloane Clone.

uncle111 said...

Since we're going over THE END, I thought I'd post the links to my "screenplay." I have not made the changes we talked about before or others I've seen since then that need to be made, but I'm posting it anyway in case anyone wanted to look at it again.
If these links don't work I'll delete and try again.

uncle111 said...

I just rewatched the S4 cliffhanger car crash. Best cliffhanger in TV.

Page48 said...

In unrelated news, but perhaps of interest to sci-fi fans, the first trailer for the "X-Files" movie is now available at I never get tired of "X-Files", and yet it was a series that I only began watching after it had been on for 6 or 7 years. It's also the only show I've ever seen Duchovny in that didn't absolutely suck (that would include the soft-porn series "Red Shoe Diaries").

It offers faint hope for "Alias" fans inasmuch as it is a feature film based on a TV series that bowed out in 2002, six years ago. However, making it so much easier to pull this off is the fact that only 3 or 4 actors have to be on board in order to have a full cast of regulars.

uncle111 said...

Here's an Alias timeline I put together the last year of the show, and which I updated using information from the DVD's.
Alias Timeline